Genji Is Broken

You realize the camera lock makes it easier right? Having your crosshair spazz on you at the end of your dash isn’t helpful at all.

this hotfix is going live within the hour

(we’re also fixing a bug that affected the scaling of hit markers in this hotfix)


Thank you Jeff!!!


THANK YOU JEFF!!.I really didn’t thought anyone will notice all those hitmarker complains but you listened and made them to be fixed in one day.

Any chance you could have kept that QOL change as a toggle? No one likes changes, especially to heroes they have invested so much time in, but I still would have liked to experiment with the change further.

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I know you might be inactive on this thread from now on, but it’s still worth a shot.

A while back we had confirmation that there would be a hotfix regarding the occlusion system.
It was said this would’ve been patched out in the (1.45) patch release.

Though so far people seem to encounter the exact same issues.

Is there an update on this issue?
This can seriously handicap gameplay due to players not hearing footsteps whilst they should. Not to mention that this can have a big impact on the Competitive Scene.

Was the fix pushed back a few patches, or was it forgotten?

I’ve also got a question regarding another issue.

There was a period (unknown when, but i think it lasted 1 or 2 seasons) where people would have SR gain/loss influenced by the numbers of disconnects in the match.

What do i mean with SR gain/loss influenced by leavers? (Click)

Let’s take a scenario for example:

Team A: Winning
Team B: Losing

Let’s say Team A is currently winning greatly against Team B.
One user on Team B leaves for some reason.

  • Match Ends -
    Team A gains less SR due to the leaver in Team B
    Users in Team B will lose less SR due to the leaver in their team.

This behaviour was never presented before, as far i’m aware of.

Now of course, this can be a rough guess. So it could also have been the MMR system being out of alignment.

But it seems like this stopped after a certain patch, so my guess was that it got fixed thus not related to the MMR system.

\ Nothing was mentioned in the patch notes that leavers would have impact on your SR gain/loss. Never mentioned as a new feature and never mentioned it was a bug that got fixed.

Was this a hidden test, to see how it would function?

Please please please give us this buff back. It was soooo good for tracking targets for dash combos. Ghost dashing is a flashy streamer play that’s usually wildly inconsistent, but this was a very obvious boon in executing combos. This was not a mistake Jeff, please dont screw over the rest of the Genji mains over 1 bad Genji player’s opinion…

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It only spazzes if you’re playing on a stupid high sensitivity and can’t hold your mouse still. For people that can actually aim it was insanely helpful for landing dash combos and dashing around corners. Just bc ur bad doesnt mean u need to ruin it for the rest of us.

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It’s a massive improvement for tracking for dash combos + blade what are you talking about. This QOL change on top of the fire rate is the best thing to ever happen to Genji and y’all are complaining because you dont want to learn how to use it :unamused:

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I didn’t want to say everything you just did in case of a flame war, but yes, I’m with you in that it was a good buff and that everyone’s complaints about being given more control over their character was a bit knee-jerky.

Again, I’d love for it to be a toggle, so that those who were just too disoriented can keep it locked if they want to, and those of us who liked the idea of having that extra bit of control during a dash don’t have to be screwed over.

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For real! Honestly apalled they’d just revert it that fast over 1 person’s complaint. Feels bad man

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A slight bit of rubberbanding still occurs after almost every dash. If this is somehow related to the 1.44 issue, it only affects players at 40+ ping.

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I believe there is a bit rubber banding on genji, (especially after ghost dash). build
released APRIL 15, 2020

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Another rubberbanding clip since some people argued about the connection issue icons or claimed they couldn’t see it.

I kinda liked the smaller hitmarkers… could there be an option to keep the smaller hitmarkers or maybe turn them off? The sound design already makes it very clear if you’re landing hits.

Rubberbanding still occurs after the update.

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