Bring back BCRF charity event in Overwatch 2

‘most people’ actually don’t care what the people who give to charity think when they’re giving the money, because it’s charity.

If I held an event where you can throw water balloons at Biden if you donate 20$ to a cancer charity. There are going to be a lot of people who just want to throw stuff at biden and don’t give a damn where the money goes.

That’s the point of chairty events. You get people who normally wouldn’t give to give through incentive.

Your ‘icky feelings’ shouldn’t get in the way of people trying to make money for a good cause.

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I’m not disputing your point about incentives. Im saying that whole argument is redundant when you’re advocating for the return of an old cosmetic associated with an old charity event that has already made the most money it will ever make.

At the very least, the original was grounded in a “good cause” and nothing about the whole event sidelined that aspect. Choosing to resell the same old skin solely because a bunch of entitled mercy mains feel as though they can’t donate to charity without a skin is what gives me the ick.

If “making money” is the goal here, none of us should be talking about reselling old content lmao. The most money will only ever come out of making a new charity event with a new skin. Making old charity skins available again has nothing to do with money and everything to do with goofy players obsessing over what is just a pink skin with sparkle sound effects. :sob:

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This is your problem. You think everyone asking is an ‘entitiled mercy main’ and not just people who want the skin.

Stop inferring this of people. It’s a horrible assumption and pointless to the discussion.

This literally means nothing. There are plenty of people who weren’t around to get pink mercy, and no reason to not bring it back. If you want to make money, you bring pink mercy back and make a new skin too so both old and new players have something to donate for. No one’s ‘obsessing’ over the skin, it’s just popular and would bring money to a good cause if it came back.


No, you’re right. I think everyone who is demanding to return of an old charity skin are just entitled players who hides behind “charity” to demand access to an exclusive skin. I’d have more respect for these people if they didn’t constantly pretend/insist to care about the charity aspect of Pink Mercy when they clearly don’t.

Well let’s break it down.

Pink Mercy made 12.7 million dollars and was one of the largest Overwatch cosmetic and charity event in the game’s history. Suffice it to say, the money has effectively been milked dry from that skin and a large chunk of mercy community already has it. Reselling it for a small handful of players is not going to making anywhere close to 12+ million and it’s also not worth the other issues associated with literally repackaging a cosmetic skin.

Pink Mercy is a dead horse money wise. If Overwatch wants to raise a lot of money for charity, they can only do that with a new charity event and a new charity skin, events and challenges.

You need to stop arguing this way. We both know bringing back Pink Mercy has nothing to do with raising tons of money and everything to do with:

Again, players are fine to feel this way about exclusive cosmetics and I’d feel bummed if I missed a chance to grab one for my favourite hero but I like to think some level of decorum is also necessary when we’re talking about a charity skin invented solely for BCR awareness.

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You have no way to quantify this. It’s been years since it’s release, and just because it might not break the bank like last time doesn’t mean there’s no reason to bring it back.

Decorum? For what reason? IDGAF what the people think when they want the skin and you shouldn’t either. The fight to cure cancer is not going to be won if we only take money from people with good intentions, purity testing donators and not bringing back something popular because ‘muh entitled players’ is beyond BS to me.

Even if it only makes 1000$, that’s 1000$ towards helping people.


New players with overwatch 2 means new money to be made from those new players who never got the chance to buy pink mercy…



You don’t need to be a mathematician to know that reselling an old charity skin on top of a new one isn’t going to make enough money to justify reselling an exclusive charity skin. This is especially the case if it’s BCR Mercy we’re talking about because a charity event like that would need to be thematically consistent and redoing BCR after so many years is going to lose a lot of donations than gain.

  1. It’s pretty damn pathetic to obsess over a basic legendary skin by itself but the weird aspect about it is delusional players lying to themselves about how their selfishness is actually rooted in some desire to participate in a charity event. Demanding the developers to redo the same charity for a lame skin that was tied to said charity event is not cute and I don’t think a small incessant minority like that is worth ever catering to. (Last part is just my opinion so feel free to ignore).

  2. You and other mercy players clearly care about what people think when you buy Pink Mercy because half of y’all are refusing to admit that your demand for that skin is 100% rooted in wanting a pretty legendary. If no one cared, we wouldn’t have these people give lectures on the importance of donating to charity and muh good cause.

I mean, of course they would. No one will straight up admit they just want the skin because it is very goofy to act like this over a charity event exclusive and anyone in IRL who does this would be mocked relentlessly.

Are you characterising it like this to make yourself feel better? Face it m8. There is just not enough to justify redoing and reselling an old charity event skin and if it’s “helping people” we’re going for, I’d prefer another charity take the slot.


The BCRF has already said it’d be willing to do another event with pink mercy if blizz us willing. And any amount of money is justification enough to me, but considering it hasn’t been sold since 2018 and more than just mercy players were buying it, I think it would do fine.

No. Because I actually CARE about making money for charity and don’t let a weird obsession with people’s reasons get in the way with that.


I already have pink mercy. My reasoning is I have family who have passed from breast cancer and would like to prevent that for people in the future. Do you need an overshare every time someone asks for the skin or can you recognize that this is a stupid thing to argue?

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we aren’t solely talking about money going to a charity, but if there is a demand for a product that can be sold to provide money to a worthwhile cause, I dont think the product being old or new is relevant. Either will earn money for the charity

not necessarily

the player population has changed dramatically since the original offering, and there is a ton of demand for this product in art because many current players were not here when the original offer was made, and that said, some of those who did buy it have asked to buy it again as gifts or whatnot

so while Pink Mercy has an established high demand, there’s no way to know what level of demand there will be for a new hypothetical skin

First, there’s nothing “goofy” or “obsessive” about it, whatsoever. Nor is anyone acting in an entitled manner.

Second, this is little more than an attack on other players for simply wishing to purchase a legitimate product. Such attacks are against the rules and spirit of this forum, and as such, I ask that this cease

First, there is no way that any forum member, yourself included, knows the potential buyers well enough to be able to make a legitimate claim about their intentions

Second, said intentions are irrelevant (except to be used as an attack on others) , as the money form an alleged sinner spends the same for cancer research as the moeny from an alleged saint

Third, no one is “demanding” this skin. We are asking. The word demand appears to be used here as another derogatory/attack statement

I again ask that these attacks cease

Making such a derogatory statement when one cannot know the whether it is true or not is not just an attack on others, but also tends to rob the person makign the statement of credibility

I ask yet again that these attacks on others cease

I know of no valid data to support this claim.

If you have some, feel free to provide it to us

In the meantime, in the yars that have passed since the original offer, the player population has changed dramatically. Many players from when the offer occurred have left, and many more still were added, particularly with the advent of free to play, since then. As such, there are a large number of people who never got the chance to make the purchase during the original offer. Further, many who did make the purchase have indicate din writing that they’d like t purchase it again.

Bottom line is that it appears there is plenty of demand to purchase this skin, and it is even possible that it will earn a bigger sack of cash for BCRF on a second go-round

its already packaged and ready to go.

no major effort is required

You feel it isn’t worth it, and thats fine, but others (myself included) disagree

not at all

as demonstrated above, a new skin actually isnt required, though I’d be all for a new charity skin being created. However, if said hypothetical skin were to be created, I know of no good reason not to offer BOTH skins, as that would result in a larger bag of cash for charity than if either way offered alone

this is simply another attack on other players

I yet again ask that these attacks cease

actually, no, one does

as there is no data I know of that supports this claim

I see plenty of demand, and ergo, I see a very large bag of cash going to BCRF…more than enough to “justify” doing it

BCRF has already stated - in writing, multiple times, and recently - that they’d like to see this offer return

as such, BCRF isnt stopping anything in regards to this offer returning

it is entirely in Blizzard’s hands at the moment

5 unnecessary and rule-breaking attacks on others

Please stop

its a charity skin

the two are inextricably connected

There have been no demands

Only requests

again, please cease the attacking language

I see no problem with reopening an offer for a cause that has not reached it goal…ie cancer has not been cured yet, and money is needed ongoing to fund the ongoing effort to find a cure

again, please cease with the attacking words

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

You think it lame, yet others feel it is the very best skin of all skins in the game

I dont see a problem with “incessant” tho given how the word is used here, it appears you do

There’s no reason whatsoever for those of us who would like the see the skin to return to stop talking about it, and every reason to continue talking about it

further, this is a legitimate OW-related topic on a forum set up explicity for the discussion of legitimate ow-related topics, so it belongs here

Another attack on other players

I ask yet again that these attacks cease

I’d have no issue with a new skin for a new charity

I am all for it

but, as I have already said, I know of no good reason not to offer this new hypothetical skin AND Pink Mercy, rather than just one or the other, as selling both will bring in more dollars for charity than either will on its own



further, many existing buyers have openly stated that they wish to buy it again for other accounts or as gifts or whatever


Nice strawman, and in the last sentence you even managed to argue your own argument.
The solution to that is very easy btw.

Prices and the skin I will chose are just an example.
• Make it two bundles:
• Bundle #1 has Purple Sigma for Testicular cancer research and some sprays/icons. $15
• Bundle #2 has all that, and the Pink Mercy (maybe or maybe not the sprays/icons as well). $40
• Don’t introduce a bundle that ONLY has the Pink Mercy.

That way:

  1. Exactly what you stated, a new skin is brought back since no one has it and more people will buy it.
  2. On the side, current Pink Mercy owners don’t have to buy the 2nd bundle as they already have it.
  3. People who wanted the Pink Mercy skin so badly can get it here, but will be forced to get it while also having to give money for the Sigma skin as well, AND pay even more than what the half-a-decade old skin originally cost. And like I said, my prices are an example, you can adjust them for inflation.

Yes. I do selfishly want it for the skin. But if you’re oh so hell bent on the charities, if you ever ran a charity or worked for an organization, and someone wants to donate, if you’re gonna go attacking people who are about to donate saying “NOOOO BUT YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT THIS AND THAT NOT TO DONATE NOOOOO” you’ll see how quickly that charity will fire you. Former charity organization volunteer here.


pink mercy isnt coming back and you guys need to accept that

also most of yall lie with (i want to donate for a good cause) but wont donate to charities on the regular only if it benefits yall in some sort of way (weird)



many forum members try to claim that one has to have proper intentions when donating to a charity, whether directly or through a purchase like Pink Mercy, but the charities themselves know that they maximize their donations by not worrying about the donors motivations

The charities happily work with all these folks, but despite that, certain forum members try to act as if this shouldnt occur

Frankly, if I am a cancer researcher, I will take a dollar from an alleged sinner same as I will take a dollar from an alleged saint…the dollar spends the same for my cancer research efforts either way

Hopefully, certain forum members will come to understand this in time


first, no forum member has the knowledge and/or authority to legitimately make such a statement

second, making such statements tends to rob the person making such statements of their credibility

third, the skin will be made available when and if Blizzard decided]s to make it available, regardless of how many forum members claim it cant or wont ever happen

not at all

first, the skin can come back, as stated above

second, this is a legitimate OW-related topic on a forum set up explicitly for the discussion of legitimate ow-related topics. so this topic belongs here

third, by continually discussing it, we keep the topic on the table for the decision makers. ie, it doesnt go “out of sight, out of mind”

First, it is unlikely in the extreme that any forum member, yourself included, knows anyone here well enough to know their motivations. This means that this statement cant be legitimately made, and is rather simply a baseless attack on others

Second, again, making baseless statements tends to rob the person making such statements of their credibility

Finally, such attacks are against the spirit and rules of this forum, and as such, I ask that these cease

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  1. You dont know that

  2. You don’t know that either and assuming that of others is reprehensible. Regardless, it doesn’t even mater because making money for charity is more important than not satiating ‘entitled mercy mains’ or what have you.

Stop being anti charity (embarrassing!)


Yeah the skin should come back. Or rather, the whole charity event.


Blizz does the donation in this case.

Doesn’t matter anyway because it’s a genius move to sell something digital with unlimited supply to support something.

But I wonder if it’s a smart move to make it return because it might harm future sells of other donation skins because lots of players love fomo items.

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I’ve read all of your replies and can say that there are lots of ways how Blizzard and BCRF can solve the problems of bringing back this charity event back.

  1. There can some kind of special rewards or souvenirs for those players who has this skin from 2018. This might help them not to stop feeling “exclusive” players (of course, Pink Mercy is NOT about “exclusivity” - I hate use this word speaking about charity - it’s about helping other people by donating money to BCRF)* For example it can be special player icon, background for the profile or event animated graffiti. We actually have such an experience with special reward for those players who had Overwatch before the summer of 2022 (you could have a player icon and 2 epic skins). So, by adding these things, the ego of those who donated money for the first time in order to be “exclusive and not like everyone else” will not be hurt.

  2. BCRF and Blizzard CAN create a second run of Pink Mercy charity event as Overwatch 2 is another game and I believe that the the contract was signed regarding the first part of the game.

  3. One more thing: Andy B said that they didn’t bring back Pink Mercy to the ANNIVERSARY REMIX EVENT in the FIRST part of the game! You can see that he responded on the comment like: Will Pink Mercy return on any remix events (they were 3 of them)


oh please, dont use charity as an excuse…

you just want the pink skin and thats all (and thats normal if you like the skin)

or else nothing prevents you from donating money to the BCRF right now