DPS Q times are the reason the game is dying, lets face it

If we are entering low TTK times, then it’s Mercy/Baptiste all day long - only they got necessary abilities to save fragile DPS or revive them later. Both also have damage boosting abilities, to make low TTK times even lower.


It’s almost like damage is too high in this game… oh well that’s fine, we will just lose more support and tank players so the hitscan mains can get cool epic clips for YouTube


No such thing as “overkill” when it comes to FPS - blast your enemies into atoms.

I don’t get the mentality though… yes Overwatch is an FPS but there is more to the game than kills. Seems not many people value the game for what its truly worth… Overwatch is supposed to be a unique experience.

Seeing Orisa in the state she’s in is just upsetting in my opinion. But no McCree is fine just leave him be. I don’t like it

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All of that “more” isn’t important, as viewers want to see players dropping left and right, killstreaks and action.

Then why on earth did they pick Overwatch

Genuine question

Because company-that-shall-not-be-named wanted to create e-sport.


Its upsetting to see such a unique game get watered down to some typical shooter because of a cash grab

What a waste

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Buffing dps consistently to the max whilst nerfing tanks and supports to the point where they start to loose their identities is why dps q times are so high and the game is on a slow decline.

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I really cant see Bliz doing that - picking hardcore players and rejecting the new/established playerbase is just saying “we want to make less money”.

True, they are with Activision now…

The established player base doesn’t matter. They have your money. It’s all about the new player base. Which is why there is such a focus on PVE with OW2 and they are in talks about going free to play. The current business model isn’t profitable.

I lolled. Robot, did you Lol at this?

They wanted to not throw all the work they did on a previous unreleased game to waste.

At first, yes. But later on, they got that idea of making it a e-sport, and we know how it went.

Usually, what is most “impactful” isn’t very exciting or interesting, but get the job done.

Eg, the most effective way to fight off diseases is daily hygiene habits, but everyone prefer to highlight the new drug that “cures” it. Which, for day-to-day stuff is usually ok. You make people acquire new habits and that benefit compound over time.

But games are different. Unless you are a professional player/streamer, we don’t play games to fall into a daily habit of doing boring stuff that need to be done. We play to distract our minds of real life stuff, and to have some fun.

Tanks may still be impactful as heck because the game revolves about taking and protecting objectives, and tanks are the best heroes to perform this job. But since they started the tank patches, we are feeling less and less like the big bear parent that protect everyone. That is pushing away the kind of players that have the mindset that would work better on a tank.

So now Blizzard is trying to attract players with a DPS mindset into the tank role, and they will not do so without some kind of bribe because they don’t want to protect others, and tanks lack tools that allow them to secure kill as efficiently as DPS.

Blizzard solution is pushing even further down this line, with the Brawler reimagination they announced for OW2 that will hit all tanks. I can’t see that working long-term, but we might have other changes in the game to support that. Some people are speculating changes to the game format from 6v6 to 5v5 with solo tank. We need to wait the release to see what is coming.

Myself, I only hope they let us be the unstoppable immortal juggernaut we want to be in PvE with the right talents.

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Just select priority pass below damage icon and the queue is typically less than 3 minutes.

One cannot simply “Fix” a Queue.

Line 1: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Line 2: ||||||||||||||||||||
Line 3: |

Only 2 from each line can get on the roller coaster at a time… Which line do you pick when you’re the newcomer?


You put more seats on the popular rollercoaster. You make more of that rollercoaster to meet demand.

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yeah… its no that we only have a trash small pool for tanks and healers, no content, worse matchamking in the world, most amount of cheaters, SR has not been reset in 5 years, smurfs, bots, false reporting being false banned and not having customer service to claim it, being censored and not being able to complain about actibli$$ard decisions cause you will be banned for several days, several layouts but the chief getting 200 millions for himself as a bonus etc etc

dps ques am i right