🤨 Part 2: What do Devs think Sym role is? (asking the community)

Part 1: What do you think Sym role is? 🤨

So If you look back yesterday, you can get why people are still mixed.

But I have looked back at times when Devs asked this question, which is more important. And they all given similar responses, often conflicting with each other.

Now I could asked “What Do Devs think Sym role is?”, but we are very unlikely to get a response with how sensitive like exploding barrel, people are right now.

It would not surprise me if we heard something in the upcoming before it is cut off due technical trouble at Jeff’s Long Sit by the Fireplace.

Also pretty sure they have not seen the Storm of Sym posts that have been happening for the last couple of weeks. (For they are likely very busy, with whatever big thing they been working on behind the scenes.)

But I do ask you, do you think Dev’s opinions have changed on her role or do you think what they envision as Sym’s role is the real reason Sym has this “issue”?

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Did you do all your proper rituals and sacrifices to make a dev communicate on the forums?

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Well… I guess there is one more…“sigh… Timepass”

if a developer actually responds this should be recorded in all history books

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Technically this is to the community more then Devs, because I don’t expect them to respond.

Instead I want people to realize what seems to me, like the larger issue.

She’s utility-damage hero with defensive nature.
She isn’t as dangerous at close ranges as Reaper or Tracer, but unlike them, she has greater way to poke opponents at longer ranges and “zone” them.
Also, about zoning. Her turrets and teleports make her character that creates her “area” of acting.
And her ultimate can zone enemies out of that area, forcing them to wait 15 seconds or enter “symmetra”'s zone.

Her purpose was, and still is, to create space through threat of damage.
But she sucks even harder at it than she did before.

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I think they want to enable otherwise impossible plays involving the teleporter. It doesn’t work very well atm.

The sentries are also pretty unique.

She should be a support that gives and restores shield. This thing the turned her into isn’t good

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Symettra’s purpose is to build a big pointless wall that the enemy team will either walk right past or, if it’s actually perfectly positioned, will wait a short amount of time for it to destroy itself before walking on point and handing sym her own a$$ while she waits 450 years for her M1 to fire up in order to remind her that her being in the damage category serves as an honorary title, not an accurate descriptor.

seems alot of people were mislead by the title… changed it.

They don’t know. They don’t know how to balance any defense character. Their tools clearly state a defensive role and every hero they’ve tried with is mediocre at best. Bastion, Junk, Sym, Torb is the closest to being usable and he still gets foul looks if used outside of QP.

Give Sym more health and she can actually be the area denial character she is meant to be!

Maybe next in part 3: I guess, as hard as it is, we have to declare Sym dead and unplayable.

Not because she is “weak”, and she can be play in some situations.

No, because the obvious goals I am guessing Devs set up when reworking Sym were failed to be met.

So now we basically have a hero has good as say when Mei was bugged and could not slow people.

Aka we have unfinished hero, who they don’t have time to work on right now. (and I guess that will be the title for the end of this Sym role series, unless Devs respond.)

According to the Overwatch Wiki (and you should read these things), she’s a hybrid dps/support. The dps part is in her right hand weapons and turrets. The support part is in her teleporter and her "ult’ shield.

Really, you should read these things.

She doesn’t deal enough avg damage per second to be really considered a dps.

Just look at this: Symm Beam vs. Zarya's Cannon

That’s why she’s a “hybrid”. Y’know, “jack of all trades, master of none”?

Look, pretty much said this before.

But she is really the reverse of that.

“Jill of no sale, Slave to All.”

Without anyone to support her, her value is basically in the negatives.