DPS Q times are the reason the game is dying, lets face it

DPS Q times are the reason the game is dying, lets face it.


Well yeah. Problem is that everyone queues Damage. Maybe if less people did that, and started playing Support and especially Tank, things wouldn’t be so bad…


We also have gone a year without a new hero and two years without a QP/comp map


Tank is boring af. Everyone knows it. I play support all the tiemm.


Because role selection before the match is stupid and ruins the entire point of the game.


I agree, who the hell wants to spend like 10-20 mins in a queue when you can go play games like TF2/Paladins and get into a match pretty much immediately lol

As much as I know people don’t care about DPS… I feel so bad for them.

Like they even did that whole ticket thing… and the tickets last SO long cause most ppl ain’t gonna play 40 games in 1 day lol so

these tickets are junk now becuse everyone has these tickets lol, one of the worst systems ever.

I enjoy support, I’m just glad my role doesn’t have as long waiting time as DPS.


The ticket thing is nice for people to farm a bunch of them. I dont have that kind of time. I want to play a few games a day and don’t want to wait 10 minutes for a game thats going to last 15 minutes give or take.

Awful ratio. I’d be ok with a wait for a game like CSGO where the match lasts a lot longer so the wait time is worht it.

I personally love playing Tank

And I’m not directing what I said at you in particular, it’s just a community issue


The problem is most people in every game like to play DPS, nobody wants to be the healers/tank they wanna be the one that does all the killing etc.

Even in nonFPS games queue times for DPS are so much longer than any other role, for example WoW people wait like 20 minutes for DPS Dungeon queue and like 1hr+ for Raid lol AND RAIDS HAVE like TONS of DPS… and only like 2 tanks lol


Yeah I know why Damage is the most popular. But I think the community shouldn’t whine so much if they also don’t play more than Damage.


Make tank fun to play
have more tanks and supports in the game
because currently tank is not fun to play and over 50% of the hero roster is on DPS
I am not saying it has to be a 33% split but it shouldn’t be as it is now


Let’s be 100% honest, this is the real reason. We have had role queue for over a year. The dps mains sticking around love the queue times. Maybe they didn’t at first, but its pretty clear they are into it now.

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I’m sitting on 34 passes and can’t use them because my DPS queue times are to low. Maybe lots of people have you on avoid?


I do not use passes.

Who does it negatively impact though?
Tank and most of the time Support players get much faster queues as a result, the only thing this is having a negative impact on is DPS players and if DPS players quit then the Q time for DPS will decrease so I don’t really see how this is the issue


You haven’t offered a solution. What makes tanking fun to play?

Yeah that is going to happen when the majority of the roster of the game are shoved into one role. Not only that but there is a bunch of different play styles with in the role which will attract more people to the role.

The three roles are going fishing for players to play. Tanks and Healers are using bait and a pole. Meanwhile DPS are using a net.


The ticket system would be fine if the upper limit on them could not be past 5,and it would only grant 1 if you won in flex que.
As long as the system gives out tickets left and right, it wont have any effect. If everyone has tickets,no one has.

It is simple as that,and it was simple as that even when they announced the system. It can be fixed,like i mentioned above but they could also change it so the player can select how many tickets they want to spend. That would grant him/her an almost instant que and would take out more tickets from the system at once.


If you think it’s a “community issue” and not a design/balance issue than idk what to tell you. This is entirely on Blizzard’s development of the game thus far.


Being overpowered, but they are nerfed to a balanced state now, or close to it. Which begs the question… Why play them?