Pink Mercy Skin

I am looking for the pink mercy skin for breast cancer awareness. I want to donate to this cause for an important reason and let express my support.


You can donate on their website whenever you want. Pink mercy skin is no longer available.


You’re free to donate anytime, I’m sure they’re looking forward to it.


Pink mercy is no more, However pink maid reaper is a possibility.


I’m sure there is deviant art for that.

There was a old post where on twitter they said they would “consider” it. Its a oldish meme


Zero forum presence, first post, contentious (overdone) topic, out of season event, no in-game reference for the skin in context.

Probably a troll.


wow, sounds like op genuinely wants to support

Not obvious enough for some here lol

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Catgirl headband. When he ults he yells, “Kawaii kawaii kawaii!” in his edgy voice.

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its a good skin but the better one comes out tomorrow if i even show my face on the game tomorrow


The three groups of people - those who donate just to donate, those who donate for recompense, and those who dont donate regardless - have been discussed in many Pink Mercy threads, some of which you have participated in

to recap for the benefit of newer readers:

an appeal to “just donate” is an appeal to the first group

Pink Mercy is an appeal to the second group

Since this is a Pink Mercy thread, the comment above appealing to “just donate” is mistargeted

Nope. Because it’s putting it on display for what it is. The pinkmercers always hide behind the noble cause whereas in reality they couldn’t care less about the BCRF. Given a choice to buy a skin for $15 without donating (i.e. paying for skin only) or say $50 with donation they’ll go for the first option every time.

And since we’ve established that donating or any other noble cause has nothing to do with it - outside of this cause the skin is just an exclusive in-game goodie and should be treated just as any other exclusive skin like those granted for specific year Blizzcon tickets and whatnot. Meaning: no, it isn’t returning. Not unless ActiBlizz want to have the trust in future events shot and undermine their own sales for such things in that future.


actually, yes, it is mis-targeted

asking folks to simply donate is an appeal to the first group

Pink Mercy is an appeal to the second group

as such, the appeal I originally responded to is mis-targeted here

First, there is almost no chance that any forum member, yourself included, knows any of the individuals involved here at all, much less well enough to know what their motivations are when it comes to the Pink Mercy skin. As such, no forum member, yourself included, can legitimately make such a claim

Second, making illegitimate claims tends to rob those who make such statements of their credibility, and as such, I advise against it

Third, the motivations of the buyer are irrelevant, as the dollars from an allegedly well-intended buyer spend the same as the dollars from one less well intended. Charities understand this and not only accept buyers regardless of intent, they are all courted and appreciated. I am not sure why certain forum members make judgements here when the charities do not

Fourth, the above is nothing more than a baseless attack on those who simply wish to make a legitimate purchase of a legitimate item. Such attacks are against both the spirit and rules of this forum, and as such, I ask that these attacks cease

all four items mentioned above apply to this statement as well

again, I ask that attacks on fellow players cease

first, similar to the above, no forum member has the authority or knowledge to legitimately make such a claim, and such statements tend to simply rob the individual of their credibility

second, the skin will return when and if Blizzard decides it will return, no matter how many forum members declare it cant or wont ever happen

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