Mercy’s Pistol: Hitscan


I saw a suggestion about this somewhere on the forums, but I think this would be a really good idea. As it is right now Mercys pistol uses a projectile which is unreliable at long distance, and can be somewhat difficult to be consistent with even in close quarters fights.

Mercy with a hitscan pistol will make her be able to farm her ultimate when given thre opportunities to do so. This will also make her more consistent at defending herself, as it currently is most heroes land bust damage to get a one shot kill or a near one shot kill making it hard for a Mercy to actually defend her self from something like that.

Overall, I think Pistol needs to be more than a meme ability/utility for the super aggressive battle Mercys like me.

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Mercy should be healing to gain ult not using her pistol. She’s the only pure healer in the game (someone who can only heal and not do multiple things at the same time) and a pacifist in the lore. Let’s not change that.

Plus having her pistol as a projectile means you actually have to have some skill to make the most out of it.


I’ve got a different idea - how about buffing her heals, bringing back mass rez… and getting rid of the pistol entirely. This would ensure that she’ll have to rely on the teammates, constantly heal and damage buff, communicate with everybody, it would also make her an easier target (which means she could be easily countered and not OP) and that would keep her strong, primary healer identity intact. What do ya think?


There is one thing I don’t get.
People keep saying she is the only pure healer etc. And then complain (not necessarily you but speaking generally) that she has the highest pick rate for supports. Of course she will that’s exactly what is to be expected from a pure healer.


Boggles the mind doesn’t it.


If Mercy’s gonna be an off-Support now, she needs the Damage to back it up. Battle Mercy ftw. Maybe even rework her into a full blown DPS since no Support mains enjoy playing her anymore


Moira. Her damage numbers are trash damage that ultimately achieve nothing and she has no other utility attached.



No thanks


That’s the point.

They want Mercy to deal a minimal amount of damage in her games because she brings consistent and reliable (formerly) healing.

Her pistol is great where it is imo, it should be used as a last resort if none of your teammates are available to help; or as a way to farm your ult when regrouping with your teammates.


But she can still heal and damage at the same time so she’s not a pure healer.


So can Ana?


Yep, Ana can do multiple things at once.


Nope…either heal or deal dmg… like mercy


Mercy is supposed to be a healer. Additionally, buffing her pistol would go against everything her character stands for: She’s a pacifist peace advocate. The rework already destroyed a great part of her identity: She’s supposed to be a fast and slippery healer but has to stand still for Rezz; She’s supposed to be a single target healer but Valkyrie lets her chain beams.
Buffing the pistol would make Mercy even less Mercy.


Ana’s nade has an effect that is still active whilst she heals.


I dont think making it a hitscan is the solution, Mercys and baby Dva pistols are the only ones with the type of projectile in the game, which brings something very unique to the character.

That said making the rate of fire faster or the travel time faster would be a great change imo. So Tracer gun is the closest to hitscan while being a projectile and Dvas is middle ground, making Mercys somewhere between them or closer to Dvas would be great.

I would be fine with this if the healing wasnt ‘‘formerly’’, if they dont plan on changing her healing/utility kit, her pistol would at least be somewhat of a consolation prize.
As it is now its much better to whip out her pistol half the time than just trying to heal. considering she struggles to even keep one target alive against Winstons aoe tickle dmg, you have a better chance of helping your target by shooting your blaster into his giant critbox than trying to peel with healing.


That is exactly the point.
if you want to snipe, there is ana.

The last thing this game needs is more healers who are dpsing instead of healing.


Well currently Mercy’s hit-boxes for her pistol are even more generous than Hanzo’s arrows so I’m all for making it hitscan and lowering the margin of error.

Currently in the training room you can aim at exactly a full training bots headsize above the training bot and still hit it with mercy’s pistol.


She can only heal and damage at once with a 10 second cooldown ability.

You’re right though, Mercy can’t do both at all.


Doesnt that depend on the distance Mercy is from the target?