Crossplay update soft region locked everyone

Have you read my post? The one about anti virus might have control over your firewalls and not Windows, and what DreadPirate wrote? If not, then you should go through them all.
It worked for me and I am playing in Americas, NA

IP addresses of networks, / autonomous systems are not a secret, the Internet only works because this information is public. Here’s a list for AS57976

Thanks for the tip I guess from now on so am I !
I actually get better US servers with better ping than what blizzard use to give me lol…
It’s ironic others are doing their job better than them and charging us for it.

exitlag worked for me but it costs $

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i can not express how much i hate this change please just allow us to choose our preferred region blizzard i dont mind getting matched with other regions so long as i can be matched with my preferred region despite the ping

6/25 Update

We’ve made another change that should further reduce the possibility of getting into a match in a far away datacenter. Please continue to report these issues so we can identify any further changes we can make to improve datacenter selection.


So no plans to let us switch datacenters in the near future? This is especially important when playing late at night / early morning. There’s no reason to wait 15mins in q only to then expand the parameters and only then be put in the current active server when you could have chosen it yourself from the start.


So… just radio silence then on the fact that players dislike this? Do you guys not care that players just want to be able to pick?


What about Oceania, where there are no players in high elo or in the early morning? I want the ability to find matches in NA when necessary, but I can’t without using a VPN.


The classic Blizzard way.

“Fixing problems players don’t have with solutions players don’t want.”

WoW does it all the time.


Yes, I’d like to report an issue where we used to be able to select our regions before launching the game, and only got placed in those regions. Now it seems to be gone, and the only workaround is to block unwanted datacenter IPs, or pay a third party company to use a VPN.

Y’know…Like how literally everyone else in this thread has complained about? Can’t you guys just roll back this change and let us WILLINGLY sit through a longer queue if it means we get connected to the data center that we want to be connected to? Since this has literally been a feature since launch (even if previously you had to load the bnet app in the region you wanted to play in, prior to allowing us to change the region regardless of what bnet was launched in)?


Jeez please let me play on NA again in the early morning EU. this is so much not fun right now.


Can we get an ETA when the region picker will mean anything again?

You have no idea how much of a worse experience this game is now outside of normal hours for a region.


As a european living in east-asia I enjoyed playing on Americas. The ping was not bad and I could actually communicate with others in a game which relies on communication, Imagine that! Now I have to deal with chat being all Korean toxic mumbo jumbo every time I try to communicate.

Thanks for ruining the game experience blizzard.
You really need more silly decisions like this to keep players away from all your games.

Joke of a company, a shame to what you once were.


Just make a ‘global battlenet’ an OPTION for people who suffer longer queue times and DON’T want to be in them.

Don’t make overwatch about quantity over quality, I’d rather wait for a match and have a nice, communicative, fair experience.


I agree. The Korean servers are full of EZ and concept and carry and it’s just not fun. Everyone blaming everyone and no one working together. Not being able to play in NA where people usually big up each other sucks. Please bring back the option. Game plays fine at 100ping.


continues to ignore all the people who want to reconnect to the server we’ve played for years!

Absolutely disgusting.

Doubt he’s gonna reply on the topic y’all he’s 100% avoided anything related to picking data servers. They clearly have no intentions of ever letting us switch data centres again. Otherwise we’d have been kept in the loop and updated and told “not to worry, we have an upcoming feature” but no… we’ve been kept in the dark and treated like we’re not worth their time.



I can tell instantly when I end up on the middle east server, playing from northern europe.

I get insane amounts of rubber banding, shots not hitting and so forth. I’ve lost pretty much every game on there so far because I just can’t play.


they’re ignoring us, they’re probably only replying to this thread in the first place because one of the gaming news websites used this thread in one of their articles about global regions.


What website was that? Can you please link it here? Thanks.