Middle East Server issue

It’s funny how instead of making the gaming experience better so that we enjoy the game, they make unnecessary changes that just ruin the game for most people. It’s like they are actively trying to kill their own game. Blizzard, you made a change, but no one likes it. The logical solution would be to revert the changes and maybe fire the guy who came up with such a dumb, counterintuitive idea.


One Month passed and the issue remain without fix.

No one solved the issue neither blizzard nor our ISPs !!!

Saudi players are suffering with high ping (140ms+) after this change.

How did you decide to make this change without doing any test?

This is wierd!

:bahrain: BRING BACK BAHRAIN SERVERS :bahrain:


I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia :saudi_arabia:

bellow image (in the link) shows my ping when connected to the new Middle East server (gmec1) which hosted in Google Cloud Qatar (Only ~400KM far from my location)


the worst gaming experience!

used to be 20-25ms with Bahrain servers


i think this is might be the last time i play this game . i used to have 28 ping ( i am from saudi arabia ) , i play ow2 only no other games . in the last month my ping skyrocketed to 98 ping and keeps spinking to 140 ping . the game is unplayable , i cant react , i cant have fun anymore . i lose more games now . this issue is not just for me even my friends they have the same exact issue .

thank you overwatch for the past 7 years

goodbye :broken_heart: :broken_heart: :sob:


Why the post says it solved but it doesn’t solved?

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guys stop trying, the technical dude won’t bother to solve your issue or even read the replies.


I agree, let’s leave the garbage game… getting worse each season, dps role now is disaster…

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Blizzard team,

This is to bring to your attention the major issue that, the players from KSA facing a real high ping in OW2. We used to play with 25 to 30, but now it over 120. This is not acceptable, due to we can’t get fun during play. Please tried to solve this issue asap. Regarding high ping , OW2 is not fun any more. Almost one month and the issue still exists. Please take action to improve the ping in our area.


Can you guys report them to the BBB for lack of support and not responding helpfully to tickets? Or is that a USA thing only?


Dear fellow Middle East Overwatch players,

I want to address the ongoing connectivity issues we’ve been facing while playing Overwatch in the Middle East. It’s frustrating, and we all want to see a solution. Here are a couple of suggestions on how we can collectively address this problem:

1-Continued Complaints: We can continue to report the issue to Blizzard and also contact our internet service providers (ISPs) to make them aware of the problem. While this may not be the most effective solution, it’s essential to document the issue and let Blizzard know that it’s affecting a significant portion of their player base.

2-Engage Influential Figures: Another approach is to reach out to influential individuals who can help bring attention to our connectivity problems. Youtubers and famous Overwatch players can have a considerable impact. If we can convince someone like @Yznsa or @owBrain to talk to our ISPs about the issue, it might get more attention and action.

A message to the Overwatch team: We want you to know that it’s not easy for us, as customers, to get in touch with someone in charge at our ISPs. However, it’s crucial to highlight that this issue reflects negatively on Blizzard as a multibillion-dollar company. We’ve rarely seen a company openly acknowledge problems without actively working to fix them. We ask that you leverage your influence to engage with our ISPs and help us resolve these connectivity issues. It’s a win-win situation for both players and the company.

Let’s unite and work together to ensure that our voices are heard. By raising awareness about this issue, we can increase the chances of finding a solution. Together, we can make a difference and improve our Overwatch gaming experience in the Middle East.


Recent patch and still not fixed sadly.

Just like I posted previously, since this type of problem never have been truly fixed. Here is what I found out about it, and what could be done by them.

I think they shutted down [GMEC1] middle east server …


ye cant find it anymore

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The GMEC1 server isn’t even showing up anymore. I stopped playing due to getting into 100ms+ games. I contacted support and they replied with an automatic message not even addressing the issue. This is embarrassing from Blizzard

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Oh boi am connected to the GMECL server all the time, but the problemato there’s no potato. The connection is worse; I used to get 60 ms, which is playable for a fast FPS game. Now it’s 80-99 ms, like the death cam skipping things i did, like, you know what I mean, giving the enemy an advantage, like Widow’s extra shot, which can be a big deal. Is it time to leave the game?

I really loved the game, no matter what the fan base complained about; the game as a whole is so good. For me, it’s the best fps game; it’s colorful, has more alive animation, and each character is special in every aspect, like, where do I start? But that connection makes it a bad experience to go through. Sorry for complaining, but meh, it’s what it is. Alright, I hope something good happens to you soon.


they returned it , i connected to it

and how was the ping ?

it’s fine for me , 10ms now.

It’s still not working for me? How did you get it to work