Mercy needs her 60 hp/s back

I’m sure there was a good reason for nerfing Mercys healing. Perhaps it should be buffed to 55 hps as a happy medium. Or even buffed to something lower like 52.

Let’s look at the single hps for mercy, but meanwhile I note that:
ana: 75 + 33.5
moira: 85 + 75 hps
It seems a Greek tragedy to bring back mercy at 60 hps which previously had it for 2 years without problems.
Meanwhile, the meta remains stagnant.
No, we do a 51 hps buff, do we do so?


Got any sauce for that one buster?



Geoff Goodman said so himself.
And i’m pretty sure the devs have more data than any of us can hope to see.
ps: note that he talks about healing per match.


True, but rightly animetic told him not to follow the statistics:


i’m pretty sure they dont just follow statistics


Mercy has never been good in deathball comps. Ana has always been the go to pick for those. Moira would still even be a better pick in those situations. Even if you were to revert Mercy to 60 hp/s again she would not be the optimal pick in those situations.

Personally I don’t believe Mercy needs a heal buff, the other Main heals (Ana/Moira) need heal nerfs. Healing is too strong in the game as is. It’s no coincidence that when Ana became meta again that there was a double sniper meta. Only one shot heroes were able to eat through all the healing being done. If the other 2 main heals (and Brig) were dialed back like Mercy I think the game would be in a healthier state.

DPS as a whole would be more viable and more than just one shot DPS would be viable since you don’t have 200 hp targets suddenly being full hp again or never dropping below half hp.


pickrates says otherwise

ana has always had this amount of healing but still mercy was still better and even rein players were asking ana to swap to mercy simply because she was just better overall

mercy still gets higher healing than ana but the nerf made ana a better pick higher in the ladder, nobody has 100% accuracy with ana so her healing is naturally lower than what it looks like on paper


That’s almost only reason to even bother with healing during combat, so DPS don’t drop below half health, unless heavily focused, ideally not at all. Even if they always run in front of tank’s shield.

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  1. She’s not mobile, she’s INSANELY so.
  2. She also has passive HP regeneration, unlike Ana.

So, what are you ready to sacrifice for healing more? Or are you implying that Mercy is currently underpowered?

The role of ana has never been to have a high healing average, the problem of current mercy is its healing burst, not the media healing. A rein that suffers substantial damage in the short term, with mercy it is impossible to keep it (50 hps), with ana (75 + 33.5) and moira (85 + 75) you have a chance.
If it were true what you say, in the 3rd season mercy was better than ana, but no, it was a bad choice, and from August 2016 (2nd season) that mercy had 60 hps.
From January 2018 mercy was in equilibrium, but it was favored by the double sniper meta. With the double sniper, moira or ana would be useless. The double sniper meta, eliminated from the hanzo nerf and widow. The meta double sniper was determined, only once on OW, by hanzo rework.
If the double-sniper meta returns, ana returns to be useless even without the mercy buff. With the buff at mercy, the meta is currently not moving.


Only ana has no passive regeneration, and has no mobility (such as zen). Ana needs a rework, otherwise it is either useless or dominates the meta with the triple tank. Then I repeat eh, if you want the meta with 3 or 4 tanks, it goes well we make mercy completely useless, lowering the hps to 40, and you are happy. But I leave the game, I’m sick of seeing 3 tanks or 3 support or goats.
this game is at its best with 2-2-2. It’s okay that sometimes you go with 3 tanks or 3 support or sometimes with the goats, but it doesn’t have to be dominant. The 2-2-2 should be the norm.
I have the balls full of absurd composition as can be seen now.
Mercy must return to 60 hps.


If Mercy returns to 60 hps, again, what are you ready to sacrifice for that? Or this should be just straight buff?

And stop assuming stuff that I never said. Just please answer a question, without emotional rant about a nerf I never suggested ot mentioned.

Yes, it should be straight buff. People far overestimate power of resurrect, when it’s so limited, that from bronze to GM there is almost no difference in numbers.

Stop demanding sacrifices: a lot of power was already lost, when multiple resurrects were gone.

And if you insist, remove infinite ammo from Valkyrie, together with chain beams.


Well, that where I disagree for two reasons:

  1. I don’t think Mercy is anywhere near underpowered. She is not OP either, IMO. She’s just currently out of meta, but still sees decent pickrate and winrate.

  2. If we just straight up introduce more healing into the game, it won’t make people select Mercy over Ana. It will force them to select both and have insane healing.


I was talking in general, he doesn’t have you specifically. I told you that ana has no regeneration, as I told you, ana needs a rework.
I’ll ask you another question: do you play ana, moira and mercy at this time?
Because seeing the profiles of others who refuse this buff do not play mercy. I wonder why.
Forget the meta, that you never or almost never see the goats, whatever your rank.


No, I don’t play them much. I still don’t think this somehow makes my posts any more right or wrong. Because if we only listen to Mercy players - she will be buffed into the sky.

I am just afraid that straight up introducing more healing into current game is wrong. And will only enforce tank metas more. True, that I don’t see goats often, but tank stacking is already quite common even in QP.

Also, do you play a lot of Ana that you ask for her rework?

With mercy? But are you serious?
Mercy forces the meta dps, ana and moira force the meta tank.
Moira and ana need a rework, ana needs more mobility (grapple at widowmaker), moira needs utilities.
Personally I think that mercy should have the ultimate rez (single), on the E nothing. On “E” I have no ideas, valkyria makes mercy too strong, because it heals him aoe, while he should maintain one of his weaknesses of being able to heal a single target. Valkyria must be eliminated.
But aside from the idea of another rework, mercy needs 60 hps because even if it is not a trash trier, it is in a strange position, to work it needs another main support. Or with Zen he needs an aggressive and coordinated team (even in GM this condition is difficult).
With 60 hps it doesn’t come back oppressive and it shows that the goats was born before its last nerf.
Also with the buff at Ana August 2018, the nerf was not necessary.
Of course with 60 hps your pick rate will grow, but it doesn’t become dominant.
Currently rank high is ana that is dominant (the goats even in gm you see it very rarely).
On the other hand, even goodman wrote that they are thinking of a mercy buff. Perhaps now they are waiting for the impact of baptiste games before deciding.

in response to Ryan’s question:

Here is also the answer for you. In fact, this is why they are thinking of buffing healing at mercy.
Otherwise, goodman would have denied the possibility of a buff with the conviction of statistical data. Which in any case doesn’t mean anything.
We’ll see what happens.

(sorry my bad english)


Yes, overall I agree with your post, but exactly Geoff mentions that they are thinking about buffing her damage boost, not healing. I seriously doubt overwatch right now, as a whole game, needs any more healing. After othe healers being changed - maybe Mercy can have her healing buffed.