Middle East Server issue

Are the new servers showing up in custom game through data center? Because for me not.


Season almost end and nothing change sadly.


Just give up 'cause they obviously don’t care


i have same proplome befor my bing 58 maximom 70 now 105 maximum 198 :unamused:


idk man, I am from Kuwait. my isp is STC and i have the fiber service at my home , before the change my ping at middle east was 20 at minimum , on the eu however it was ~93-101 (with exitlag vpn) , but when the day that they decided to change the server for some reason (they have not told us why) the ping turned very high into 150 and 130 ping, which it doesn’t make sense , even with the exitlag i tried to connect with the new servers it gave at minimum 43 ms and at highest is 90 ms.

the range of ping is inconsistent and the gameplay was not stable. i tried other games which has Dubai servers and they ran smooth as butter such as: Call of Duty and CSGO 2, surprisingly the result was very good they give from 10 to 20 ping at minimum. if blizzard at least explains why they changed the servers, i will be thankful. that is at least what i expect from them since they can’t fix this rerouting issue.

i am done with this game, unless blizzard fixes this problem


South America players facing the same problem as Middle East players.

SA server Issue

That means blizzard is changing thier servers locations without a single test!!!

You’re destroying the game by your hand blizzard

:bahrain: BRING BACK BAHRAIN SERVERS :bahrain:
:bahrain: BRING BACK BAHRAIN SERVERS :bahrain:
:bahrain: BRING BACK BAHRAIN SERVERS :bahrain:
:bahrain: BRING BACK BAHRAIN SERVERS :bahrain:


still can’t play the game, not a single match since the anniversary patch dropped.


Thank you for the clarification.
but now the game is routing us to EU servers instead of GMEC.
please can u fix this

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I used to get 40 to 50 latency and since the update i faced the issue of never getting below 100ms

When i reached out to support they never mentioned that the server has changed! They never said that i need to contact ISP. Gave them all connection and packet reports they needed and they couldn’t figure out what happened. Strangely they’re saying that they don’t have enough information about it and that they don’t think that enough players from the region are complaining about the same issue.

So this is to report that the issued persisted since then and i’m gonna do my part and contact ISP :man_shrugging:

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how does a significant segment of players are being neglected and forced to endure such a horrendous gaming experience!
I used to enjoy a smooth gameplay with a 29 ping, but now it skyrockets to a 100-200 ping, making comp a nightmare! It’s not just ruining my experience, but it also affects my team! Honestly, if I had a decent ping, I wouldn’t even want players with such high latency on my team!
We demand our concerns be taken seriously and ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all players, regardless of their location.


If there’s no imminent solution to this issue, it might be fair to offer affected players a means to refund their purchased skins and battle pass subscriptions. Since the gaming experience is severely compromised because of of the high latency, these purchases have essentially become useless! We really hope for a fast resolution to this issue, but if that’s not feasible, providing a refund option would be a reasonable and appreciated gesture.


Just change back the servers or give us a good reason as to why you made the change in the first place. Please let me know why I now have to play on 200 ping instead of 100. I’m forced to play hit scans and can’t even play competitive games anymore. Who did this server change benefit? Was there a good reason for the change?


Before it was 20-25 then 55 and now after the patch its 100 :joy:. We can’t play the game.


fix the ME servers i beg im playing with 150 ping for like 2 month fix it please


You claim that you moved from Bahrain servers to new servers in Dubai but there isn’t a Dubai server at all. Please be clear with us is the new server up and running and we are blind? or is it down and not ready yet?

thank you


the gmec1 server was running fine even tho its high ping but now the server is littearly gone simply vanished cant even find it in custom match. care to explain? server being closed just like that without any explain by blizzard now i confirmed that you dont give a damn about middle east community.
this littearly how to make people hate your game couldnt do it any better


It’s funny how instead of making the gaming experience better so that we enjoy the game, they make unnecessary changes that just ruin the game for most people. It’s like they are actively trying to kill their own game. Blizzard, you made a change, but no one likes it. The logical solution would be to revert the changes and maybe fire the guy who came up with such a dumb, counterintuitive idea.


One Month passed and the issue remain without fix.

No one solved the issue neither blizzard nor our ISPs !!!

Saudi players are suffering with high ping (140ms+) after this change.

How did you decide to make this change without doing any test?

This is wierd!

:bahrain: BRING BACK BAHRAIN SERVERS :bahrain:


I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia :saudi_arabia:

bellow image (in the link) shows my ping when connected to the new Middle East server (gmec1) which hosted in Google Cloud Qatar (Only ~400KM far from my location)


the worst gaming experience!

used to be 20-25ms with Bahrain servers


i think this is might be the last time i play this game . i used to have 28 ping ( i am from saudi arabia ) , i play ow2 only no other games . in the last month my ping skyrocketed to 98 ping and keeps spinking to 140 ping . the game is unplayable , i cant react , i cant have fun anymore . i lose more games now . this issue is not just for me even my friends they have the same exact issue .

thank you overwatch for the past 7 years

goodbye :broken_heart: :broken_heart: :sob: