If Mercy isn't good, then why do you still play her?

Are you speaking on behalf of the entire mercy community? Because you might want to have a word with them before you posit this as the main Mercy complaint. I also see complaints about her being underpowered, not satisfying her character lore (why does valk enable more damage output on a healing angel???), not having mass rez, hating the mechanics of e res, wanting a new e ability, wanting a complete rework, etc. There are plenty of mercy mains who think her new kit is fun and still requires skill. I quoted one earlier today.

Yes I did say that. I said exactly that. Here it is again if you didn’t read through my post all the way again:

Because Mercy mains all have different ideas on how to fix the hero and what they find her main problem to be. True some mercy mains’ main argument is she’s unfun, but there’s a whole SEA of other reasons Mercy mains are upset and I didn’t realize you were the spokesperson for all Mercy mains.

In this case, I am. Because I’ve been on the forums for the last year and a half, and I saw the complaints as they happened. For the last 10 months, since her january nerfs, Mercy has been said to be unfun to play as. That was by far the number one complaint. The solutions varied, including reversion to Mass Rez because that worked, was balanced, and was fun, but the only serious words about her being UP happened right after she was reworked when no one really understood how strong Valk was going to be and after her 50 HPS nerf. Everything else that you mentioned falls under her being boring to play; E rez? Boring. Valk? Spectator mode. New rework? Not because Mercy is unbalanced or underpowered, but because she’s so boring to play as.

And those mercy mains are enjoying Mercy for her mobility, but there is no point in being hypermobile as Mercy, there’s no benefit to it. Valk isn’t worth milking every last ounce of damage boost and healing from her team like Rez was, and being super mobile and calling attention to yourself is likely to get you killed.

This doesn’t say anything. This is a general statement. Unless there’s more to this post that no one is seeing, that’s all you’ve said.

And the VAST majority of those reasons come from Mercy being unfun and unimpactful.


Meet kettle.

You’re not using Valk right. Being super mobile makes you difficult to kill and is absolutely a benefit of Valkyrie.

LOL just refresh the main threads page and count how many threads are currently up about Mercy and her need for a rework, specifically because she’s “unfun.”

OK you have to pick. Either I was right that “Mercy mains’ main argument is she’s unfun, but there’s a whole SEA of other reasons Mercy mains are upset” (wanting reverts, wanting rez, not wanting rez, wanting a different e, wanting more HPS, wanting mass rez, not wanting mass rez, wanting mass rez with LoS).

LOL I also think it was a 2/10 attempt at making a clever “pot meet kettle” point, but it was completely negated by the fact that it was 100% illogical and unrelated. Try again maybe?

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If you’re using Ana to take out the Mercy that’s healing the phara you might as well switch to Widow :man_facepalming:

Yet Ana’s job is to help out against Pharmercy.

Mercy has a pistole for situations like this… use it.

Well, the ult is kinda a major part to her fun aspect. Everything they’ve changed to her kit has made her so boring cause it does all the work for you, no skill needed. your ult-clutch ability rez? 30s CD. Valk? literally takes away her single-target heal prioritization.


But why bother? Who’s going to be aiming at you when you’re in the skybox, 30 meters from the fight? It’s not like the healing output is anything to write home about, and it’s easier to hit people on the ground.

LOL just reread the threads of the last 18 months, and the 40 thousand posts of the megathreads on these forums, and the 100 thousand posts of the megathreads on the old forums. Cuz I did.
But to humor you

[quote=“OMEGALUL-2217, post:1, topic:245427”]
Too bad everything in the game shreds through your healing.
[/quote] Unfun

And I didn’t have to try very hard. There is one that is probably about Mercy being unfun but I didn’t want to wade through the shakespearean english to try and figure out what’s being said, and there’s another that is a suggestion for Mercy by someone who doesn’t play her.
I didn’t even go into the gold mines of the megathreads.

No, I really don’t. Unfun and unimpactful go hand in hand. A Hero isn’t nearly as fun if they aren’t having an impact on the game.

You keep trying to call me out as the spokesperson of the mercy community, and yet you’re doing the same thing. Completely related.

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The difference is that Ana isn’t leaving her whole team to take potshots against Widow or Pharmercy, and is a hitscan so it’s kind of her job

Mercy’s pistol is used more in self defense, and while Mercy is dueling Pharah or Widow, who’s supporting the team?

I can’t believe you’re arguing that res is not impactful in a game. I can’t believe you’re arguing chain healing at 60HPS (about to go live) isn’t impactful in a game. I can’t believe you think unlimited ammo on a pretty strong projectile gun is not impactful in a game. I can’t believe you don’t think the highest mobility character is not impactful in a game. Ana has basically no mobility. Are you really arguing this?

Also, you’re wrong, unfun does not equal impactful. That’s just a statement you made up which is completely subjective. It can be unfun to play as Orisa shield tank, but her shields and her damage are very impactful. Not sure what you based that statement on, but at this point you haven’t been basing any of your statements on any proof so we’ll just leave that one there.

