Symm Beam vs. Zarya's Cannon

Zarya deals 19 damage per tick. Her gun has five ticks that it takes to apply full damage. That’s 95 damage total for a full second of tracking. Take away 5, that’s 14 damage per tick, or 70 damage total against armour for a full second of tracking.

Those are uncharged statistics, by the way.

Symmetra deals 3 damage per tick. Her gun requires 20 ticks in order to apply the full 60 damage. This means a full second of tracking. Damage is halved vs. armour, so Symmetra deals 1.5 damage per tick instead of 3. This means that Symmetra is dealing a mere 30 damage per full second of tracking, instead of 60.

Symmetra deals 30 DPS vs. armour. Zarya does 70. Zarya’s a tank. Symmetra is a DPS hero.

Charged, Symmetra deals 90 DPS vs. armour. Zarya deals 165 DPS vs. armour.

Symmetra takes 4.4 seconds to fully destroy a D.VA’s mech. Zarya takes 3.3 seconds.

Surely this isn’t right?


And Zarya has more range than Sym.
And Ammo.
And she keeps her charge way longer than Sym.


Zarya is a high-damage tank. Symmetra is a utility-based DPS. The comparison should really end there.

Also, Symmetra can reach max charge much more reliably than Zarya and can fire for two seconds longer per clip, not to mention her refund mechanic.

Also x2, you get much better damage numbers with Symmetra by stripping armor with the secondary, but I’m not doing all that math.


Oh no not another nerf Zarya thread


I disagree, attacking someone for 4 seconds without the extra 200hp and invincible bubbles is not more reliable, zarya definitely wins in that aspect.

I believe it’s actually a buff symmetra thread.


i really hope this thread isnt suggesting zarya nerfs


I wouldnt mind a sym buff as she would still be a niche pick. I see her as a dps with utility as opposed to raw damage atm.


Sym doesn’t rely on another person to charge up. Zarya does. If Sym’s beam starts requiring a second player. Than she will be comparable. The think I see them being worried about. Is if a Sym hides behind barriers. While Zarya has to go in front of them to gain that charge. She has a less of a risk, in that area. I know other areas she’s bad.


Zarya is a tank, of course she is better.

It’s an easy fix, really.

Just fix Symmetras beam, end of story.

There’s no reason it should have 20 ticks, the only reason it’s there is because of the slapstick code that was inserted to fix her exploit.

Once they fix that, Symmetra will be closer to where she needs to be.


Roadhog was nerfed because they said he did too much dps… Why would a dps not have stronger dps?

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I think continuous-beam weapons should have a base rate armor damage % independent of tickrate. This should apply equally to Moira, Zarya, Symmetra, and Winston.

Tickrate is just a programming thing that shouldn’t have any application to balance.

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To be accurate though, Zarya burns ammo quicker, Sym can actually fire twice as long before reloading.

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Ridiculous. However, take into consideration her turrets as extra fire power… maybe that’s the reason why she is weak.

Plus aiming zarya is easier than sym

The only problem is Symm’s utility is about as garbage as her damage. The teleporter is way too slow, the turrets are garbage at most times, outside of meme strats.

She isn’t good at literally anything, which is her problem. If they want her more utility-based, make the utility at least worth using. Because how it is currently, it’s just as garbage as her primary fire. It’s BETTER than what it was (for the most part), but still garbage overall.


and bubbles which let her survive longer

Zarya can deal damage for 5 seconds.
During this time her damage will drop by 8%.
After that, she has a 1.5 seconds reload.
Which takes her damage down another 2.4%

Symmetra can deal damage for 10 seconds.
Her damage doesn’t drop over this time.
She has a reload of 1.5 seconds.
Damage doesn’t drop during her reload.

Sym also has an additional 150 damage per second.


Always with this argument.
Deploying the turrets takes time. Casting them out takes 0.5 seconds, and for them to actually deploy, it takes one second. Not to mention the travel time, and not to mention the fact that they can be ACCIDENTALLY shot out of the air by someone who’s actively shooting at you.

I’ve played Symmetra for a while, and I have NEVER deployed turrets successfully in an engagement without the enemy either shooting them out of the air or looking down and clicking on them briefly before continuing to shoot me.

You can deal damage for double the time as Symmetra, but as Zarya you can survive for double the time. There’s not a chance of you getting one-shot as Zarya while you’re shooting, but there’s a very real chance of Symmetra being domed and instant killed because of her lack of defensive options.

Also, Zarya can damage people from a longer range than Symm- 12m compared to 16m.


It’s quite strange that some people (seagull) is able to do it…

I can’t understand why the symmetra doesn’t have a team. Why is this?

Seagull is pocketed…