Hello Everyone!

I’ve made a post a couple days ago in which i presented my idea for Mercy 3.0,
my post got overlooked and burried between the anti-tracer threads sadly. :frowning:

So here i am again with a complete new post about my concept with some new pretty visuals i’ve made to explain my concept!
i’ve also changed some values for balance!

0.7 cast time is just a placeholder so don’t comment: “0.7 Seconds is way too OP”
-thank you!

cone width and length are just an example of what it would look like

radius range is just an example of what it would look like so it is presented as a small circle.

So you’ll notice that i changed the way mass-res works by adding a timer to each character that is about to get resurrected by Mercy.

I gave each character a res time of 0.7 seconds
(they don’t start at the same time)

This gives the enemy the chance to counterplay Mercy before she can res all her teammates.

Not only does it add a timer to each hero but the new ult will require LoS
(to prevent ulting behind walls)
This ult should encourage more tempo-res ultimates and drastically reduce the hated ‘Hide n’ res’ tactic.

version 2 specific:

when i created this visual presentation i noticed that the ult had to be blocked by objects such as payloads and cars! (i told some in the comments that this wasn't needed for my first concept)

winston is out of sight because of the car in this example,
mccree is out of range!
this is ofcourse just an example so the radius is kind of small.

Kit information:
ability’s or kits parts not mentioned stay the same as they are now


  • Remains mostly the same
  • Healing increased to 60HP/s

This will keep her viable mid-fights like she was before her nerfs.
ana/moira is the better option right now because of healing potential mid-fight.
why did they even take make it 50 in the first place? she got 60 for a reason back then!

[E - VALKYRIE] [EDIT] balancing this was very difficult so it would be up to PTR feedback [END EDIT]

  • Duration changed to 5 seconds
  • Healing changed to 50HP/s chainhealing OR 75HP/s solo beam
  • Boosting is a 30% solo beam
  • Pistol behaves the same as it does in her base-kit
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds

I felt like valkyrie shouldn’t be an ult.
I thought about a few other concepts for an E ability but there are some people who prefer valkyrie and would like to keep it as an ability.
It gives Mercy the chance to fly up to a higher advantage point (or play offensive) without the help of a teammate.


[E - Pacify]
more info about pacify in this post from Titanium!


  • Every hero needs 0.7 seconds to be revived.
  • Every hero can move as soon as their timer reached 0.7 seconds.
  • This 0.7 seconds/hero stays for every sort of res (2-3-4-5 man res).
  • Mercy movement reduced by 45%.
  • Now requires LoS (or AoE).
  • Res goes from closest to furthest.

Every hero should feel like a hero!
The mass-res ultimate could’ve been both fun and balanced if the devs didn’t give up on it so fast.

The feedback i got in my thread asking: ‘What didn’t you like about mass-res’,
All pointed to no counterplay.
Hopefully this concept fixes the issue people had with it.

It might also be viewed as a Mccree ult,
Killing 5 heroes is nice but never expected! This means less toxicity.
(but it’s still OW so you never know).


What if a third teammate dies in a 2 man res?

  • Nothing since the ability was pressed when only 2 teammates were down.
    This is needed since you would be able to pre-res a graviton if this wasn’t the case. Only 2 players will be brought back to life!

How long will the ultimate last with a 3 man res (for example)?

  • 2.6 Seconds, The ultimate ability will shut down if all 3 heroes are back up.

Can you cancel her ult?

  • yes you can! i’ll give you an example:
    if you start your res for 5 downed teammates but feel like it’s not safe anymore after you resurected 3, then your ult will simply stop and the other 2 teammates will just respawn normally.

can i AD during my ultimate?

  • you can use AD but it will have the reduced movement speed the ult gives you.

can i use attacks or abilities during my ultimate?

  • the only ability you can use is your Angelic Descent.

So why did you make this concept?

  • I believe that every hero in the game needs to feel like…a.uh…hero…you know?
    So i started thinking about the times where she did have those heroic moments.

  • Her current kit feels like a glorified spectator mode to me.

I also made a topic asking for player suggestions and what they didn’t like about mercy 1.0!
Out of all the comments i got, I noticed that quite a few said that there needed to be counterplay, Which i can agree with.
I had this idea and didn’t have to change anything about it since i already kept this reason in mind when i created this concept.

You guys wanted suggestions/ideas instead of complaints so here you go!


This is the sort of thing many Mercy players have proposed and has been either agreed it can work or people bash on it because Mass Res is somehow unhealthy… yet many of the very same people complain about ult spam winning games.


Oooh, I like the infographic gif. Nice.


People would intentionally suicide as a viable tactic

It is not a tactic blizzard wanted

That’s literally it


Well that’s not entirely it, but it is a large contributing factor.

Is there a wall preventing the Winston being revived or is that an enemy?


it’s a Line of Sight restriction.


So there’s a wall/object preventing him from being revived or is the diagram showing what Mercy’s LOS can see?

it’s what Mercy can see, this is ofcourse very narrow in the GIF.

it’s just an example :slight_smile:

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Ah alright thank you for explaining, I like the idea regardless.


Very interesting ideas. I really like the infographic. :smiley:


I absolutely adore this idea.

It’s actually perfect.



I like this. Very good. I just wish Blizzard would buff these characters (mercy, symmetra, orisa, ect.) in substantial ways like this.


So you are still suggesting a cast time? Or is it she does the animation like she did in 1.0 but her teammates are the ones who have a res cast time?

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Love the Mas Res changes. Pretty well addresses the main complaint people had with the old form, Mercy being able to flit in and insta-res everyone within range regardless of LoS.

Would add quite a bit more decision into usage than current or previous res does; juggling both LoS and proximity to priority targets in order to both survive and ensure you res the key members before others, either due to differing respawn timers or being unsure you’ll be able to maintain the position long enough to get all possible targets. Positioning, timing, and triage is the bulk of why I enjoy maining Mercy, and this would actively encourage all far more so than previous res mechanics did while still being as impactful.

And +1 for shiny infographic.


I like this very much as well.

Personally would like to see this one rather than the former. An ability to burst heal and actually save one teammate instead of making 4 of them shiny.


It would be a interedting (new) character… but before blizz makes any changes they have to have a reason to do so…a small part of mercy community wanting her changed is sadly not enough to warrant a change…especially when for all intent and purpose she’s functioning just fine…

That’s where the issue lies…

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Considering she’d still take seconds to res, suiciding would be risky and might end in the Mercy being killed when attempting to revive them, wouldn’t it?

i am suggesting a cast time because we can’t really get around that.

there is indeed a cast time on your teammates.

the animation on mercy runs as long as there are dead teammates!
so a 1 man she would have a very fast animation compared to a 4 or 5 man res.

the teammates that completed the 0.7 second timer will get resurrected instantly.

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Ult seems very difficult to programme. Oh sorry, my programmer’s side triggered here a little. The ult idea is actually nice.

I really hate this valk thing though. Yuck.

It made me think that maybe valk should be resource based?
Imagine it having resource that lasts max 4 sec and recharges over time, and once activated it needs to be at least 1 sec active or something. Would make it more interesting, and resource managemenet is always a demanding mechanic.

No chain beams pls. Mercy is a single target healer. That being sad, I think the other suggestion - 75 hps - is too much. But at the same time, it’s kind of pointless to nerf this value. Maybe make it more demanding? What if Mercy in valk would heal for 60, but if she focuses her mouse over ally at headshot level, it gives her this bonus healing? Thaaat would be interesting, and would scare all these try-hards who tell everyone that Mercy takes zero skill.

Just my thoughts.

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