Can we just Stop this


As soon as anyone makes a post about Mercy, or even slightly related to mercy, all yall take offense to it like it’s a personal attack. Then when we come onto pro-mercy threads, we’re silenced and told that since we don’t play her, we can’t make opinions about her.

It goes both ways. My most recent topic I made was about the gatekeeping Mercy seems to do. You and other Mercys have come on that topic and turned it into a Mercy balance / hate sprinkles discussion. Neither of which were on topic or productive.

They’re still on the post right now doing atleast 1 of those things.

Any post that has “Mercy” in it or is related to mercy in any way (directly or not), gets flooded by Mercy mains.

This is why anyone would be a jerk or rude to Mercy mains. They have the stigma of the Vermentide or the End Times. By sigmar we can’t let this happen.

Also, language.


IF we are gonna lock res behind an ult why don’t we just make the ult resurrect? /shrug


Gatekeeping right here.

Non productive.


The issue is they only find her fun if broken. And the rest don’t want her broken. She is fun and balanced currently.


That’s such an elaborate examination. I never would have guessed that posts that concerned Mercy… would attract those who play her. Wow. I’ll have to remember this absolute wonderous piece of knowledge, thank you.


I mean isn’t it true that if you play her, you have the best knowledge about her? That’s just common sense, and the same for every hero.

Ah, yes. Countering your logic = we just hate Sprinkles. If you can’t handle backlash don’t make targetted posts that make fun of specific playerbases. That simple dude.

Wonder why that is. Maybe because we play Mercy? Jesus I don’t get this logic

Thanks Captain America


Man. This is what I’m talking about right here.

Say “mercy” once and they come flocking with sarcasm or just general rudeness.

The stigma has to come from somewhere.


maybe but its kinda great to see people saying she’s fun a,d not chosing her to play because obviously they dont think she’s fun,or else they would play her


Lots of Mercys on the forums have associated fun = power/stomping all over the enemy team.

So when she gets nerfed, she’s “no longer fun” but her playstyle hasn’t changed a bit.


Actually, you came to a thread that was talking about stopping toxicity (the very kind you have shown to display numerous times, not to mention your very prevalent victim complex and hypocrisy), to then proceed to be toxic… to those saying they want it to stop… That is a very low platform you have placed yourself on.

Also, we did not flock to you. You, Came to us.


We were saying she wasn’t fun even back when people like you were whining all the time about how OP she was. That completely destroys this argument.

Get a new argument, please. It’s honestly sad seeing this so often when it’s so wrong.


That’s not even correct.

2.0 has been unfun from its inception we had much more fun with underpowered mercy then this op mess.

Also this is neonlights thread.


All your threads are unproductive.

This is gatekeeping, done by yours truly you.

I’m gonna reply to your coming here with your own quote:

Now if you could kindly stop being rude because I think 90% of the forums now know you are one of the biggest examples of hypocrisy. Thanks.


Thanks, dad. Edited it.


this is a strawman as many mercy mains want her as old mercy where she was provably weaker then current mercy,but had more fun, had an ult that mattered.

Mercy 2.0 was ONLY fun because it was powerful yes,which is now sucked out of it
but old mercy was fun while being weak

Mei is weak and they have buffed her several times now, i have been playing her since the beginning

Mei is FUN,her kit flows well and has potential gamemaking plays

mercy is dull
She is solid and strong,but her kit doesnt flow well and she does nothing special or gamemaking


But… Did you not call Mercy mains “cultists” not too long ago? I don’t understand why you feel like your toxic actions are justified but immediately call out everyone else’s as wrong. Seems to be an equally bad thing to do on the forums in my opinion.

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


K. Can you guys start suggesting changes to make Mercy “fun” that don’t involve making Rez stronger?


Here’s the thing:

There is a such thing as compromise. Nothing has to be 100% on either side. There is a way to work Mercy as being fun without risking viability of other supports.

If we could stop the finger-pointing and stop trying to demonize a group of people, we could unite in a consensus on what we felt would work. There are ways.

Remove rez, replace with a cleanse or burst heal. Limit rez to Valkyrie and give her an unique E outside of valk. Rework Valk to be a powerful single target ult, which is more involved than chain aoe heals-- which fits her niche as a single target main healer.

take your pick.


We have, numerous times. Including old, troll pick mass rez. I know you have read them, so why do you keep saying this?


Meanwhile, we’re discussing the topic of toxicity, not me. If we want to do that, I can show how OP comes in and does what you claim I’m doing. Don’t wanna go down that route do we?

If I’m toxic, report me. Report everything I do if you feel it’s toxic. Moderation already has seen one of the other posts I’ve made and already determined it was false flagged.

Tell that to my last few posts that, within 10 minutes of being posted, were already derailed. Literally made a post yesterday and within seconds Mercys were there talking about me rather than the topic. Made another one talking about gatekeeping and Mercys took that and made it a balance discussion or a “hate on sprinkles” discussion. Neither of which addressed the main issue and most of these comments only proved the point non-Mercy’s have. They proved the stigma against Mercy mains to be true. The stereo type was proven.

Post about toxicity but yet here we are talking about Mercy’s balance.

Un believable


What really needs to stop is assuming everyone who disagrees with you doesn’t play Mercy.