Should Pink Mercy come back?

incorrect as you can either witness it via someone else playing with it or watch gameplay on youtube. thanks for playing though! <3

Do you think people gain the experience of sky diving once they watch a YouTube video of someone else skydiving? What about watching a guy eat a $10,000 pizza, is that a new experience as well? Players that never received the skin do not have first-hand experience with it. You thought you had a “gotcha moment.”Cute. :wink:

Hey bestie! Sorry for the confusion, but I’m not reading all of that and I’ll be done with this conversation after I post this. Your post history suggests you like to argue on this topic quite a lot! Why, I think you’re so set on dying on this hill that you’ve started to build a house and raise a family here. And that’s fine, that’s your prerogative, girliepop!

The skin was an incentive for a charity event with a set time period. If you missed it, too bad and so sad. That’s life, it happens and that’s OK! My personal opinion is it’s a mediocre skin that hasn’t aged well and it’s a bit silly to be sooooo obsessed with it! <3 I think that energy should instead be channeled on getting Blizzard to support more charities and make newer, more polished charity skins!

Sorry I couldn’t stay and pick a fight with you so you could use all those fancy words and silly little metaphors you seem to enjoy. Have a good night though!!! :two_hearts:

I read the first sentence and decided to not read the rest of your comment. So… congrats on being wrong. Don’t start a fight you can’t win.


You know they can run more than one character for a charity event, right? It’d make the charity a whole heck a lot more money than just one character, while also giving people the chance to get skins they missed.


It wouldn’t be bad if Blizzard did more charity events with new, cooler skins. But what if during that same event they also sell Pink Mercy? What would be the problem there? We could have a new type of shop, and in there just sell skins that are only in the Shop for those charity events. Whatever makes over that period, goes to the chosen charity, all new and old charity skins, not just one.

People here try to hide their wish for the skin behind the “for charity it would be so good to help some organization!”, but I want the skin regardless if it’s for donation or not, and I have no problem with donating without any incentive.

For me, it’s the cute and girly aesthetic that I like! I thought a lot about Sugar Plum Fairy but it’s not the same, not as “clean” as Pink Mercy. For that I would love any type of skin that follows Pink Mercy skin’ theme, in any character too! So collaborations and charity donations? Yes. But please Blizzard don’t lock out Pink Mercy - or any other skin whatsoever. Many players still want them and can “feel” they are contributing for the charity even if it’s not from the new skins ;3

(I would personally LOVE to get Holi Symmetra, I think is such a good concept to bring aspects of culture like that)

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I have seen nothing remotely resembling obsession in any Pink Mercy thread

what I have seen is toxicity from other forum members who come into Pink Mercy threads to attack those who do wish to legitimately purchase this item, and that appears to be what is happening in the sentence quoted above, via use of attacking words like “obsessive”

such attacks are against the spirit and rules of this forum and as such I ask that these cease

spite is rarely if ever a good reason to do or not do a thing

While I have always been in favor of new/additional charity skins, there’s no such need, actually

Pink Mercy is ready to go right now, and all other skins are just theoretical at this point

Plenty of players wish to make this purchase already, so the incentive is actually already there

There are millions of players who did not play Overwatch when the offer was originally made, and as such there is an enormous opportunity to add a lot of money to the war chest for fighting cancer right now

to me, this is more than sufficient reason for it to return, and no fomo needs to be involved in any future offers

actually, this isnt the case at all, as this is a virtual item and can be resold a limitless number of times and can be offerred at any time

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This part kinda reminds me of overwatch league shop being different from the regular shop. This idea seems a bit cool.

Why not both? Add a new one and resell the old one?

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Although I wouldn’t object to new BCRF skins being made and released, I’d also happily entertain the idea of other charities and other causes being supported.

I am all for more/additional charity skins

but if a new skin were to be made, I see no good reason to not offer both the new skin(s) and Pink Mercy at the same time, as offering both will bring in more cash for charity than either one would if offered alone

I was thinking about this skin the other day and… doesn’t Symmetra seem like the last person who would celebrate Holi?

“What… is this CHAOS!?”

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I bet the BCRF can’t wait to work together with a company that is known for having their female employees sexually harassed and their breastmilk stolen :roll_eyes:

i don’t know about all that…all I know is that the BCRF has stated that they’d like to see the offer return

*according to a notorious troll account who stated a Twitter account called @pinkmercyplease as a source :joy:

Twitter is Twitter (or “X”, whatever)

this space isnt Twitter

I don’t really get what you are trying to tell me.


you mentioned twitter

we arent on twitter


I mentioned Twitter, because I assumed that this topic is the source for your claim that “the BCRF has stated that they’d like to see the offer return”:

Feel free to link me to the actual source if I am mistaken.


I agree, the link that I believe Megadodo is referring to is this link.

However, that statement/ response nowhere indicates or states this

If anything, the response that was worded in the response was, and I quote

Based on what was provided via through the Twitter screenshots, nothing was indicated nor stated that BCRF wants this offer to return, however, BCRF stated the company continues to be in contact with our wonderful partnership at Overwatch.

It was also stated that there are several ways to continue to support BCRF through direct gifts on the website and check the website for any updates from our partners.

Unless, Megadodo is speaking on a different link, but with such evidence about a topic as popular as Pink Mercy, a link of the source would be highly recommended to help aware those that the company BCRF has made such claim while supporting his or her foundation of statement with concrete evidence to strengthen one’s discussion.

At this point, everything in terms of wanting Pink Mercy, wanting a new charity event, just wanting the skin or a variation of the skin, not wanting Pink Mercy, etc. is just all wishful thinking, theoretically. Even though we have been told that the Pink Mercy skin and icons have no plans to be brought back.