Bring back BCRF charity event in Overwatch 2

Obviously people really like the skin/event for multiple reasons and would be really happy if it returned which is why many people still talk about it.
It’s a compliment to Blizzard that so many people liked the thought behind the skin and that it’s a really great one in many peoples opinion.

You can both like the event and at the same time like the skin. I’m not fan of FOMO and I personally would just be happy if more people had a chance to get skins they’ve previously missed out on. It’s a win win situation for everyone. This comes from someone who owns almost every single OW1 skin myself.


Provide the link or the evidence please, if I remember BCRF stated that the company would more than be happy to partner up with Blizzard again and do another charity event.

Just like I stated above, I am going to state here. Plans do changes, whereas some plans otherwise do not. Until then asking for a new charity event for a new hero is welcome, it could open the opportunity for Blizzard to have an anniversary or some sort and get permission from BCRF to release Pink Mercy skin.

Of course, asking for both is welcoming, but just as you stated that you and many others believe that one day it would return, I and many others think otherwise. All is just assumptions and speculations on both parties and both ends. Until the day that the Devs, even though those who work/ have a close relationship to the devs to relate the messages to the community have stated otherwise, it would be refreshing to put all the positive energy and effort into having Blizzard sponsor a new charity event, until we get the confirmation that Pink Mercy will make a return.

I already have the skin, therefore, I do not really have an issue if the devs release Pink Mercy for those who joined OW2 or miss the opportunity to obtain the skin or if the devs just do not decide that Pink Mercy has no plan on returning ever again. If that is the case and if people only want the skin, since the website of BCRF is up and people can always donate whenever he or she may desire, a similar skin of Pink Mercy can be created for Mercy to appease those who want a Pink Mercy Skin.

I get regularly attacked in posts that have nothing to do with charity or Pink Mercy, and as such, I dont see this as being true

In any case, the two (the skin and the charity) are inextricably linked. Any discussion of the one will include the other

If we are being real - one can wish to help the charity and want the skin

the two are not mutually exclusive

so no, that isnt “all it is”

Its already been provided in this thread


TBH im all for bringing it back. not for the skin per se.

Today, I just played as a musician for another funeral, for a person that passed away from Cancer. AGAIN.

having this event again, can help RAISE money and bring AWARENESS, I am all for it. I literally played for a packed building for a large group of people that attended the funeral and tbh it would be a good thing to do this in Overwatch again.


The link that was provided stated that, and I quote

" Thank you so much for reaching out. We are so grateful to receive your kind words and love for the BCRF + Blizzard partnership. BCRF continues to be in contact with our wonderful partners at Overwatch. We encourage you to continue sharing your love for Pink Mercy on social media so the Blizzard team knows how much this program means to the community. While the program is no longer active, there are several ways you can continue to support BCRF through direct gifts to our cause at or through gaming fundraising to learn more, we encourage you to visit and stay up to date with updates from our partners, we invite you to sign up for the BCRF newsletter, linked at the bottom of the page of" -Lexie

Based on what was provided via through the Twitter screenshots, nothing was indicated nor stated that BCRF wants this offer to return, however, BCRF stated the company continues to be in contact with our wonderful partnership at Overwatch.

It was also stated that there are several ways to continue to support BCRF through direct gifts on the website and check the website for any updates from our partners.

Like it was stated that

To make it known, I am all for bringing back the charity event, it would be a great endorsement for Blizzard, while also being a beyond great opportunity to raise awareness for the cause of cancer. People can still donate with or without the skin attached. If individuals want the skin, then a similar skin can and will be made to appease that party. However, a new charity event can and will be just as rewarding, as things and plans do in fact change, while sometimes some plans do not, in fact, change, so until then we as a community could settle for a new charity event until further notice on the Pink Mercy situation even though it was stated that it is no longer available by the BCRF and that the devs have no plans on bringing back the Pink Mercy skin or icons, by those who work closely to the overwatch development team.

You forgot one extremely important thing. Activision makes no money off of this charity event. Therefore they will never do it again

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i did it for the boobies

I don’t doubt that, I’m just saying that most of the mercy players wanting for this event to come back nowadays just want the event to come back for the skin, they don’t really “care” about the event itself and I doubt most of the players wanting all of this to come back would donate if the event did come back but without the skin

Your experience with other topics in the past is irrelevant to this exact situation.

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lower taxes is a reduction in expense, and ergo a money gain

I disagree.

It was being stated that if talk of charity is curtailed, there would be fewer attacks. I and many others are attacked in many threads where charity never comes up as part of the topic

Said another way, attacks occur regardless of whether charity is mentioned

First, there’s no way to legitimately make such a statement, given that no foum member, yourself included, knows the people who wish to make the purchase and ergo cant speak with any certainty about what their motivations are

Second, the buyers motivations are irrelevant, because the dollars from the purchase spend the same for cancer research whether the buyer is an alleged sinner or an alleged saint

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However, BCRF has stated that there are several ways you can continue to support BCRF through direct gifts to our case which is at or through gaming fundraising.

If one just wants the skin, then again a similar skin with minor changes can be made and available solely for the shop. If one wants to donate, then the opportunity to donate is available on the website 24/7. However, if one wants both, which there is nothing wrong with the concept of doing a good deed and being rewarded for it, then a new charity event should be just as welcoming if not even more, until further notice on whether if the Pink Mercy will make a return or not, even though both parties informed the community that it is no longer accessible.

I use this example a lot and I will use it here, the likelihood of Pink Mercy making a return is almost the same likelihood that Mercy will get Mass Ressurection again as her ultimate. There is still hope, but the chance is slim to none.

Sigh…i dont know how to tell you this, but activision doesnt pay any taxes. In fact the us gov gave them money the last few years. The richest in america never pay any taxes thats how the system is set up. All the burden is on the poor and middle classes. So yeah zero incentive

the reason taxes are minimized is in part due to charitable donations

so again, yes, reduction in taxes is a montary gain

this aside from the PR boost Blizzard got with Pink Mercy, which has its value as well

no one should be banned for merely wishing to legitimately purchase a legitimate item

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Oh wow if you’re serious then you’re actually a terrible person. If you’re trolling you’re still a terrible person. Go touch some grass

I know of no aspect of wanting this skin that makes those wanting to purchase it “Pervs”

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They do. It’s either:

  1. Make a thread only asking about Pink Mercy skin
  2. Make a thread asking the charity to return, along with the skin

You can’t win with online NPCs.


‘‘Bring back charity with mercy pink skin!’’
‘‘How about we bring charity back with a new one that no one has, to increase chances of collecting more donations?’’
‘‘NONONO, It has to be pink mercy, or new one plus pink mercy, but pink mercy because charity…’’

More like ChatGPT, when its forced by a programmer, to defend an argument that doesnt make any sense…


No one’s said it ‘has’ to be pink mercy. But pink mercy DID make 12 million dollars for charity. So why shouldn’t it come back alongside a new one for those who already have pink mercy?

Half these arguments against pink mercy just sound like ‘pls don’t make money for charity off of existing content’ to me.


Because there is something very icky about reselling an old charity skin that people are only buying for the skin itself and not the charity.

If they do a new charity event, it should be a new skin entirely but even then if you want to support the charity so much how about you donate to BCR yourself since you don’t need a skin to do that. :smiley:

Yeah, most people feel uncomfortable with reselling an old charity cosmetic because the people demanding its return give zero sugars about the charity itself.

There’s also an inherent laziness and lack of innovation in reselling old cosmetics and slapping a “it’s for charity!” label on it that I don’t think any self respecting charity should associate itself with.