Big balance patch coming soon to PTR


I mean they’re straight throw picks even in a shield meta, sooo…


Then the rest of the patch will be a mix of much needed changes, unwarranted nerfs, and furthering the power creep.

Besides balance changes let’s hope there is some general game performance optimisation in the mix too, the menus are atrocious on console.

Bastion will be left Unacknowledged

We don’t talk about The Unbalanceable.


nerf orisa nerf doomfist nerf mei nerf widow
(might the reasonable thing they would do)
nerf reaper nerf sigma nerf rein (by making cc even stronger) and buff a hero that doesnt need a buff and make it so orisa is still number one tank and doomfist roaming free


And they tried buffing Moira 2-3 weeks ago when there wasn’t double barrier meta yet.

It means nothing that Moira is meta. She still deserves something. Once double barrier meta is over people will come back to play Ana and Mercy.


My guess is that they will do these balance changes:
Buff Brigitte ( put on my clown music please )
Nerf Sigma and possibly Orisa ( double shield meta duh )
“Buff” Symmetra ( aka nerf her becuz she is too “OP” )
Nerf Mercy ( isnt that obvious, they are still traumatized by the moth meta )
Nerf Doomfist ( since people complains about him so much )
Nerf Widow ( who am i kidding, this isnt true )
Nerf Ana ( she dominated the support meta as the strongest support until now and still havent changed )


They’ve already nerfed Sigma on PTR, like the Sym/Zarya changes it hasn’t gone liive yet:

It honestly seems like a lot of folks just don’t read the patch notes…


Maybe they rework shield deploying, fix some bugs and drop hints at Blizzcon Hero (remember this time was when the R66 payload opened ingame)


You just perfectly described the OW teams balancing process. Nice.


I’m gonna need a link or source to this


They have buffed meta heroes many many times in the past.


My guess? Cool.
Hero changes:
•Dva’s defense matrix has now reduced to 5m.
•Baby Dva is now the default character. Her ultimate changed to call mech for 6s.

•He can now deal 500 damage with rocket punch.

•Speed boost reduced by 50%.

Lifesteal increased to 80% from 40%


Blizzard so far has done nothing but pander to the turret builders im expecting they will take a big poo on genji again like they always do, cause I can stop shootinng at his deflect wahhh.


In addition to Sym nerfs I hope its a doomfist and reaper nerfs too.


They are definitely going to nerf Sombra.


If Mercy doesn’t get any changes, there will be a reckoning.

And by a reckoning I mean we may complain on the forums, but most of us will see it as further proof they don’t care.

More Mercy mains will likely leave the game.


I’m guessing shield nerfs.

I’d also like to say some Dva buffs but let’s be honest… Blizzard and players hate that character so they’d rather she remain in the trash bin so we can harp about double shields instead.


I know what’s not gonna be thre - Mei nerfs. She’s gotten only buffs since release and deserved none of them.

Also, since for PTR, means it’s gonna take 3 weeks befor it goes live and by that time some new broken meta is gonna pop up.


I actually agree with reworking Bastion. Even after the buffs he got back in early 2018 or whatever, he’s still got one role - sit in one spot. Not only does he have more shields to choose from than ever, now he’s also got bunker with immortality. I know that’s his main thing, but I’d almost say get rid of sentry mode (at the very least make it timed, no matter if he’s shooting or not).


DPS to support? Wat? Are we gonna revert Symmetra now?


Confirmed where? I only see one link in this entire topic and didn’t anything in there that confirmed this.