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I wanted to make everyone aware of a change that we are making to our PTR Bug Report Forum and provide some additional transparency as to why we are moving in this new direction. Starting today, each time we release a m…

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Welcome to the Overwatch PTR Bug Report forum! The primary function of this forum is to collect reports on issues currently affecting our Public Test version of Overwatch. Our goal is that this forum will become an extre…

Genji dies enemy spawn doors (1)
"WYW" works only once (3)
Razer Chroma Connect and Hues No longer working (1)
Workshop action: Go to Assemble Heroes not working properly (1)
Lucio Wall Ride Bug on Nepal Shrine (1)
🐞 Doomfist updated bug list (nearly 50 bugs) (19)
"While you wait" game modes not chosen after Quick Play match abandoned (6)
Kicked out of DM early (1)
When you choose deathmatch in PTR, you can only play the role you selected (2)
Endorsement screen bug (1)
DVA screen issues when caught in Grav (1)
If you try to use Experimental Barrier while it is locked (e.g. during Gravitic Flux), you cannot use Hyperspheres (1)
Swift Strike weird bug (1)
While you wait options dont show up after match ends (3)
High CPU/ GPU temps w/ new patch (1)
Genji deflect inconsistent (1)
There is a bug i think (1)
Game crash when using Nano Boost on Genji using Illiidan skin (1)
Moira's orb trajectory is bugged (1)
Endorsements menu shows console UI's "buttons" without the symbols, without a controller plugged-in (2)
Genji wallclimb bug (2)
Enemy Torb Turret has no outline (1)
Training bots dont respawn (1)
[Solved] 5v6 matchmaking (2)
Sigma still doesn't say hello if he has ult (2)
Cosmetics bug 15 whatevers (2)
Missing Friends (2)
Bug report (play while you wait) (1)