Not at all, I cite multiple times that the Mercy community is divided and that’s why one person – in this situation you – cannot speak on behalf of the entire community for what “the main issue is for mercy mains” particularly when looking at the FRONT PAGE (not cherrypicking through archives for Mercy related threads, there’s a million of course you’ll find some that say she’s unfun; I’VE ALREADY ACKNOWLEDGED THAT), the front page is just inundated with mercy mains who DISAGREE with you specifically on the fact that Mercy’s main issue is that she’s unfun. Other threads point to her being underpowered or that she’s still fun, but some tweaks to her kit (“e” ability specifically) would be nice. Other threads are strictly asking for mass rez back. Are you ignoring these threads? lol.

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When Ana is trying to kill the Mercy she stopped her healing duties just like Mercy? She’s aiming upwards while scoped she’s more valnrauble in that current situation if she’s attacked.

Mercy has unlimited amo while in Valk and huge movement speed that makes you had to kill, if you’ve got good aim you’ll probably pick off the Phara/Widow or get the Widow off high ground giving space for the team and continuing your healing duties (there’s scenarios where not going in is the right decision here’s where game sense plays a role)

I think I’m slowly getting why all the Valk complaints are happening… alot seem to not even know when to use it or how… they just auto pilot and press m1 while holding spacebar.
(Totally an opinion cause I know someone will get offended and flag me)


lol that’s my post, please don’t look too much into it. Mercy is not the only hero I find boring to play: Torbjorn, Symmetra, sometimes Reinhardt, to name a few.

shouldn’t we also be asking for a zen buff since his orb of harmony gives only 30hps and lucio’s since his aura gives 16.25hps/46.8hps if amp it up is used :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: we still need things to die in this game you know?

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Mercy is decent, just unfun to play.

I personally play Mercy whenever I feel like playing support but don’t feel like playing my go-to’s (Ana, Brigitte, and Moira). I play all the support heroes just that Ana is my main, I play Moira on specific maps that she excels on, and Brigitte if I feel like Shield Bashing a bunch of people in the face. Also it’s weird that I started playing Mercy more after her nerf. I guess I like playing underrated characters and try to make them work because my favorite DPS heroes to play are Mei and Symmetra right now and they have very low pick rates and are considered borderline “troll picks.” I have to admit Battle Mercy during Valkyrie is a lot of fun right now because currently 50 hps chain healing is useless LOL but I do think she needs some buffs to make her not seem so underpowered

Aesthetic and useful character

:spider_web: Her mobility. No other character has an ability like GA. I like the mobility and the healing. Mercy is also a great pick if you really want to dig in and be able to predict and track ults because her kit just allows you to really focus on taking in information.

Also, I always find it funny how OP and others just assume right off the bat
that if you play Mercy, you’re a Mercy OTP. :thinking:

“go learn another character” I play like…an entire other class and a half. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck that a character you like to play time to time is weak.

And not to nit-pick but…

Sym mains begged for a rework and now a lot are begging for a fix because it weakened her in their opinion. They are not as vocal as the forum Mercies, but they are very much talking about Sym.

And yeah I don’t see too much on Tracer aside from her ult nerf–which had the forums on fire for awhile by, understandably, upset tracer mains.

It’s not that other mains aren’t complaining about their weak or buggy mains, it’s just that it’s been a known fact for awhile is that this forum has quite a large number of Mercy main posters and they tend to overshadow the others complaining.

True. Not a weak pick but she also wasnt a strong pick prework. She was a trollpick ish (but no where near the troll pick status of f tier heroes) during Ana’s reign but after that she was an okay hero despite the popular combos of zen and lucio in upper ranks. She maintened popularity due to her playerbase, her ease of use and in my opinion because in lower ranks players were forced to solo heal

God, I love the logic in this post.

Oh, so your favorite tv show is changed? Just watch another one! There are other shows out there!

But I was enjoying this show the way it was.

Look, I can’t understand any experiences or opinions that aren’t my own. A show I liked got changed, now I watch a different show. You should be just like me and accept it without question.

You’re entitled to your opinion but…

Also, I think Tracer is weak now. Just in case you needed any more evidence that I don’t have very good opinions.

Yep. Bye!

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Your logic only makes sense under the assumption that we’re only playing her because of balance. That is objectively false. :blush:

𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓬𝔂 𝓘𝓬𝓮 𝓒𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶 𝓜𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓽


Spreading positivity and ice cream, one Mercy at a time.

When you take into consideration the META’s at the time and the statistics in pro tournaments, you’d come to the conclusion that she was a troll pick. Before her rework, she never fit into any META except Dive but in Dive, Lucio and Zen were infinitely better so choosing Mercy over one of those two… Well, there’s no reason to. :blush: Moving onto tournaments, she was F-D Tier in pro tournaments.

𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓬𝔂 𝓘𝓬𝓮 𝓒𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶 𝓜𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓽


Spreading positivity and ice cream, one Mercy at a time.

I DON’T still play her. I among many others stopped ages ago. Of course I don’t play overwatch itself these days so you’re not going to run into me except on forums and youtube :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: