And this alleged leak might be real, again based on what I can tell from the poor image quality, I am not personally convinced. There have been dozens of publicity tweets like this (some that I will report to Blizzard if the tweet is made up to where it looks too official where change profile icon and name as well). In the end, one day we may get it. Jeff Kaplan himself has said “never say never” to new features and content for Overwatch.


It’s a screenshot from an apparently youtube video.

If it comes from a lootbox I’m going to be pretty annoyed as it was supposed to be a charity skin.

If it’s coming back it better be for Charity again.


Its obviously fake, no one opens a lootbox and doesn’t get a single common item.

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Agreed. Like I’m all for it coming back but if it comes back for credits I will be utterly infuriated. Then again, I’d feel more special because I actually donated.

Itd be nice if the pink mercy skin you got out of a box had the blizzard icon next to it instead of the BCF logo next to it, that way players who donated can show that to everyone.


I don’t think that Legacy skins should be made available again. Maybe they can re-release them with variations on it so newer players can enjoy them

This… this wouldn’t make me too mad, but I can understand Blizzcon attendees would be upset

You listed all skins except for the one I want to come back… Demon Hunter Sombra.

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Hell, bring that one back too why not. If pink is coming out of the vault all of em should come out with it

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If they make this one free and not all exclusive skins, they will have a huge sh1t show lmao

i’d like to see pink mercy make a return with another charity skin. i already stated somewhere else that i’d happily pay 45 bucks for both skins (15 for the new one, 30 for pink mercy)
as long as the money goes to charity of course. i wouldn’t even necessarily make the new skin for the bcrf, just for another charity and the pink mercy skin being more expensive to collect more funds for the bcrf. makes sense in my opinion, considering many people already have the skin and they wouldn’t raise as much money if they kept it at 15 bucks.

honestly, im all for the mercy skin as long as you still donate when buying it. if not, then it defeats the entire point of the skin.

also, if lets say blizzard would be bringing pink mercy back WITH and ONLY donations, people who disagree on that are the scummiest people ever - they dont want to raise money for fundations just because thEy hAVe a One TimE tHInG sKin aNd it wAs LimiTed edItiOn. ew, people like that disgust me.

The leak suggests that it would be available in loot boxes as a “mythical” skin which is bs if u ask me

It’s fake, the leak isn’t real

We’ll see about that tomorrow, and im saying that as someone who owns pink mercy

it’s fake, it’s not coming back

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Yeah, we’ll see. I say it’s real (and i already own pink mercy)

Dude, lets be real.
Do you seriously think they will put a limited exclusive, breast cancer CHARITY skin, in a LOOTBOX???
Exactly. It’s extremely dumb.

However, I said it before and I said it again. we are dealing with AcTiVi$sIOn bLiZzARD, So don’t be surprised at the depth of their scumbaggery. As jeff said himself “Never say never :slight_smile:

I mean, the fact that echo even exists in the game right now speaks for itself.


Yeah i wouldn’t put it past them

It’s not coming back, it’s never coming back. The “leak” looks really fake

For the third time, we will see tomorrow