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Welcome to the Overwatch PTR Bug Report forum! The primary function of this forum is to collect reports on issues currently affecting our Public Test version of Overwatch. Our goal is that this forum will become an extre…

Serious Bug: Server reloads whole game over and over again (1)
PTR Bots not spawning half the time (6)
Anyone else noticing weird bugs lately? (1)
Workshop Dummy Bot Bugs (3)
Dummy Bot: Teleport not working (1)
Symmetra : Turret & Teleporter Icon (1)
Symm's turrets are exploitable again (3)
"Start facing" for dummy bots sometimes ignores vertical component (1)
Existing Workshop Codes do not import correctly (2)
Fix the butter bug (1)
Sigma still doesn't say Hello if his ultimate is charged or almost charged (1)
Sigma still uses ult while slept (4)
Can't show more than 4 hero icon strings (no more crash, but still bugged) (1)
Ptr custom game crashed - all work lost (1)
Bastion tank form visual feedback is off (1)
OWL skin bug on PTR (3)
PTR AI sym turret bug (1)
Mei cryofreeze bug (1)
OWL skin bug on PTR (1)
[Workshop] Is Dummy Bot does not reevaluate normally or work with Filtered Array (2)
Bots can not create objects (1)
Dummy bots aren't spawning (1)
0 SR Bug Competitive (1)
Dummy bots fail to Communicate (1)
"Is Dummy Bot" condition always outputs "0" (1)
Queue Timer and role select main menu UI conflict (1)
[Workshop] ! Important: Import, export & load script is broken (1)
Sigma's Toggle + Reload options = No Barrier (1)
Dva bot doesn't show up (1)