DPS Q times are the reason the game is dying, lets face it

Weird, I predicted this 5 minutes after the Dev update announcing it came out:

Would it be weird, that someone from fired workers sabotaged matchmaking on their way out? With how complex it is, it would take a while to notice, let alone to fix.

As long as their is open queue, this statement seems a little disingenuous. People either like are hate role queue. People who like it don’t mind queue times… People who don’t hate queue times.

Me personally if they really wanted to fix role queue should of just let you force a 2-2-2 once in game not before game only problem would be dps insta lock. The perk doing it this way though would allow a change up via player skill set if a player wishes to swap rolls with another player to better assist the team.

DPS queue times are a 100% player created problem. IF you want to be part of the solution then queue flex.

I mean you get prio passes and the queue times are sub 3 minutes at most ranks (I cannot speak to where they are at all ranks, only where they are for most ranks).

The playstyle Tanks have isn’t fun enough.
That’s a dev created problem.

Designing the game around a playerbase with preferences they don’t actually have.


I tank and I heal, I like it

The trick is devs need to convert a sizable portion of DPS players, to become Tank players.

Even if that means giving up on RPG ideals about designing shooter game characters.

Or giving up on the “ideal” of balancing to prevent 3-4 Tanks on a team, in 2-2-2.

There is a thing called “Game Design” that is supposed to deal with player-created problems, either by discouraging them, or adjusting it in a way where it is not an issue anymore.

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Problem is, DPS-friendly tanks usually are awful for teammates, due to lack of protection for their team.

Well if they did go that route, they’d need to solve the issues that arise with “zero barrier”.

OW2 PVP, Low Barrier problems

Wonder how, when maps are designed with barriers in mind.

There is also another catch - with lack of protection tanks would have trouble keeping their supports alive, but without supports they end up dead - not encouragement you need for tank role.

Try speaking in facts instead of opinions

  • Sniper spam = downed players can crawl to cover, are very durable, everybody can Rez
  • Bionade = Needs directhit to antiheal
  • TankUltChargeFeeding = 1/3rd the amount to enemies/healers, + faster passive Ult for healers
  • Random poke damage = Healer passive
  • EarthShatter = Tanks can bodyblock piercing attacks (Which also solves the firestrike/railgun spam)
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DPS killed this game by there inability to get kills so they then complained they needed buffs to kill tanks when in reality there they were the problem, what did Blizzard do they went with the most toxic group & nerf tanks & supports


Well since the majority of players are dps blizzard said they would make the game suit them more, I think they used the ice cream flavor analogy.

There’s not much to it, really. Nobody wants to play tanks. Not because of <insert balance change here> either, nobody’s ever wanted to play tanks.

It’s a supply and demand issue. Blizzard either needs to reduce demand by gearing towards 1 or 0 tanks as a viable/optimal composition, or increase supply by making tanking less boring. They appear to be taking the latter approach in OW2.

Alternatively, they could just make DPS less fun to play, but that’s kind of stupid.

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More like devs saw DoubleBarrier and WannabeGOATs comps, and thought “We need to nerf those at medium range”.

When the real problem was at close range. Primarily Brig,Mei, ImmoField, Accretion and that crazy knockbacks buff they did in 2019.

But yeah, Hanzo having a “destroy a Tank” button, didn’t help.


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Play tank or Support.

People wanted to play tanks, but got pushed away. Updates did great disservice to the tank role - doubt anyone who reads patchnotes(that often contained plenty of tank nerfs) would think “must be great role to play”.

Players want their heroes to be better over time, or at least remain on same level. Nerfs drive players away from heroes, especially if they have a pattern.

Yes, such players were a minority, compared to large DPS playerbase, but throwing them out not only robs community of players - it raises suspicion and distrust among potential tank players.