Hero Pools Update – June 8

Hello everyone,

We have a new update to share regarding Hero Pools. We’ve been listening to your feedback and constantly iterating on the feature behind the scenes. We initially implemented Hero Pools to address issues with stagnating metas and to keep match-ups exciting and fresh. However, we’ve found that the introduction of Experimental Card and increased hero balance updates has helped us work towards a healthy, changing meta in Competitive Play without needing to disable heroes.

Going forward, we’ve decided to make the following changes to Hero Pools starting immediately:

  • Hero Pools will be removed indefinitely from Competitive Play, with no tentative date for re-implementation.
  • Beginning June 13, the Overwatch League will utilize a single Hero Pool for the first two weeks of each tournament cycle, which consists of three weeks of qualifier matches and a tournament weekend featuring bracket play. Hero Pools will not be used for the week before each tournament or during tournament bracket play. Read more information here.

We appreciate your continued feedback and thank you all for your patience as we’ve iterated on Hero Pools.


Thanks for the update!


Thanks for the information Molly. Your efforts to keep people more informed are appreciated. Keep these kinds of updates coming


Wow if we could have like 2 patchs in a month it would be great 15 days for testing is enough to adjust.

  • Add movement acceleration and a longer crouch cooldown
  • Move every single DPS that should be a tank (Doomfist, Mei, Bastion) to the tank category
  • Make all tanks resistant to CC in some way
  • Move Symmetra and Echo back to support
  • Stop releasing new DPS characters until the rosters are balanced
  • Make tanks and supports more exciting than “oh I shield/oh I heal”
  • Get the pro players you’re paying to actually give you instructions on how to balance this mess
  • Remove role queue
  • Bring in the Paris/Horizon reworks
  • Make the hitboxes actually match the player models

Thank you


I am bumping this incase people aren’t seeing this…I was expecting alot more replies

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It was posted 6 minutes ago XD

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Well tbf it has a Blizz tag, and the topic is about hero pools…

I just thought people will instantly see it…

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I don’t see the point of this itteration of hero pools for the league. What is it the league is testing the teams for to decide who are the best?

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So I’ll take you think they should do everything else I listed

Yeah :'D

Compromise the entire feel of overwatch? hell to the no.

Kaplan said they want to EMPHASIZE fluid mobility, not cripple it.


Ok. Have fun dealing with hypermobility that half of the roster has once CC is nerfed.

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I will because I can actually aim thank you very much.


wait actually no

only for moira lmao, I still wanna teabag

not so sure about that one, I can only see bastion as a tank

only symmetra

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Ok, who asked?

As I said, have fun dealing with hypermobility.

two week bans poggers. This will be so interesting to see

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You kinda did dumbo? I responded to your statement, I know those who lack brain cells don’t understand this, but it’s called a conversation.


restrictions checklist:

map pools - gone

hero pools - gone

role queue as only option - gone (soon)

i agree with all 3 decisions…the less restrictions the better (as ive always said)

related…the above is basically what my #1 thing game needed was a few months ago when i did my 10k posts thread…

very happy to see these changes