Bring back BCRF charity event in Overwatch 2

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The move into Steam should be good for the chances of Pink Mercy’s return

More players means more people who might be interested is making the purchase, and more interest is only going to help the cause


If all proceeds go towards breast cancer charity then there is no good reason not to bring it back. That would be the only time that an overpriced skin makes sense.

The three reasons I hear most often for the skin not coming back are

  1. BCRF wont let it come back because of the scandal


  1. It was an exclusive limited time skin and those who bought it wish to protect the rarity of the skin


  1. It should be a new skin, because there arent enough buyers left to buy Pink Mercy after the original offer

To item 1, I have noted that BCRF has stated - in writing, recently, and multiple times -stated that they’d like to see the offer return. So BCRF isnt actually a barrier to the return - at all

To Item 2, I personally dont see a skin where there are almost 900 thousand copies in circulation as rare. YMMV. That said, to me, the funding of the fight to cure cancer is more important than this “my exclusive!” feeling some of the buyers have. Far, far, FAR more important.

To item 3, I have always been in favor of new charity skins being created, so I am all in favor of a Pink Torb, Pink Reaper, Pink Roadhog, whatever. However, I see no reason that if such a skin were to be created that BOTH couldnt be sold instead of just the new skin. Selling both would guarantee a bigger bag of cash for charity than just selling the new one. So I dont see this as an “instead of”…I see this as “in addition to” Oh, and with the new f2p players, the new Steam players, and all the other new players who joined after the original offer ended back in 2018…there are plenty of new potential buyers…and many who did buy it back then have stated that they wish to buy it again for gifts and such

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Blizzard has said the “we have no plans…” line for multiple limited time skins that later have returned. All types of ‘limited time vaulted’ skins has returned to the game at some point both in the end of OW1 and now in OW2. The only type of skins that hasn’t returned are Blizzcon and Pink Mercy charity skin.   OWL skins

Some of the OWL skins were originally vaulted for 4 years but because of people asking for them to return they finally did.

“Available for a limited time” 

“We have no plans to bring this skin back” -Jeff Kaplan
Was available again in 2019 through pre-ordering Overwatch on Switch


Well every single type of limited time skin other than Pink Mercy charity and Blizzcon skins has returned. Weekly event skins, hero challenge skins, OWL skins and Widowmaker Noire has returned. Remember that these skins originally was limited time skins and got “unvaulted” in Blizzards own words for a limited time.   OWL skins

Some of the OWL skins were originally vaulted for 4 years but because of people asking for them to return they finally did.

“Available for a limited time” 

“We have no plans to bring this skin back” -Jeff Kaplan
Was available again in 2019 through pre-ordering Overwatch on Switch

Those were free for playing

Tokens were “free” for players from many different countries by watching or filling out surveys.

Still as collector’s edition item (code) for the respective consoles. They were not sold again or produced again iirc.

Idk if it’s the same although you did some research to find these quotes. Those just have some “buts…”

I just can’t see it coming back. Same as the blizzcon skins.
Kerrigan Widow has not returned either.


the point of all this is, for me at least, that such skins CAN come back

will Pink Mercy return? dunno

can Pink Mercy return? yes

Therein lies our hope


Widowmaker Noire skin were re-released in 2019 for Nintendo Switch.

The other skins you mentioned were originally “limited time only” skins that would never return. The first time a weekly challenge skin has returned was in OW2 season 4 and now in season 5. These skins were vaulted for 3 years!

The OWL skins were also originally told by Blizzard staff on multiple YouTube streams to never return. Then multiple years later Blizzard ‘unvaulted’ the skins 1 after 1 in the so called “unvaulting events” for a limited time in the end of OW1 and in the beginning of OW2. Remember that some of the skins like the Zen-nakji Zenyatta were vaulted for 4 years! These skins were not free but you could earn enough tokens to buy them if you watched YouTube streams.
Skins being free or not doesn’t change that Blizzard has literally told that these cosmetics will not return.

Personally I have no issues with cosmetics returning since I’m not fan of FOMO. Now when 90% of skins has returned I think it would be good if the rest could also do so in the future. Everyone wins on fan favorite cosmetics returning and Blizzard earns more money.
If you’re gonna come up with a “these skins are free” argument so that’s a reason to why you have no issues of them returning, remember that a lot of people did buy tokens to attain the limited time OWL skins.

Not everyone knew about that you could earn tokens from OWL streams since it was only advertised on the OWL streams and on Twitter which most people did not know about. Every single time OWL skins released, tons of people in comment sections on YouTube mentioned that they will buy tokens.

This is correct. Besides, I believe one or two of the OWL MVP skins. Just like I stated it may not return, or it may return, however, it has been how long since the release of BCRF event?

