Newer AMD drivers and RX 5700 XT Crashes

Overwatch has crashed in the graphics driver. AMD driver all up to date, windows up to date. Game was fine before.


Hey, hello!

We are currently seeing crashes with newer AMD drivers and RX 5700 XT video cards in many of our games. I am unsure what settings/changes are causing these crashes, but rolling back to an older driver seems to be resolving the crashes.

Here is a link to that driver:

It may also be related to the recent issue WoW had with the newer drivers if you want to try troubleshooting the driver you currently have installed:

Please let us know the results. :slight_smile:

Also have this issue tried many different drivers but it still crashes

Hi everyone. Here is where we all join in misery, I am having the same issue as well, disabled Radeon Chill, wiped the drivers from my system to get a clean new install of the latest drivers available and it keeps happening. I will keep an update of what I keep doing and if anything works.

Yep happening with me too. Unfortunately I can’t rollback my drivers because I need the Adrenaline settings to fix some monitor issues.

Hey, WhiteDingo!

We have been tracking the cause of these crashes. Can you try to disable Radeon Chill in the Radeon settings to see if the crashes stop?

I wish that was the problem. I never enabled any of the Radeon options. I only change the display settings on there. I have to enable custom color, disable HDCP, and disable freesync in order to prevent in game FPS stuttering. I did submit a support ticket and ran a full clean install of Windows. Tried DDU clean install of drivers. Issue only started popping up when I upgraded from an RX580 to the 5700xt.

Have the same problem. Bought my PC in parts early January and I had the problems from the beginning.

Just removed Adrenaline and installed the 19.11.1 driver. Will keep you posted if it works.

I’m seeing these issues too with the last 3 or four divers with my 5700 (not XT). Driver v20.1.4 seems to work a little better than 20.1.3 or the latest 20.2.1. But it still freezes or crashes and restarts in games daily. Freezes when switching out of game to the desktop or back. And I also have issues with Netflix and Danish TV2 Play in both Chrome and new Edge where the hole browser including the windows chrome go black or blinks like an insane. (Disabling acceleration solved that so far (one day)). Running standard profile so both Chill and Anti-lag are disabled. But I do have FreeSync enabled.

Wanted to also chip in here. I do have the game running off an old Seagate Baracuda HDD, but the new Radeon 5700 XT seems like the biggest issue here. I’m using Windows 10 Pro on a WD Blue NAND M.2 SSD on an ASUS motherboard with a Ryzen 7 2700X 8-core chip. Would love to know how to help expedite a solution.

Same exact issue here. Have a 5700 XT 20.2.1 and many versions prior. Actually I believe it started to happen on the 20 series drivers I think.
I have the latest drivers, did clean install and driver removal in safe mode.
Basically it crashes on exit game (not every time though) and once in a while on game launch.

I was having the same issue. I went into the Radeon Software and turned off all the additional graphics settings for Overwatch (i.e. Chill, anti-lag, boost, etc) and that seems to have solved the problem. Not sure if it was a permanent fix but I was just playing for about half an hour with no GPU crash. I have an ASUS Radeon 5700 XT.

A solution to this cant just be “use old drivers”. Other games need newer ones too.


I have a Radeon HD 5800 and having the same issue. Was fine prior to Patch 1.45, now crashing upon launch

I am using an RX 580 Red Devil 8 GB and am now having the same issue. This was not a problem until I downloaded today’s Overwatch update. No problems with any other games either. No oddities in temperature, wattage or fan speed. Everything is functioning normal. This is even happening in one on one mode. I’m using the same driver I was last week. So the only variable is the Overwatch update.

It worked for me to Switch of the AMD overlay. It didnt Crash for the Last 10 Games now. Okay now it still crashes when i leave the matches you can now play during the waiting period.

My main gripe with the crashes is that they could happen when exiting a While You Wait match (because we’re all familiar with outrageous queue times). Are you saying that disabling the Radeon Overlay fixes crashing for these matches specifically? @MindBreaking

I still have my problem even with 20.2.2 which AMD said would resolve all the issues. Less often but still having the unexpected errors. Sometimes, I get the error when I exit the game. Not a problem because I was leaving but still an issue that I did not have before.

I honestly don’t know that else I could try to fix this.

Today I got my brand new Radeon RX 5700 XT (Powercolor Red devil) and this is what happens when I start Overwatch:

  • Latest AMD drivers
  • No overclock
  • No application specific tuning by the AMD software
  • No overlay software
  • No Razer software
  • Sufficient cooling
  • Sufficient power supply (750W, the card I had before this one was a GTX 1080 which ran super stable for years)
  • Cleaned previous nVidia drivers from the previous GTX 1080 card
  • AMD 3700X, 16GB, X570 motherboard, Windows 10

When I delete my Settings_v0 it sometimes starts but as soon as I change video settings and restart the game, I get this behaviour. Shadow Detail (on low), Dynamic Reflections, Anti Alias Quality seem problamatic settings in specific (maybe just coincidence).
Sometime I do manage to get in game but then when I leave a match, it crashes again.

What a deception. I wish I had gone for a RTX 2070 or something. It’s so shocking to see how long this thread and the crashing has been going on. I wish I knew this beforehand.

edit: I put back in my GTX 1080, not a single issue with Overwatch or any other game. Sigh :confused:


same issue here. old driver(19.12.1)works fine. But all 20 series drivers crash now and then.
5700xt pulse