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PTR Bug Report Forum Guidelines (1)

Welcome to the Overwatch PTR Bug Report forum! The primary function of this forum is to collect reports on issues currently affecting our Public Test version of Overwatch. Our goal is that this forum will become an extre…

Symmetra Turret bug (5)
Groups not being displayed (3)
Mei slow not working (7)
Cant log into PTR? (10)
Disconnected from Match (3)
Still high CPU usage after the hotfix (1)
Points marker color error (1)
Server's unexpected error (1)
Rocket punch can be silent now (2)
Choosing multiple roles when grouped (1)
Brigitte ability and weapon disabled (4)
In-game music/sounds volume fluctuations (1)
Game sounds randomly stop working (3)
Website profile not updating (1)
Games not cancelled after leavers? (1)
SR gains for separate roles when high ranked on one role and receive less sr for wins on lesser ranked role (1)
Multiple Ult Voicelines Not Working (1)
PTR Bugs (15 characters) (2)
Roadhog hook stuck on Moira after fade (3)
Game crash and immediate suspension (1)
Sombra lag spike when using EMP 100% of the time (4)
Brig seems really weak! (1)
Disconnected to debug, came back, and still lost the 50 SR and got the penalty (1)
Feed Kill bug when you eat McCree's ultimate (1)
Game crashes a whole bunch (1)
Ashe coach gun bug (1)
Time accumulated by more armor packs (2)
Disconnect during ranked game (1)
Turrets doesn't slow down the enemies (1)