🤨 Part 2.5: Why Do You Think Torb's Rework was more Well Done, then Sym's?

For previous parts go here, this is more a side topic:🤨 Part 2: What do Devs think Sym role is? (asking the community)

Obviously if we look back to last Spring, we can see that Devs were goning to focus getting Torb and Sym back to being meta…

Though Torb’s rework seems to have done well, while Syms seems to have failed it’s purpose.

What do you think caused Devs stray from their obvious goals with Sym but not Torb, they laid out back in Spring?

We then were supposed to be very similar heroes, both being builders, fulfilling similar roles.


I respectfully disagree with your premise

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torbs was pretty good. symmetras will never be good

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You would not be the first, but disagreeing does not mean it’s not true.
For you know, every Sym is likely

After reading this

Torb gave armor packs. Sym gave shields. While removing both Torb kept the ability to gain armor and self-heal. Sym did not. They increased Torb’s damage while they did not for Sym.

Torb simply got better buffs. That said if Sym kept the ability to give shields in some way while it would be good for Sym it would not be good for the game as we do not need more healing. Healing is already too strong.


I don’t really know how to answer this, because both reworks seemed like major improvements to the game and respective characters. Not necessarily in terms of power level, but definitely in terms of fun and versatility.

Simply they still kept her a Support in some ways, even though moving her over.

Basically they certainly still thinking her as an non healing Support still.

Torbjorn has a instant defensive ability.
Symmetra got shadow step with an extra input.

Obviously, one of these are significantly better in most situations than the other.


I feel like they were going to give that to Reaper… but failed to find a logical reason.

It does suit him more then Sym.

torbs rework did well because his kit at its core wasn’t bad, it was just tuned incorrectly.

he had to spend way too much time working on turret, and that essentially made turret the hero.

Taking the focus out of the turret and giving more power to torb with turret just being a cooldown made his kit what it should be


I think the potential for new sym can skyrocket with buffs especially to the teleporter. Torbs turret becomes trash the second it meets a semi decent team because they wont ignore it and it cant run. Torbs ceiling still isnt that high

Meanwhile Sym’s focus seems to be on the teleporter…parallels here.

They changed Sym wayyyy too much. I had 150 hours on her, now I never play her since everything I liked is gone.


On the ceiling point, I think a lot comes down to expediency of game sense, just when and where to drop it is key, and it can be effective only if done well. The best Torbs realize you must just keep moving it over and over each wave on defense, or on offense each step forward.

Same, Sanjay pretty much shaved his legs, and is wearing Sym’s dress now.

because symmetra by her base design is extremely limited due to her lack of range and the fact that (some) people still want lockon which further limits her balance potential
she can use some speed boosts to her kit, like faster activation times of turrets and faster teleporter animations
would be nice to see ammo increased a bit to 90-100 and if her minimal damage was increased to 80 dps

torb’s rework is interesting but is fundamentally flawed because they gave his turret many limitations that weren’t needed
his turret cooldown should be much shorter if he manually detonates his turret and it should build much faster

i’d like to see his ultimate burn barriers like it does armor

Neither Rework was done well.

Both heros are doing worse across the board.

I’d say Torb’s rework was actually far worse then Symms. They gutted everything that was good about him and compensated by buffing his sub-par projectile gun.

Symm is pretty much a new hero. She was given things that have a lot of potential but she still suffers due to the ramp up time everything she does has.

So it may seem like Torb is better because he can 1v1 on a 10 sec CD but that does not a strong reliable hero make.

I would not be too sure of that, watch with OWL Season Two Preview is T O N I G H T

I am sure we will see at least one Torb player as a flux pick.

Tbh, I think they both got shafted in their rework


If you look at Torb’s pickrate he’s following the same path Sym did with an initial spike and then a plummet.

Torb pickrate comparison:
Before After
PC QP 1.04 1.00
PC Comp .46 .73
XBL QP 1.46 1.10
XBL Comp .78 .86
PSN QP 1.29 1.03
PSN Comp .65 .89

He’s been available in comp for two less weeks than in QP so he hasn’t had the time to fully drop yet.

By Christmas Torb will likely have a lower pickrate than before the rework across the board unless the PTR changes make an unexpected shift. He is already lower across the board in QP.