SA Servers with several latency problems! Help US!

(opening this topic here because we’re complaining in the pt foruns about 2 months + but nothing are getting solved, just getting worse! Help us PLEASE!)

We Brazilian players are suffering from high latency in all matches, whether quick play or any other mode, 180ms (ping) in all matches. Everyone in the match has bad latency, and they are all Brazilian, so the problem is not with internet providers or the configurations of the computers we play on. Checking with the commands to check the servers we are playing on and we are being allocated to North American servers but all 10 participants in the match are Brazilians allocated to BRAZIL (or some Argentines, Chileans, in short, South Americans, Latin America.) Something wrong is happening and this has been happening for over 2 months! And every day getting worse! We thought that with today’s game update (Season 7) they would solve it or improve it, but on the contrary, it got worse! ALL matches now have absurdly high ping and heroes teleport and skills are not counted correctly! Before the update they were random, every 10 matches 6 had normal ping and the other 4 had 180ms+.

And now with this new punishment of abandoning matches, we are trapped in playing matches with high latency so we can’t go without playing for 10, 30 minutes? This is ABSURD!


I’m pretty sure they just killed SA servers to cut cost at this point. Well, it’s the end for us I guess.


They didn’t, is still accessible, it’s just hard(?). Yesterday I played 3 trials of the sanctuary matches, all on SA server. But when I try to play comp…

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I think there is no SA servers. I played several (comp) matchs yesterday, and we were in US servers in all of then.
Well I think its time to retire from Overwatch, since they don’t care about latin america.



Investigating this it appears we have seen a spike in reports over the last day. I would like to help get this issue resolved. Can you all please post a 5 Ping Plotter to host IP:

Post a link back here within code blocks:

`Link Here`

For any players able to do so does using a free VPN or USB connected Cellular hotspot help at all?

Thank you!


Hiii! I’m not quite sure if I did what you asked for correctly. However, I’m open to re-do any process you need us to do :slight_smile:

I don’t know any VPN i could use to test that out so if you have any recommendation to download I’d be happy to help. Thanks for answering <3 I’m at your disposal


I’ve done it as well:


I’m from Argentina, having the same problem (and it’s been a little like that for a week or so). Here’s my ping plotter too

I did it too.

The issue isn’t the connection between us and the brazilian server, the issue is that we are being placed in the wrong server. Yesterday i was connected in LAX1 (US West - Los Angeles) and AMS1 (Netherlands - Amsterdam) and a very few times in GRB1 (Brazil).


I am just linking this to posts that are related. If some dev or whoever is responsible for this part, could see this.

I can’t test ping plotter right now but i tried to ping all the IPs in your link and everything connects except the brazilian server. Is the server even online?


I had some matches, 5 Quick Plays with no lag, but in the 6º i had the 180ms ping! executed the pingplot, I don’t know if I did right but I followed the steps from the tutorial, and that the result:

Hey Zuvykree, here’s mine

I’m not sure how to use it even with the page you linked in your comment but understand that this issue is only happening with Overwatch! I play League of Legends and other games that requires internet connection and I have zero issues with ping unless for Overwatch. I’m from Brazil!! Please take this matter to the whole team, take a look at the Portuguese forum where theres various posts about ping issues in the last 2 weeks!!!


This is happening in Argentina too, both on xbox x and ps5


Dear blizz, I know you guys are busy
but I would love to be able to play the game, try the new sombra and get wrecked by Zarya for the zilionth time without the awful high latency.
How do you expect me to buy the battlepass and/or the skins if I cant even enjoy the game?
I miss the brazilian server :frowning: Please pay the server bills and get it back online.
Thanks for looking into it :>


Omg finally someone had listened us :heart:

Here’s my pingplotter diagnostic colleted today, while i was contacting support.

Seeing other people pingplotter logs i can see everyone is getting 100% packet loss when reaches to SA server hostname. That’s so weird. I guess is not in lobby server, but maybe related to Amazon Elastic service not providing correct IP address?

Also tested with mobile data connection paired with my PC, didn’t worked same 100% packe loss when reached in SA server hostname.

(also this looks similar what happened too in Overwatch 1 in last season)

Also i’m unable to set custom lobbies with Brasil region anymore:

UPDATE: I will try use now windscribe (free VPN) and will redo the pingplotter test.

Tested with an VPN (Windscribe, region: closest in US): same problem 100% packet loss when reaching SA server hostname.

IMO for SA servers best choice is Microsoft Azure. Many of amazon cloud services have issues in LATAM


Can’t find games in BR Servers.

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Brazil here. State of Minas Gerais.

Testing against Brazil (Americas)
100% packet loss:

Testing against (US West)
No packet loss but 190ms ping

While connected to NordVPN:

NordVPN Brazil → SA Server:
NordVPN U.S → SA Server:

All 100% packet loss. SA is apparently down.

Doing the same against NA-West while connected to NordVPN works fine but with 200ms ping.


You can find Brazil IPs if you create custom games.

I did some pinging on the latest known ones, some are offline, maybe they have changed servers. Though there were some that are still pinging.

Maybe they think their implementation are good when it’s clearly not, same issue been happening for some time, between seasons, never truly fixed.

They have the option to change regions in custom game, if the only had that for every type of play, it would possibly resolve the problem, or at least mitigate it, by only letting you connect when there are servers available in that region, instead of putting on high ping or temporarily suspending queue if you yourself block high ping servers.

Maybe it’s part of their strategy into reducing queue time, haha.

User experience comes after.

I was just trying myself custom games in Brazil. It shows green bars, yet I get the message.

Preffered data center unavailable.

I tried again while monitoring firewall logs, it blocked a non pingable servers from singapore while gave the same message from above and brazil selected.

If there is ip rerouting happening, not sure why it would use something so far away, it seems more like part of the bad implementation.


Please support, raise priority on this one, raise a red flag internally. SA is down. An entire continent is down and experience is degraded with over 160ms~200ms ping. This is serious.