Hero Pools Update – June 8

Hero pools are gone

More seriously, though, does this mean we’re gonna be getting more balance updates, then? The amount of things we’ve been getting on PTR and experimental doesn’t really feel like there’s been an increase in balance changes.


I was wondering what would have ended up happening to the system… well, cool!

As always, thanks for the heads up.

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u crazy, get some rest

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Buff D.Va 2020


These are all awful suggestions tbh.

  • Moving DPS characters to tanks will only increase frustration about those comps where people don’t play their roles.
  • Symmetra and Echo are great DPS characters, why would you move them to support lol
  • Not terrible, but nothing to do with balance as much as we just need more selection in Tank/Heal
  • Tanks and heals already are more exciting than that
  • It’s already fairly balanced with only a few caveats
  • We need role queue, if you don’t want role queue there are other area to do that in
  • I don’t get the issue with those maps, I’ve been part of equally losing and winning groups on both sides of defense and offense
  • They’re pretty close if you’d watch the video explaining it. You don’t want hotboxes 100% right on the character models for a reason.

This will be interesting.

Edit: You should pin this since it’s a major announcement to comp players.

Why a longer crouch cooldown? Tired of getting bagged?


I guess I’m in the minority, but I liked hero pools at Masters+, and especially as a viewer of the overwatch league. Oh well, I suppose the two weeks on/two weeks off probably came at players’ and coaches’ request.

To combat the excessive strafing to throw off accuracy, which includes crouching…

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Glad to hear this because I actually made masters on Open Queue.

They are adding open queue comp back in a month or so

So Symmetra and Zenyatta lul

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Hero Pools did make OWL more interesting to watch. I am happy we saw a lot of Doomfist played.
Probably not needed that much for regular ladder.

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no hero pools is basically a hero pool in itself because of the change of no heroes to them being added. The plus is actual comp synergy and peak performance will go up. You will see a lot less counter comping tho

you’re a mercy one trick… try playing other heroes or at least play the game at a higher level before you complain about things that make your poor mercy gameplay a little bit harder.

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Pretty much called this when hero pools were announced. They’re an excellent option for OWL, and not so much for everyone else. Glad to see we’ve gotten hero pools to a better point and will be focusing on more frequent balance patches.

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100 level Mercy OTP account, yeah that’s my only account, nice assumptions

I actually have a main account that ended in top500 right before I uninstalled. But nice try.

I dont agree with all of this, but I agree with enough of it to like it.