Amount of threads about Mercy is getting out of hand

No, it’s not actually. Every post is different. If you actually link and prove that they’re the same post over and over, I’d be glad to change my views

every post mentions the same things.
healing 50hps is too low

they want the rework reverted. show me posts that dont include this or say how mercy is unfun.

If this post wasn’t going to change a thing, the post was very much pointless. Venting does not require a thread. It’s something you do without the need of making a thread.

Nice use of ad hominem there.


Your reply to the OP changes nothing either bud. :wink:

I don’t need to read what you type you spout the exact same few lines on every post every day.
Won’t reply to you again you just go on forever in some boring vein intent on “Winning” when there is no winning to be had just differences in opinion.

I care nothing for your thoughts mercy 1 trick have a nice day!

If you can’t accept that some people get bored of seeing 50 mercy threads a day dominate this forum that’s fair enough but some of us are bored of it & you will just have to accept that.

I’m going to go on a whim and guess that you didn’t read my reply. :joy:

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Talking about how people say that she shouldn’t be looked at because etc. Etc.

Says why they stopped playing, suggests multiple changes to Mercy to make her fun and balanced

Another suggestion? Kinda laughed at this one. Hitscan Battle Mercy. A nightmare in an Angelic Guise

Regular suggestion for Mercy about her super jump, immediately got derailed by donkeyholes

Oh! The most popular thread of all time! Probably the best Mercy thread I’ve ever seen. Really good, tons of ideas, beautiful writing and cute little gif.

Do you want me to continue? I can.


I’m so tired of people saying stupid crap like this. The rework is what made Mercy OP in the first place. Many of us want her to be from BEFORE her rework, hell, before Resurrect was buffed with invincibility. There’s nothing fun or engaging about current Mercy, and we want her to be fun AND balanced, which she was before the rework.


Then don’t reply to me to begin with.

Haha, this is funny since I’ve never explicitly claimed to be a Mercy one trick.

Ironically, those who complain about Mercy threads are also apart of the problem. Your failure to see that is… um, Well, amusing, to say the very least.

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You just proved my point. Bravo!


We live in a society were it is encouraged to speak the loudest, longest, and most frequent to get what you want. Whether its silencing content in a game or movie, silencing a political opinion, or wanting more free government handouts. Its “me, me, me” obnoxiously to no end. People should be glad she’s even still in the game at all, but they don’t know how to appreciate what they have. Only rage at what they don’t.

It will never stop until the game is completely dead.

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ZzZzZZ such a boring person ZzZZZ I NEEEd TO WIN ALWAYS

This didn’t last too long. :joy:


This is super childish lol

nahh many of the mercy community want a change to her kit. Simple buffs in terms of number changes won’t make the amount of threads go down.

Almost as long as that 10-0 smack down i gave you in our mercy 1vs1 :wink:

Maybe if Blizzard stopped ignoring them, they’d stop popping up so much.


Lol, Sarah. Do you want to bring up how you suggested a 1v1 to prove that your Mercy stats are better than mine? Even though, my Mercy stats are still better than yours? Also, you’ve played on PC longer and your in Masters. Yeah, bragging like that is just pathetic. Especially, when you didn’t even prove your point that you were making.


You stats are nowhere near as good as mine. In-fact we both know the reason you complain all day about mercy is because your mechanical skill is non existent and you don’t have the ability to switch to a aim reliant hero such as Ana.

I said Mercy stats and they are.

We both know that you’re toxic as hell and couldn’t even refrain from calling me a cuck every minute of that custom game. We also both know that you just come on the forums to spew nonsense about Mercy because you have nothing better to do. You also have a weird obsession with Aria and was trolling in a thread that was thanking her.

Oh and a quick FYI! I can play Ana. That’s you making assumptions based on what I main. People like you are why private profiles exist. In short, you probably need to go to therapy or go have a jog outside. Remember!

[Seems toxic so I removed it idk. Apologies to Essence]