Main vs Off Tank Separate Role Q

Ok, I’ve seen this idea being thrown around a lot and I’m not going to say whether I think it’s good or bad, but just curious:

If they did make them separate role queues, how many people do you think would queue for main tank?

Tank queues are already some of the most needed, so would separating them be good and increase numbers? Or would it backfire?
If they are separate I can see main tanks getting games instantly.

What are y’alls thoughts?

Edit: Ok it seems like some think I’m advocating for this. I’m not. I just want to know others opinions on this and what they think would personally make it good or bad. All thoughts are welcome.


It would backfire, most would probably queue for offtank. There is no need to divide the most needed role more.


less people

loss of options is basically just telling people not to play the role, so thats one thing.

It would be pretty bad.


I think this would largely backfire. Main tanks are already dang hard to get people to play, and that’s with the ability to go, “Hey Roadhog, you mind switching to Reinhardt?”

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So you wanna seperate the role even more when we dont have even that much off/maintanks to begin with? Ok, bud.

Why cant you just accept that 222’s here it’s own rules…

I didn’t say I liked or even wanted it. I don’t like it at all, I was just getting opinions since I’ve heard the idea get tossed around a lot off forums.

Also I love 222, I think the quality of games has gone way up since it was implemented, but I know not everyone feels the same and thinks more needs to be done.

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30 minute DPS queues would suddenly become 3 hour DPS queues lol

There are more off tanks then there are main tanks.

Plus, you run into the issue of how do you class Winston and Hammond? Two characters who can work as both main and off tanks.


True, I forgot about Winston and Hammond. Personally I see Winston as main and Hammond as off but I see how people can classify them as either or.

I think either can be run with D.Va (or each other) as main tanks, but both can also be run with a shield tank and just play disrupter off tank instead.

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if this goes through im going to que as DPS all the time just to increase their que times.

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I don’t think they’d ever separate them like this but I like seeing all the opinions and thoughts behind this

This change only makes it so that off tank queuers can no longer pretend they are “team players” who are doing dps a service of reducing their queue time by queuing what is essentially fat dps.

Oh, and also seeing their queue time trippled.

Honestly main tanks play so different than off tanks that they should not be in the same category anyway.


For tanks that are in the gray area you could let them be picked by ether off tank or main tank.

Though I think splitting the role and increasing que times even more isn’t going to go great. Single digit main tank que times.

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Because restricting people’s choice in heroes has only improved the game.

No no no, please THIS TIME it’s going to be different.


Don’t you mean Reinhardt queue and offtank queue? Rein is the only functional main tank right now.:grin:


Most tanks don’t play main tank.

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Yes let’s make the tank queue smaller by breaking it into two queues based on player made names for certain heroes.
So the purpose of this is what ? to make DPS queues longer ?

I don’t really see any positives beyond maybe making it more likely that there’s a capable main tank in the group. It would certainly discourage me from queuing either one.

The problems are many. There seem to be relatively few main tank players (and even from them, not all play main tanks exclusively), so queue times would probably get longer for everyone else. Choice of heroes would get reduced a lot (and there isn’t that much choice for tanks anyway). The definitions most people use for main/off-tank are different for high and low ranks of play, and pretty much whatever definition you use, some of them are on a grey area - and not always the same ones. It would also place more burden on at least the main tank - a problem that’s also present with the 1-3-2 composition that’s been talked about. The one potential positive certainly doesn’t outweigh the negatives, both potential and certain.

It’s an interesting suggestion but the more “buckets” we add, the slower matchmaking will be. Overall, we want to reduce queue times, not impact them further. Hope this makes sense.


Thanks for responding!

I agree but also, splitting the roles would further restrict hero choices when we already have role lock and hero pools. It would be interesting in something like OWL tho. If one team had an assigned main/off tank, and a main/off support.

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