Please, please, please devs could we get a mercy subforum?

It would be ideal if we could have subforums for each hero, but right now the general and competitive discussion forums are just flooded with the similar mercy threads.

Just to prove my point, here are a list of posts about just mercy ONLY ib the general forum and only on the front page. I am not including generic healing posts that include mercy in this list, the following are just mercy specific threads on the front page:

  1. [Mercy mass ress ideas]

  2. Will there be a response to Mercy soon?

  3. Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

  4. “Mercy is a sidekick”

  5. Mercy 3.0 Rework [UPDATED - FEEDBACK WELCOME]

  6. Revert Mercy Beams?

  7. 3 reasons why mass rez was GOOD for the game

  8. How is Mercy's super jump not a bug?

  9. Mercy Rework- Is this the solution?

  10. Mercy's Damage Boost - #9 by Tortellini-21698

  11. Mercy is still not enjoyable nor viable

*Blizzard please give mercy mains a subforum to discuss their issues. I’m tired of seeing the same topics over and over and over and being rehashed over and over and over.


I aint a Mercy main, I am a fellow support main looking out for my other support mains.


How many people would actually use it?

I think putting a whole subforum dedicated to a single hero would become an echo chamber and opposing opinions would not be nearly as frequent and the discussion would become preaching to the choir


What about one for Brig at this point as well lmao.


About as many people who use the competitive forum. So what…? About 5?

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In the latest posts I see there is only one Mercy-related thread in the top ten… and it’s about the new figurine planned for release in the next year. The first Mercy-gameplay thread I see is about mass-res ideas and it comes 15th in this snapshot.

P.S. It’s the usual: combat the many Mercy-threads by creating even more of them… x)

That’d be nice too. But I think the Brig threads will die down after a while, meanwhile the mercy community has been dominating the forums for YEARS now.

This is almost exactly what I asked for on my other post. I’d want to see a forum tab dedicated to every hero, or as mentioned by someone in the post, have class specified tabs like the Diablo forums have. (I think it was Diablo)

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maybe because their concerns haven’t been properly answered at all?

theres a reason why its still a hot topic and has the top rated post on the forums.

people want answers.

and we already tried shoving all mercy feedback into one place but that didn’t go over well at all.

The quickest way to turn the general discussion from being a mercy discussion is to address the feedback given on mercy 2.0 (2.5?)


They keep making these threads because their hero got butchered

Can you really blame them for wanting their favorite hero back?


No, but I can find fault with pointless threads composed of just complaining or proposing changes that blatantly ignore the points the devs have stated are problems. Making suggestions – like “reasons mass rez should return” – are blatantly ignoring what the devs have already stated: “mass rez is not coming back.”

Threads that ignore what the devs have said are not productive in any way. That is what I have issue with.

OK, but clearly complaining every other thread isn’t working either. So why continue doing something that (a) doesn’t accomplish your goal; (b) makes your entire community (in this case the mercy commumity) look unreasonable and irrational; and (c.) floods the forums with the same repetitive threads over and over.

Source? The fastest way to get the devs to address Mercy is to appeal to logic based arguments rather than emotional pleas – especially if the person making the point is prominent and respected in the community.

Mercy mains could have had Aria Rose be their own Seagull /famous streamer-- proposing changes that devs actually listen to – but instead Aria Rose just perpetuates the negative, closed-minded, and dismissive tone that ironically, makes the devs listen to them less.

They also said Deathmatch etc wouldnt be gammodes either but here we are.

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Bruh, it’s only been one year, not multiple years.

A sub forum for every hero would be an ideal way to promote healthier discussions and keep the main page from being flooded by the same repetitive topics that make it impossible to drive a reasonable debate.

So here’s a bump hoping at least the moderators might forward the feedback to the web development team. The old World of Warcraft forum already had sub-forums not only for every class, but for every server as well. There’s no reason the new forums can’t copy that feature.

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Hey, thanks for being open-minded in our exchange and bumping this thread so the devs can see it. I ran out of likes, but I so badly wish I could like this post.

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Keep in mind the devs have gone back on their word multiple times. The last time they said that “Mercy doesn’t need any changes right now”, she got nerfed not to soon later. People keeping suggesting Mass Rez with restrictions because it is a very obvious solution that could easily be balanced, but the devs don’t seem to want to go that direction (for some reason that they don’t feel the need to share).

Mass Rez is an easy point to balance off of because they already know how it played and it’s issues. So they can easily solve said issues. In addition, people don’t have to suggest a whole new idea. They can say they want change, and it’s on the devs to come up with the ideas. That’s their job. So they can state what the problems are, and the devs can take those and move to improve them. So far, they have done none of that and in fact probably made it even worse. The main complaint I have seen is “Valkyrie feels awful to use”, and what have the devs done to act on this? Nothing. They already said Valkyrie felt awful even when it had 60 HP/s so somehow returning it back to that will somehow solve their problems?

What else are they suppose to do on a forum? They are literally just sharing their thoughts, as you do on a forum. There is nothing else to do, this is the best way they have at getting Blizzard to listen. Keep in mind, part of the reason these posts are always on the front page is because people bump them by going “lol stop making threads” and similar sayings.

Blizzard has not done a very good job of that. They have on numerous occasions caved in to emotional pleas. They gave them the idea that emotional pleas work, so they have to deal with the after effects.

So exactly what you just did? Did you really distinguish the difference between her arguments and herself? She made those videos in the first place because every Mercy post was thrown into a megathread that was ignored.

Also, she has apologized for the way she has worded her videos to be so aggressive. (here it is should you be intrigued):

What you’re suggesting is exactly what you argued against. You aren’t being open minded about Mercy discussion, so you want all their posts to disappear so you don’t have to see them anymore. And do you really think it’s positive to essentially excommunicate a portion of the community simply because you don’t like seeing their posts? Isn’t it also dismissive to say that all Mercy threads are pointless and non-productive (inb4 “no it’s an observation”).

If it happens for Mercy posts, it needs to happen for every hero.

I keep thinking we could do with a “Suggestion” section to buffs/nerfs/etc discussions.


That is a great idea.

Yes please. Hearing Mercy mains whinge and cry over their inherently broken and divisive hero gets old. Rez will always be an OP mechanic. Qurantine them or something.

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