How did Rialto ever make it past playtesting

You just don’t like the map. Every person has a different map they hate.


I just never have a good game on it.

And that can happen to anyone in other map. I hate with all my self Volskaya industries for example. It just the way it is.

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Ehh, I don’t like it.

Sniper sight-lines are atrocious as with most payload maps, and the choke points are particularly unwelcoming.


It can be bad, esepcialy the stall possible on the last point of defense. That said it doesn’t really change the fact there was no real play testing involved. Remember how bad Rialto was? You could spawn camp the second point with ease due to the defenders having no cover.

They actually had to alter the map after it hit PTR it was so bad and Blizzard seems to hate making any changes to the game after something hits PTR. They usually wait a few months.

I’ve said it before but what ever kind of internal testing is done by Blizzard is not done by people with a well rounded skill tree. Their ability to trouble shoot support like Mercy and Brigitte is god awful.

Never mind the issues with Hanzo or Symetra. They went through test with the idea the teleporter was a good way to escape Gravs. Despite the fact the huge delay in activation makes it nearly impossible.

Lunar Colony sat broken for what 2 years before the rework, and I still say the first point is a joke.


In the past week, Attackers win 42.88%. We always try to balance toward a 50/50 win rate. We have some minor tweaks we can make to bring the map more in line. We were looking at it late last week and early this week. While it’s not perfect, it’s also not hugely out of line.


8% isn’t big? What is considered big then?


I like the map actually, but i can see how attacking feels a bit harder than defense.


For the record, I /love/ Rialto, and have won both attack and defense many times.

I can imagine attackers have a lower winrate than defenders in general (across all maps) so its not 8% under the average but only maybe 5-6% under the average winrate for attackers.

Keep in mind that “8% under 50%” is 16% difference between the two sides.


By the way Jeff, can we get a developer update anytime soon? I feel we need it, because it feels like many are disappointed with the summer event.


That map is one of my favorites, and the payload has made it to the end many times.

There is your answer to how many time is was tested. So much that there are 2 variants of it.

No, he has posted before and most of the maps were pretty close to 50/50. Eichenwalde and Horizon Lunar Colony were the outliers, but they weren’t as onesided as that Rialto figure. It did not stop HLC from being reworked though.

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People struggle with the payload on the last checkpoint. The walk is too far is the problem unless you get lucky and ult kill key enemies.


Jeff, could you tell us the figures for the other maps?

All the new maps are garbage

Horizon Luna = bad (both sides , Sniper fest )
Oasis = Mediocre and annoying
Junkertown = The worst map in the entire game (Sniper fest)
Blizzardworld = same than Junkertwon (Sniper fest)
Rialto = Sniperfest, choke points everywhere.

No new maps have been fun to play for me, none of them.


Strange, cause I’ve always had good luck with this map. No matter if I was attacking or defending. All it seems like is that you had a couple of bad games on the map and you’re just venting here. Which is really not recommended considering on how many people can turn on you for making post like this.

Don’t those stats mean that the map is even worse than Horizon Lunar Colony EVER was?