Game now slightly more playable

Now the next thing to do is to remove role queue.

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Don’t worry — competitive play will be splintered commencing season 23

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They kinda already did. They are implementing open queue.

A huband was never satisfied with this wife.
Knowing that her husband likes egg, the wife wanted to surprise her husband.

One day the husband came back from work and his wife prepared a boiled egg for dinner.
He complained, “I wanted to have fried egg today.”

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The next day, the wife prepared both boiled and fried egg for her husband.
The husband still complained, " The egg which was supposed to be fried is boiled, and the egg which was supposed to be boiled is fried."

Open queue competitive is coming back in season 23. Will that be enough for you?

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Why is this in bug report? Stop wasting people’s time with your nonsense.

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