Middle East Server issue

I’m from middle east and I always connect to middle east servers but after the patch it wont let me connect to middle east servers. Now I’m connected to EU servers…
ياخوان كل واحد ينسخ رسالة اللي كاتبها موظف بليزارد ويرفع شكوى على مزود خدمته
انا stc
اكتب stc انشاء شكوى
وادخل عليها الكلمة و اختار انشاء شكوى وكمل باقي البيانات بسيطة جدا
لأنه هذول واضح ساحبين عليها
وللأسف المشهورين عندنا ساكتين


I’m facing the same issue, it’s affect all ME players


So as yesterday that aniversery released Bahrain server isnt there and im having an awfull ping , is it a bug or blizz dev just decided to remove bahrain server?


Same, strange no more middle east servers.


Same, I hope it’s a bug, not forever.
The game isn’t playable at 140+ ping


I had the opposite problem, I blocked ME servers, But since yesterday it seems like there’s a new ME server called gmec1

I guess it’s a new server and there are still problems with connectivity, If you’re on PC you can block it through windows firewall

Cant find it on server list , and for the record there is no longer a germany -us east server as well anymore , did blizz finaly went broke and shut down all of over servers?

Pressing ctrl+shift+n will show you the server and server’s ip
it’s 34.18.x.x, You can block the range from to in the windows firewall.

Just make sure to make both inbound and outbound rules

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I have the same problem here, please fix this it is unplayable. I used to get 26-34ms now i get usually 71-105ms it is horrible… from Saudi arabia (middle east)


Hey all,

With patch a change was made to the server hosting for the Middle Eastern region. The previous MES server in Bahrain was shut down, and a new server GMEC was opened up in Dubai.

Players that previously connected to MES should automatically connect to GMEC and when comparing latency between the two server locations you should see almost no difference in ping. However, since the new server is in a new data center there can be routing differences between the two locations.

This is a permanent change. We hope this helps clarify that the Middle East servers have not been shutdown, they have only moved.


GMEC server is no where to be found in either from the list in custom games nor in games… is it an upcoming server or what?

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Ok we like this but so many people like me only get connected to eu servers , is there any way to fix that?


Thank you for the clarification.
but now the game is routing us to EU servers instead of GMEC.

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It will probably take your ISP some time to recognize the new route and send your traffic that way. I would give it a few days.

We’ve been having problems since the update dropped and the ping is quite high for everyone and it’s unplayable in comp modes. Usually in OW2 you’ve been quick to fix server problems but it’s been days and I’m not understanding exactly if you’re going to or even able to fix this huge leap in ping for everyone or not?


As a console player this is the best thing ever happened to me since i can’t change my server manually and now i can play in eu with faster queues and better player overall

First of all thank you for supporting ME Regin.

But you know the majority of Middle East players are Saudis and the Top players in ME and also the world are Saudis.

Saudi players used to have 20-25 ping when the servers in Bahrain,
Now it’s above 80+ when transferred to Dubai !!!

This will lower number of players in Saudi, because no one having fun with high ping.

Please consider putting your servers in Saudi Arabia, not Bahrain or Dubai


Wait but this dosent make any sense , usualy the game has to send players to best ping they get not the isp!!


same issue here, the game routes me to EU servers instead of the ME servers


Since the server is in a completely different location, that is how routing works. It takes ISPs some time to update their routing tables.