Middle East Servers Down or Not Working As Intended

Hello everyone

I would like to know when the ME servers will be up again, that is if they are down because so far, me and my friends have been experiencing hell in OW due to high ping. It’s becoming really unfun to play and it’s been some time now since the servers have been bad like this. Specifically since the switch from Bahrain to Dubai. We’re playing in EU servers now, or so we think because months ago we used to have 20ish ping. The moment the servers switched it has risen to 60 despite not being far from us in KSA. We’re only wondering if there is hope for OW now, please tell us if there will be a fix for this issue.

Thank you for your time.


هو عندنا سيرفرات اصلا :rofl:


Please see the post from the staff about the relocation of the server:

Comments regarding this change should be added to that thread.


Blizzard support just ignore the thread you mentioned!

First thing, the new server (gmec1) is hosted in Google Cloud data center in Qatar not Dubai! ( there is no google cloud in Dubai like what Jambrix from blizzard said)

they just don’t care and didn’t believe us when we say ( ALL ) players in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are facing this issue, even you here!!

I swear It’s not a small set of players it’s ALL players in Saudi Arabia ( Saudi players make up the majority in Middle East server, without them the server is useless and pointless)

Our ISPs will not fix the routing issue, there is no agreement or P2P Connection between Saudi ISPs and Qatar ISPs ( where the new server is located), and there will be not in the near future.

We ask Blizzard to move server to Saudi Arabia like their other game Call of duty, or revert it back to Bahrain.

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Unfortunately, this is hyperbole. Blizzard network engineers can see where players are connecting into their servers from, and there are Saudi players able to reach the the new server location.

Making new threads about an issue that already has a mega thread will not further the cause. Your best bet is to open a ticket and communicate directly with the staff if you feel ignored here in the forum. However, I have not seen Blizzard roll back a server change in the past.

thank you Nicole for your response. I’d like to know how do I open a ticket with the staff? this issue cannot be left as is.

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again this issue is not just about routing to gmec1

the game sometimes routes us to gmec1 but we got 140-160ms ping

I tested the game with all 3 ISPs in Saudi Arabia ( STC, Mobily and Zain) and I got the same issue

I asked my friends and my family members who plays the game, and they all facing the same issue ( very high ping on gmec1 )

Saudi players complain about this issue on (X, Twitch, Youtube, Tiktok) because most of them don’t know about this Forum

To Blizzard team:
If you still not believing us, I’m inviting you to visit Saudi Arabia, I’ll prepare everything for you , I’ll let you test the game with all ISPs (All travel and accommodation expenses on me )



Allow me clarify a bit.

I’ve already run traceroutes and counted the hops, and I can determine with my own testing that the reason why the majority Saudi players aren’t able to reach the new server location is mainly because of Blizzards own netcode.

The fact is the new region blizzard has chosen provides worse ping for the majority of players in Saudi, specifically in the central and western region of saudi. For players on the eastern region, they are able to connect, and they are getting 90ms-100ms worth of ping where as they use to get sub 50ms in the previous servers. This is important because the servers in totality have provided WORSE ping than the previous. This is an undisputed fact. There are people in the central region who were able to connect to the new server by blocking the other servers and the result was 120MS+ worth of ping, whereas they use to get 20-50ms on the previous servers.

Currently, for players from central and western of saudi arabia they’re getting better ping connecting to europe right now and the games prematchmaking netcode is pushing them in that direction for that reason.

I have no clue why you are implying that Blizzard has nothing to do with this, and that by just talking to our ISP’s this can be rectified. It is in fact the case that Blizzard has everything to do with this on every level. They retired the old server, the created the new, and they choose with their own net code which players connects to which server.

Note: Nothing I’ve said above is hard to figure out, and anyone with moderate networking skills can demonstrate this truth effectively every time with nothing more than dos commands and a vpn .

Appreciate if you can do something productive here and have this issue escalated properly as blizzard is clearly not listening.

If nothing is being done, then Blizzard have found the right mechanism to effectively stop Saudi players from playing the game.