Do you think your average day to day Karen can beat Blizzard with their legal team? No but really now, do you really think people will waste all this money on lawyers and papers just to be demolished by blizzard. And again, we dont know what they signed with BCRF. This is just speculation

It wasnt a reward you bought the skin. The proceeds went to charity.

Omg this is over a skin which i coukdnt care about. Just do some research into false advertising

you obviously care about it very much.

If the corporation in question has done an illegal act and you have a large enough group, probably

I can’t duplicate stupid ~WildPants

Yes. Because theres a thousands who bought it and u sound childish.

If it wasnt legally binding. Bring it back i dont care

Not understanding you. Bliz made the skin, and donated the money as they saw fit. Pretty sure they still own the skin, so they’re perfectly within their right if they wanted to release it in game however they see fit.

it looks very fake though

Lol ok, you are the one crying “BUT MUH SKIN :rage::sob:” so idk what to say here

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Here, the original Announcement of the Skin, find me where they said “Never to be Re-issued again” in it. “Limited time” does not mean one and done.

https : /

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For anyone who can translate:

I found the video that goes into detail about it but I cannot translate so here it is.

read small print

They made this mistake with blizz sombra and people wernt happy. Bought a ticket thinking it was exclusive to have it released later

Knowing the outrage of the mistake they then did the sym and genji skin but this time in small print that u wouldnt be able to attain it again.

So its a big deal if they get it wrong

all sales of this limited-time legendary skin will benefit BCRF and their mission to end breast cancer.

So, if you got the Skin in a loobox, all Money from buying lootboxes goes to the BCRF. I can live whit that. :joy:


limited-time legendary skin

limited-edition Pink Mercy

available for a limited time


Available only during this event

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blizzard still owns the skin. they donated to bcrf, 2 years have gone since it launched. if they want to do another run they can. stop being such a baby.

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That doesn’t stop them from doing a second charity event tho

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Um did you even read the entire page, because I did, and no where, no fine print did the “legally binding”, “Never to be re-issued”, I read the whole thing before using it as proof to debunk your “legally can’t” claim.


I know. As i said multiple times, if its a charity event, I’m fine with it. As the op of the topic we are currently discussing posted, its in an average anniversary lootbox.

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Limited Time does not mean 1 and done. Halloween Terror is a “limited time”, Anniversary event is “limited time”, Archives are “limited time”, as long as they use the Breast Cancer research Fundraiser, the can legally re-issue the skin.


And I know you’re not against the Re-issue, if it’s under the same original method, unless I misread your posts.

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And so forth

You did not, i am fine with a second charity event

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