Genji QOL Change Revert Discussion

Ofcourse. Just like all of us (I guess?), 6 hours later after I tried it, I found that its gone :smiley:

Meanwhile poor Hanzo, they never fixed his clunky wall climb.
Storm Arrows when released, were absolutely broken, everyone saw that.
Still, it was very strange to use them for any Hanzo. Just need to get used to it.

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My hope is that we can keep this thread alive so that all of us who liked it can actually get a chance to give feedback on a LISTED change. We deserve that at least.

I know he doesnt and it has nothing to do with him. The changes are being reverted cause people complained and reported as a bug and not cause Necros said it.

I disagree with you on that because people reported it as a bug on ptr yet it made it onto the live servers yesterday. Necros said it was bad the day it launched and THEN it got axed. That feels weird to me.

I liked it and honestly I feel the same way. One player complained so they just removed it? Every single qol change should be an option in the hero settings.

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If you know any1 else who feels the same you should invite them to offer their thoughts in this thread. I feel like there are a lot more of us who liked it / at least would like to try it and considering it got removed because a FEW people didnt like it, I can’t see any reason for them not to put it on ptr as an actual listed change or make it into a toggle option. It feels unfair to be shafted like this though.

Well the QOL change was too short to say anything about it but ya there could be some uses of it but the problem is having played genji for soo long it was very difficult to get used to especially in 1 day.

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Which is exactly why they should list it on ptr or experimental card and let people actually know what it is before trying it. Of course people need to know about movement changes in their hero or they’ll be upset.

I really hate it when they do this with qol stuff. Either 10 people complain and they axe it, or they force it without a toggle option.

For example, sigmas ult targetting change. I HATE it. Yet I can’t toggle it. I’m forced to play with it.

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Maybe we can get that as an option too considering they did the ult select changes for Ana? I feel like getting a toggle for this would make that more likely.

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He said it was bad even on ptr and they still released it. Also, Jeff confirmed it was getting reverted before he complained about it in live servers. Im sorry but if you think Necros complaint have anything to do with the change being reverted u r actually delusional.

Link to jeff confirming?

they should make it a togglable setting


Thank you for correcting me on that. It still doesnt change the fact that even in that thread it’s obviously not a unanimous opinion that it’s bad at all yet they changed it with such little feedback, esp considering they snuck it in.

I never got a chance to see this in action. Can someone explain exactly what it was?

Like it sounds like you could “steer” a dash like Rein’s charge, but Genji’s dash is so fast I am not sure how that would work

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It was basically that, yeah but it’s a very small curve since it’s so fast

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I played genji literally 5 min ago in qp cause I was bored and honestly forgot he got buffed. Not gonna lie he feels the same, other than the new combo he can do.

Well the dash turn change was reverted 16hours ago so of course it feels the same :sweat_smile:

Oh really my bad I didn’t know that was a thing

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