Hero Pool Thought

With hero pools coming next season, I feel like a legitimate question is will the devs officially acknowledge main and off tanks and supports?

I feel like they should, and I would even advocate for a main/off queue for tanks and supports.

Did you see the legitimate answer by Jeff?

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No, but thanks for the info.

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You’re not wrong, they acknowledge main / off categories but can’t because of queue times.

Now that I know that I’d really like for them to work on the LFG. The D’va/Hog tank combo I see popping up in my games is getting all too frequent.

As long as they ban Moira I’m happy. People pick her to play DPS and not heal.

reduce mei’s freeze damage, give her some armor and extra health, make her right-click a smaller torb ult that makes the ground slippery instead of doing damage and make her a tank.