Bring back BCRF charity event in Overwatch 2

Bring back Pink Mercy in Overwatch 2. :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse:

:milky_way: It is passed more than 5 years since a truly special charity event when gamers all around the world donated money to the BCRF - Pink Mercy. However, there are still millions of people, who wanted to help but for some reasons couldn’t participate in it. It’s time to act and answer the call! It’s time to bring back this event and achieve several things, which are incredibly important!

:boom: First of all, gamers will donate more money to the BCRF, so more and more people, who need help, will get it. We all will be like guarding angels, who save innocent lives. Remember - more times we have this event, then we will get more money for the better and more accurate breast cancer research, then more lives are saved!

:boom: Secondly, New Overwatch 2 palyers MUST deserve a chance to participate in this event, donate more money to BCRF and get magical Pink Mercy skin. Moreover, the return of this skin and creating another charity events can help raise the rating of your favourite PC game after death of PVE.

:boom: Thirdly, the players of the Nintendo Switch platform did not have the opportunity to participate in this charity event and could not support the BCRF company (explanation: access to the Overwatch game in 2019, and the action was foreseen in 2018). As a result, Blizzard Inc seriously discriminates against the players of this console, by not returning this event in the game.

:boom: Fourth, Overwatch 2 is an absolutely different game with its own TM, OST, and other things, which are somehow connected with the legal side of the issue.Therefore, the second exit of this promotion will not affect the previous agreement with BCRF (since with a 100% probability the event should have been held only once IN the FIRST PART of the game).

:shopping: All in all, I am completely sure that Pink Mercy must return in Overwatch 2. Moreover, the most favorable decision will be to leave this skin in the store forever so that players of all platf can donate money to charity at any moment. Remember - more times we have this event, then we will get more money for the better and more accurate breast cancer research, then more lives are saved!

:dove: Heroes never die!

:scroll: *PS: all of my Pink Mercy return topics were banned because of the attacks of other players. That’s the main reason why I need to change the name of it.


No, they didn’t. They wanted the skin.
Nothing to stop a single one of them donating at any time.


I rarely donate to a charity unless I get something I value in return, like most people.


Threads like this is what happens when grown adults spend too much time alone and start living vicariously through video game characters.


Least delusional Pink Mercy stan


Pink Mercy topics Never Die! :dove:

Hm, I think that this phrase can be a new Pink Mercy’s skin special voice line :rofl:


welcome back CB, but you need to remove references that violate the rules of the forum


That’s not donating. That’s buying something.


I’ve seen this before… 11 times as a matter of fact.


Talking about your ban can get you banned again, fyi.


Yep, and we all have a price. For example some people get good fuzzy feelings in return. Others need something more significant. Very few people give something for nothing.

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except you havent, actually

Blizzard was very specific that the money that went toward Pink Mercy was a donation

I would say that video games themselves are far more fitting to that description

given the near absence of the possibility that you know any of the persons of whom you speak, it is virtually certain that there is no basis to make such a statement

it appears to me that this statement is solely intended as a baseless attack on those who have made or wish to make this purchase

such attacks on other forum members is against the rules and spirit of this forum, and as such, I ask that these cease

There are those who donate to donate. Call them Group A

There are those who expect recompense in exchange for a donation. Call them Group B

“Just donate” is an appeal to Group A

Pink Mercy is an appeal to Group B

This being a Pink Mercy thread, the call to just donate made in the statement quoted above is mis-targeted here

It’s just common sense isn’t it?

If there are people who won’t donate now but would donate tomorrow if there was another pink Mercy event then the deciding factor is the incentive. Sure, I will never have the means to prove that that’s what happening, but you know as well as I do that that doesn’t make it any less true.

You have misinterpreted.

It certainly wasn’t meant as an attack, I’m pretty confident it’s not baseless and it’s not targetted at people who made that purchase or would like to make such a purchase should the opportunity a rise.

My post is specifically objecting to the part of the OP that I quoted - the idea that people wanted to help during the event and couldn’t and therefore the event should return so they have their chance to help.

They never lost their opportunity to help - it’s still there. If you refuse to donate until you get compensation, then you can’t argue that helping this charity is a big priority for you. Which is fine, I’m not criticising people for that, everyone has their own priorities - people only have so much time, money and effort to spend. But continuing to use the justification of wanting to help charity while only or largely being interested in the compensation rubs me up the wrong way.

Just be honest. There’s nothing wrong with wanting the skin, but don’t pretend you just want to help charity, because if that were true you wouldn’t need the event to donate.


You don’t do it to get fuzzy feelings. you do it to help.


Can everyone please start flagging these freaking pink mercy skin threads. PLEASE. im so tired of this topic



I know what my eyes have seen.

Exactly. I donate blood and I get no financial incentive to do so. I just do it to help :man_shrugging:

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Nah, that is not for me, sorry.

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Baby cakes, you need to let it go, i understand your passion and im all for it, but save your energy <3. It will come when it comes, and if it doesnt, its only a skin at the end of the day.


actually, no

one does not get to claim - not legitimately, that is - that all existing and potential customers of an item - any item - want it for the same reason

it is unlikely that any form member, yourself included, knows even one of these existing or potential customers well enough to make such a claim

so there’s no basis to make the claim

I ask that you do not speak as if you speak for me

I speak for myself

and no, I do not know such a thing to be true

on re-reading, and considering this statement above, it still appears to be a baseless attack

I ask that these attacks cease

do you have proof otherwise to support your objection?

I have always found it odd that the charities themselves are happy to work with both groups A and B in order to maximize their donations, but some forum members cant even accept the legitimate existence of group B

again, the use of the word “pretend” here is as an attacking word

again, it is unlikely in the extreme that you (or any forum member) knows the existing and potential customers well enough to legitimately make such a claim

as such, it appears to be a baseless attack on fellow forum members

again, I ask that these attacks cease

such flags would be false flags

there has not been a Pink Mercy thread on this forum for several weeks at this point

it is a perfectly legitimate Ow-related topic, and this has been officially confirmed

as such, this topic belongs here

when I personally find a topic to not be to my liking, I simply avoid it. I suggest that this might be a good way to go for those who do not find Pink Mercy topics to be to their personal liking