Amount of threads about Mercy is getting out of hand


It’s constantly being spammed on the forums. It’s no longer general discussion, it’s mercy discussion. Can everyone who’s passionate about Mercy just chill and let the rest of us breath? You guys are being relentless. Most other threads about other topics gets burried and others seem to be hijacked.

(I get the irony that this a thread about mercy that’s telling others to stop making threads about mercy)


It’s honestly not going to stop until Mercy is buffed. I’m even tired of seeing this stuff as a Mercy player.


I doubt blizzard care anymore of this forum, specially thanks to this behaviour of some people.

For ignoring them, they ignoring all.


Meanwhile, Bastion has a 0.03 pickrate and a 30% win rate in GM this week.


Don’t see how that makes Mercy better, but okay


“There are just so many of them!”

*makes another one*



The one absolute on this forum is Mercy.

It’s good to have CONSISTENCY :upside_down_face:


Tbh, it was out of hand a while ago


True, it keeps going though. Only one other group has done something similar but that somehow still isn’t even comparable (


They wont stop until she’s so broken again that you can gain elo even if you play like a bot.


Not true, but okay. :joy:


A moment of silence for the forgotten omnic…


IKR, I mean I have this vision of leagues of people who apparently either post from school, work or are apparently shut-ins that go to bed angry, get up angry, and can’t wait for that first opportunity to stir the Mercy pot… I mean, I get being disappointed, but my god, move on there are 27 other characters and counting… I don’t get the mindless devotion she inspires in some people…


I think OW just makes people angry :joy:


It seems as though they think that if they do nothing but mention her nonstop they will get attention

Reality is all they’re accomplishing is getting the devs to ignore them further…

The irony is they are the reason they are ignored


Technically it’s been like this since the beginning of the rework, but then we got the Mercy Megadumpster and all threads about Mercy got moved there. For whatever reason now the dumpster is no longer being used, so here we are.


If it started seeing use again, it would just be mass flagged and automatically closed again. People on here have a thing for hating on people who like a Mercy.


See, you would think that making another megathread for these Mercy posts would be a good idea, but the issue is that they’re voices aren’t being heard. The last news they got about Mercy was a straight nerf, no trade-off or anything.


A mercy subforum is necessary


So really they only have themselves to blame for the current forum situation. :roll_eyes: Stay away from the dumpster! Don’t start dumpster fires!

Edit: Okay for some reason my browser froze and this comment posted before I was done.