Genji Is Broken

Ghost dash isn’t working. When you dash a target, the game moves your mouse uncontrollably, ghost dash makes you dash but you are looking to the side. Please fix Genji asap.


this was an intended change that was made for QoL reasons. but we’re going to revert it in a hotfix ASAP.



Jeff, I can’t demonstrate how much I love you. I appreciate how you wanted to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, this fix threw off the muscle memory for us genji mains and you saying it was a mistake truly makes me happy. Thank you for everything you do for us.


We appreciate the reply, although can you provide any details on the thought process around this QoL change?

Genji can’t retain momentum like doom fist can with his punch, so minor camera movement during dash doesn’t provide any benefit in terms of movement…so what is this supposed to do if anything at all?

That said, its encouraging to see that the team is looking at improving genjis neutral game so thanks and good job.


Jeff Kaplan you verified beast

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Yes! So glad to hear this!! Was worried that this was intended and I’m glad they are reverting it anyways.


While the attempt to improve the fluidity of Genji is most appreciated, I feel compelled to say:

If this was an intended change, why was it not listed under any patch note?

Also a side note, the reason this change did have an adverse effect was due to the fact that momentum is not carried after the dash animation completes, which is why on a hero like Doomfist something like that would actually be incredibly useful, because momentum carries over post Rocket Punch.

A cool QoL change that would really benefit Genji would be something like altering how Genji’s hurtbox is present within Swift Strike, since Genji’s hurtbox stretches as he dashes making it far easier to hit him when the ability is intended for the opposite effect to apply. Granted I’m not sure how this could be remedied, but making it so Genji himself can’t be killed in the dash if you did not hit Genji himself would be a nice change, since dying even though I am already well past my target is a fairly bad feeling.

I am very greatful however that this was noticed quickly and is being fixed, so good on you and the dev team for doing a good job at fixing important issues.


Hello Jeff, I kindof Like this feature you have added is there anyway to just make it into a switch feature? Like give us the option to remove or leave on?


What is a ghost dash?

its where when you secure a kill, you get a reset on your dash cooldown, allowing you to dash again in the exact same frame. Its not ethical in most situations, and I barely employ it in higher up games, but its very flashy and fun to pull off

I’m a bit torn, because I do feel the QOL difference. Blades are easier because you get to look around a bit more and aren’t immediately camera-locked when you dash. But rapid/ghost-dashing more than once will be a bit messy since your camera isn’t perfectly aligned after the second dash.

Overall, my initial feelings are that the increased visibility during Blade is more useful than the rare sextuple 180 dashes in tight hallways, but I haven’t really tested the change much yet. Wonder if it can be set as a toggle like another person mentioned.


Can you also fix the hit marker BUG all hitmarkers are for some reason small as if you burning someone with ashe dynamite or Poison someone with Venom mine.This bug is really annoying please revert it


Thanks for dropping in Jeff, can you explain what the intention was with the intended change?
If it was to be able to change directions during dash, I’d appreciate it on a toggle as a Genji main that has tried and failed miserably to break the habit of dashing before completing a turn.

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If this was intended as QoL, make it a toggle, but don’t force it on us after 4 years, this change is very disorienting for anyone who was used to play Genji the way he was.
There are also a number of other issues with dash as a result of this and the previous update, rubberbanding is back (though not as severe as it was with 1.44) and the first person animation for dash does not sync with the vertical orientation of the camera (so pointing up shows less of the arms, pointing down shows more, which becomes obstructive and distracting).

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I actually really liked this change, since ghostdashes are not useful in most situations (except getting that sick highlight). Any chance we can keep this and ghostdash? Also, Genjis wallclimb consistency as well as his dash hitbox might need looking at.


I came here to see if anybody else had this problem. thank you so much jeff as this problem with genji was making me lose lots of sr.

Jeff, exactly when will you release the hotfix?

Gracias :slight_smile:

Ghost dash is basically dashing to kill a target and imidiately dashing after you confirm a kill. it can be a 180 degree dash to just get back to your team and or safety, or it can be just using it repeatedely to confirm more than one kill or to deal additional damage. its a pro’s move and although very hard to master, once you do, your genji game skyrockets.


I agree, that’s why I really hope they keep this as a toggle. Have default be the locked camera for ruler-straight ghost-dash purists, and keep the slippery camera for those of us who like being able to glance around more during Blade and nail those dash > fan combos easier due to the more forgiving camera.