Can a dev clarify QPC Achieves?

QPC achieves…did they get added?..unconfirmed reports and its not in patch notes

also when is MH getting some love?? been 3 years…

Yes im totally taking advantage of the fact that jeff is on forums :stuck_out_tongue:


yes. confirmed. achievements can now be earned in quick play classic.

it was an oversight that it did not get listed in the patch notes


I don’t mean to be rude, but that hurts my ocd in more ways than one



Thank you Jeff!!!

Agreed. I noticed it right away and it doesn’t seem very professional.

Jeff my man !! Thank you !!! :smiley:

you must be fun at parties

and yes ,i intentionally have not used correct punctuation just to trigger you


I hot a Widowmaker trick shot in QPC a few months ago and was disappointed I didn’t get the achievement. Glad to see this fixed.

Speaking of quickplay classic, it did not count the hours played on heroes, and did not add that to your total playtime last time I checked

I even had a console player show me a screenshot of QPC in the career profile menu, and I showed him a screenshot from PC where it’s nowhere in the career menu

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I’m so freaking pumped…! Since role lock day one so many people wanted this !! I am estatic ! Does any body know if it’s up now .?

Achievements for classic? You want to see your gengi 3 blade is classic mode?

If you were true fan boy you would have it in beta?

Can no hero limits get this same treatment? Plenty of people rocking achievements from back when that mode was the only way to play.

wow your, pretty cool ryan .


than!k you so muc!h Wabba you are two kind too me .


Are yall serious right now? Jeff is probably busy AF and typed as fast as he could :joy:

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who on earth even uses caps on forums anyways

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Oh, we all know who… it’s those meddling squares. :blue_square:

Oh this is awesome news! Always nice to be able to casually achievement hunt to break up the game time!

Jeff: thanks for doing this, it’s a big plus for those of us who prefer the freedom of role-less queue, and resolves one of the multiple differences between pre222 qp and qp classic. It is GREATLY appreciated

Baja: thanks for starting this topic