Oh boy, here comes the arguments…


IF this is real, this is kind of scummy. The people who got the skin initially were donating to charity to get it, while now the only charity you’re donating to is a ceos pocket

I should also point out that on their website, its listed as LIMITED time

I can’t duplicate stupid ~WildPants


Didnt someome just tell you this FAKE in another topic? Explaining why too?

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It could be like many other things that have been exclusive with Blizzard games in the past where it was not available in all countries and then they released later for those countries to get it.

Bad taste more like esp when its a charity involved- whole different ball game

No i wont believe blizzard would even consider. Its just low. Id be shocked


I’m calling BS on this until I actually see it happen. I’m all for bringing it back to raise money for the cause but to shove it in a random loot box? That there is all kinds of slimy, even by EA’s standards.


I 100% believe that if this becomes reality, it was an activision move

I can’t duplicate stupid ~WildPants


? This is my first post of the day, perhaps you’re confusing me with someone else. There are multiple ppl on the forums w/ the name Mercy (i actually want to change it tbh)

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Aww my bad. Than it was another Mercy :slight_smile:

It just cant happen. Woukd the charity even give it the green light?

I understand people missed out - sorry

But when it comes to charity… and money. Legally? No just no.

Id be disgusted tbh. I feel so strongly about this. Ive known people with breast cancer and its so much more than a skin… it just. Wont believe it


To be honest this seems like its unfortunately a grey area in the legal system. But it IS false advertising so there is that string tied

I can’t duplicate stupid ~WildPants


How many threads needs to be made this exact same thing? Why not make it a mega thread instead of flooding the forums with the same topic which have been posted countless of times already…

Exclusive skins aint coming back…

This leak/rumor is fake & clickbait for people who takes everything seriously. I dont get why it’s so hard to understand about that.


How do you tell if it’s fake tho?

Im not against skins coming back. Bring back all the owl skins np.

This skin in particular is a no.


Why is everyone so panicked about this? Pink Mercy will not come back, dont worry

Because I can.

And im gonna give :clown_face: for everyone who thinks this is real.

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I think it’s fine. I think all “purchasable” skins that were limited should periodically resurface. I mean there are plenty of people who started after some of these skins were available. There is one and only one skin that should never again see the light of day, Noire Widowmaker. Noire was the Enticement skin to pre-order the game.

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Because i dont think people get the message behind the skin and the event. It was such an amazing thing for out community to do.

Now they just look at it as a skin they havnt got. It was so much more than that. Again ive known people who have had breast cancer and friends whose mums have passed

I just wish they would just stop making threads about it


I know you can but can u tell me what to look at so that I can see that it’s fake too