Blizz devs want to keep some of the card changes

Could we ever get an overwatch Classic Server launch day 1.0 mode … pleeeeze :stuck_out_tongue:

Watching with great glee as this topic turns into a storm of misinformation and assumptions.

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I’m glad for the clarification andy, you’re the best… but that coming from geoff honestly feels as disconcerting as him giving us dva mains the quote “just escort riptires and genji blades” after dva got her matrix nerfed twice and blasted with the nerfhammer…

Yes I am concerned that a single one of these experimental changes might go through. None of them were well thought out changes, with little to zero developer feedback (cough mercy nerf feels like nobody even looked at it cough)


Again: the game can be made fun without having to ruin the balance even more.

but even if so, do you really think these are the changes that deserve to go live instead of something that has been more well thought?

Some of them would have to be tweaked - something like 10% instead of 30% for Lucio ult reduction? - but yeah, there are things that could be brought across.

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To provide some additional clarity: in our discussion, even a small amount of consideration was heavily caveated by the phrase “we’d need to really test the numbers to even consider it”.

What I find particularly cool about these kinds of discussions is more of an acknowledgement that creative and interesting ideas can come from anywhere.

Even Flats

sorry Flats. I still love you


It’s okay we know you love him, which is why y’all have NDAed meetings with him instead of giving the community any sort of roadmap / blog post / dev update or anything at all during a time when community trust in the OW team is at an all time low



yes the april fools experimental changes.

to be honest, let’s face it, with the trajectory of their changes (i.e. what they have been), whatever’s been in these player-suggested expC, they’d very likely instill better trust by not disclosing anything. :unamused:

You know what’s also cool? Having beat… at all. Instead of having some Lucio use it (most likely miss) and then go off doing their shenanigans.
Now of course if the rank is higher this will be less of an occurrence. But the fun of the minority in masters + is not of higher value than the majority of player’s sanity in diamond or below.
(im sorry if this came off as aggressive, not my intention)

DAMN you really had to do it to him huh

We all know that you don’t, many in the community have no idea who he is.

Give Genji his triple jump back.

Don’t care about fire rate and climb speed.

I mean… perhaps if Geoff or any other devs would ever leave their private meetings and discords with the 1% of the player base and grace us humble peons we wouldn’t have to make assumptions.


I mean, the Rein in the ExC is, with the exception of the health and shield numbers, the OW2 Rein, is it not? And isn’t the Sombra from the ExC just a variation of the OW2 one from the pro show match?

If you want to know the actual reason for the negative interactions with the playerbase, this is it. Pretty clearly a lot of the changes are going to OW2, or are being considered for the PvP reworks. But you don’t even trust the playerbase even AFTER the mostly positive reception both reworks received.

Yet you offer nothing but vagaries. Not even the barest crumbs, months after the game director himself said they wanted to update the community more often than the radio silence that was the months after Echo’s release. Exactly what are people supposed to think? That a private call under an NDA to a handful fits that descriptions?

Andy, I know you and Jodie have been thrust into an impossible situation with no backup, and I know you’ve tried to the best of your ability. We DO appreciate you. But your bosses and marketing haven’t given the fanbase a reason to be hopeful with this move.


I have not played the game in months but about what people says, lucio killing with his ult sounds good

And phara moving on her ult too

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Great… she also has “EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE” voice line as well

Great. Keep any of the changes that involve Roadhog actually getting his deserved nerfs.

You seem rather unpleasant


Just not a bootlicker and will give credit where it’s due, and criticism where it’s due.