Main vs Off Tank Separate Role Q

Hi Jeff - Off topic, could you please please give us some idea when we might expect Hero 32?


I truly appreciate that, homie. Hopefully the 321 test goes well.

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So are you planning on making tanks more similar to each other so there isn’t an “off” and “main” distinction?

Its obvious in design and balancing they have gone that way to a degree. The problem are the archetype designs like Mercy, Rein, etc…

Dont worry.

Everything is fine.

Me buddy picks hamster and i go dva … most fun to play for us!

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A tad off topic, but if it isn’t too much trouble could you perhaps elaborate on your new balance philosophy of balancing for the meta?

I’ve been having a bit of confusion personally on how the balance team would tackle metas with hero pools in place, specifically how would you balance for the meta, when the heroes locked could be better than the current meta heroes themselves or perhaps counter said composition?

Sure, I just meant even more so I guess.

Mercy is actually straddling the line between off and main healer, so she may be a good example of what they can do to make it so that the distinctions don’t exist anymore

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There wont be any 123
. drop that


They are going to test it with experimental card.


Have you thought about giving the “off tanks” more “tanking power”? Honestly, something like D.Va is fine since she has a very flexible defense but if you look at a tank like Roadhog… He literally does nothing to protect his team in the traditional ways the other tanks do, he has a hook sure, but I don’t think that justifies his tank position (there are other peel options that non tanks have that basically can serve the same purpose as Hook)

No they wont …


Are there any plans to reduce the number of buckets then? Situationally or otherwise?

If we don’t have separate queues or some kind of one-barrier-per-team situation, Sigma has to be reworked. Right now if Sigma and Orisa are at all viable individually, they will always be the best tank combination together, and overpowered.

Hi Jeff, Could 2 Off-Tank be meta for once?
Their dependency on other tanks make them less advantageous to be run together, so less viability as duos, it doesn’t seem good for the game to be like that. :slightly_frowning_face:

I hope not. I struggle to find a worse idea than 321.


The only way to make a dual off tank meta would be to completely trash every main tank in the game.


My thoughts exactly. Damage denial is just way too good to not pick in this game.

Jeff has spoken before and he’s said that he and the dev team want to discourage metas. So what they ultimately want to do is make anything valid and useable.

I mean, they say this, but I don’t buy it.

You can’t look at the tank situation right now and say that anyone was planning literally anything but a 100% Reinhardt meta. I mean, Reinhardt is currently in the lead as a tank by a ton, and they’re nerfing the #2 tank.

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Ok, so can they make 2 off tanks duos as much viable as other combinations?