Genji Swift Strike Rubberbanding

Upon attempting to rapidly use Genji’s swift strike for techniques like ghost dash the second dash will greatly rubberband the player. It’s highly disorienting.


This has been happening since, hasn’t been addressed with
Reported the issue here Genji Swift Strike rubberbanding has returned with 1.47, here -April 6 Bug Fixes Resurfaced, and here - Genji Is Broken, sadly to no avail, it still hasn’t been acknowledged.


Least we got the big one fixed, guess we’re gonna have a load of silence and have to stay with a buggy dash for a while.


I’m getting the same issue with Moira fade, like my ping is the same as it usually is but it’ll go all weird… when I go to fade. It feels like the old Moira fade is back there there is a slight delay when she completely fades