Also, for further details and future references…

Sombra’s Zhulong Skin was released March 15, 2022 (1 year ago)

Roadhog’s Midas Skin was released April 16, 2021 (2 years ago)

Zenyatta’s Zen-Nakji Skin was released June 27, 2018 (5 years ago)

Echo’s Good vs Evil Skin was released March 23, 2021 (2 years ago)

Therefore out of the link that you provided, only 1 out of the 4 was “vaulted for 4 years and made return”

You are absolutely correct, and the statement still holds true, it was available for a limited amount of time, like everyone who advocates for Pink Mercy, not once did Blizzard nor an employee that works/ have a connection to the Overwatch development team has stated that the skin would not be returning or stated that the devs have no plan on returning OWL skins. The skin itself was made available from “X” date to “X” date, afterwards it was not made available until further notice.

The difference between OWL skins and BCRF, one was a pure charity event, while the other event was made in honor of those who care and want to support OWL players and/or teams, but the event itself was not a charity event.

You got to ask yourself this question. How does one obtain Widow Noire Skin? It was available if one pre-order a copy of the game, Overwatch.

That is exactly how those who pre-order Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch. It was not made available all throughout Overwatch 1 prior to 2019 nor was it made available for those who did not pre-order the skin in Overwatch 1 or Overwatch 2.

The statement still holds truth. Even now, you can not simply go into the game and purchase Noire skin or any of the Blizzcon skins.

If what you are implying is that those who play on the Nintendo Switch did not get the opportunity to participate in the BCRF, then simply make it so that those who are on the Switch, have a special game update specifically for those on the Switch to donate to BCRF, which you can do right now already, but just make it that for a limited time Pink Mercy Skin is only available for those who are on the switch. Problem solved, correct?

Like I stated before, and I will state here again. I have no problem with the devs making Pink Mercy available again whatsoever, the Pink Mercy can make a return or not, it does not bother or affect me one bit. However, I am more open to the idea of a “Stand-Alone” brand new charity event featuring a brand new hero. It does not have to be a bundle deal or have to have Mercy attached to the event at all. Who knows, maybe that will open up other avenues and routes that can promote more opportunities for more charity events and maybe the return of Pink Mercy.

Link, this would be new information if BCRF have stated this.

Critical Support

If I took a shot every time this thread popped up and I thought it was a new Pink Mercy skin, I would be dead right now lol

I wish they kept the star and kept it pinned it as the mega thread.

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It’s not new, it’s 2 years old

Oh, it is that link. The link that you provided does not really stated


It is positive thinking, and I can appreciate such thinking as it is needed nowadays, but BCRF did not state that it is willing to do another event with Pink Mercy if Blizzard us willing as you stated.

I agree with this, any form of money for charity should be the ultimate goal here, but even BCRF has stated that even though Pink Mercy is no longer available, you can still donate via on website. Just something over the years I notice when it comes to these type of threads- in terms of bringing back Pink Mercy, I just always see that the group is divided into sections or two- three parties one can say.

  • Those who solely want Pink Mercy Skin to come back.
  • Those who do not want Pink Mercy Skin to come back.
  • Those who do not care if Pink Mercy Skin makes a return or not, but just want a new charity event featuring a new hero.
  • You have to have in mind that the BCRF skin is an outside collab skin. If it returns Blizzard has to collab again with BCRF compared to OWL skins that are easier to bring back since they’re not an outside collab that requires legal work. Also Pink Mercy didn’t earn Blizzard any money since 100% value of the purchases They donated to to BCRF.

    Zenyatta’s Zen Nakji skin isn’t the only OWL skin from 2018. Tracer and Genji had All-Star skins the same year too.

    I understand, old friend, but there are two things at work against this

    First is that in the last few months, the moderators chose to delete/404/lock (whatever) 4 different Pink Mercy threads, any of which could have been the "megathread’ you refer to here. If said thread goes away, a new one is started…but in any case, these removals mean the megathread never quite coalesces

    Second is that any forum member can start a new thread on this subject at any time. Many arent even aware that this thread (or the others I mentioned) exist (or existed).

    I dont see this as cause to complain though – there are many topics other than Pink Mercy that get created many more times than Pink Mercy is. What I dont understand is why those other repeated threads dont see complaints like this, or if they do, less often

    This is not intended as an attack on you, btw…just sayin.


    My main argument is that if a charity returns, there is no reason for pink mercy not to come back. The BCRF is obviously willing to work with them again, and if they had a reason not to bring pink mercy back, they would have stated it there. So the only other person who would have to say yes is blizz.

    And yes, I’m aware you can donate if you want at any time. But wouldn’t it be nice if blizzard used their massive platform and a skin that is often asked for to bring in money from people who wouldn’t normally donate?

    Exactly this, which means that Blizzard can not simply bring back PINK MERCY as there are legal demands compared to the other skins that were brought back.

    The question still arises though, how long ago since the release of BCRF event?

    I stated

    in which the link

    you provided did not include Tracer and Genji all-star, but correct me if I am wrong, but did Mercy and Lucio or even and Reinhardt OWL skin get re-released?