Will the Mercy posts ever stop?


At what point do they say “Ok, we get it, its not working out, let’s make some changes”

Personally, Ive stopped playing Overwatch for quite some time, but I like to keep on top of Overwatch topics and see if there are any changes coming down the pipe that might make me interested in the game again, but Mercy always seems to be the #1 problem people keep bringing up with the game. Its not getting any better, in fact I think it is getting worse.

I think they should just make some changes at this point. Something like:


  • Keep the 50HPS
  • Keep 15 meter range


  • Unchanged

New Ability: Valkyrie

  • Cooldown: 12 seconds
  • Duration: 4 seconds
  • Effects:
    • Mercy gains the ability to fly
    • Staff: 65 HPS (single target beam)
    • Range: +100% range +50% range (Guardian Angel, Caduceus Staff)
    • No longer effects Blaster
    • Regeneration cannot be interrupted by damage

Ability: Guardian Angel

  • Unchanged

New Ult: Mass Resurrect

  • Increase ult charge needed by 25%
  • Restores full health to all fallen allies within range
  • Range: 4 meters 12 meters (up from 5) Requires LINE OF SIGHT
  • Cast time: 1.25 seconds 1.15 seconds (down from 1.75)
  • Movement speed: -50% (down from -75%)
  • NEW EDIT: During the cast animation, Mercy gains 50% damage reduction. If Res is successful, Mercy is instantly healed back to full and gains 3 seconds of 50% damage reduction
  • Upon a successful Res, all Res’d allies gain invulnerability for 3.5 seconds 3 seconds
  • While Mercy has 100% ult charge, she gains a yellow circle aura only visible to her to show the distance that her ult will effect (like Lucio aura)
  • New Res HUD to show the portraits of the players you are able to Res instead of just a number

Res is back to being the ult and Mass Res returns for everyone who has been asking for it, but its much harder to use now unless everyone dies in a Grav. Mercy keeps Valk but its more versatile and its a way to give people back stronger healing when they really need it. All healing is now single target because that’s what Mercy should be about.

I think they should just make these changes and call it a day.

Amount of threads about Mercy is getting out of hand

It was a 15m radius before, right? This is actually a huge nerf with that in mind.

How about one second to match how long it takes for her to say her voice line; one second.

I mean, this was only neccessary because Resurrect was on a static CD. Ultimate Resurrect doesn’t really need this.

How about Mercy instead gets damage reduction? Invulnerability just seems like too much.


I have no idea; however, the community, at large, is seeking the answer to that question. How long until the developer addresses them. While the community is running that experiment, we also have the forgotten Bastion mains that are not spamming the forums. So one variable is “how long to get a response when we constantly saturate them with requests to respond” and the other is “how long to get a response when we respectfully wait for them to go down their priority list.”


Honestly, I think so? I can’t remember its been so long. And yea, its suppose to be a massive nerf. Mass Res should be insanely hard to pull off. Most of the Mass Res’s you should be getting should be 1-3ish people if you are lucky.

If everyone dies in a Grav or super close together, then you could pull off really big res’s


It’s nice you are trying to help even though you are not actively playing. Your suggestions are a bit unrealistic, but with good foundation - the radius is a bit too… small maybe.
I think at this point all the [team that can not be mentioned in forum posts] has to do is to just tell the community what they are planning. Like, that would be enough.


But then, you’re putting CD Res limitations on ultimate Res which is historically underpowered. Honestly, just keep 15m. The only real problem she had that was related to her radius was how it could go through walls.



So it is like

Literally only good against a zarya combo?


Seems fair. Just want to make sure there is enough time to stun/hack/boop/interrupt Mercy for counterplay

Again, I was just trying to think about counter play here, but since Res is the ult, maybe movement speed reduction is not needed

Allies should get invulnerability but Mercy only gets this after a successful Res. I would be open to damage reduction. What are you thinking like 25%? 50?


Literally last week we got the Developers Update we were all waiting for where they said Mercy is in a balanced spot. They did not specifically say Mercy, but they generalized the support changes -all support changes- made the game feel balanced. They really liked their changes.

So in what world does that equate to ‘Ok, we get it, it’s not working out’. They literally just said it was!. It may not be the answer you were looking for, but it’s the answer all the same.


Pretty much.

Maybe the 15 meters way a problem because it didn’t have line of sight.

Maybe make it 10 meters with line of sight and call it balanced?


Legend has it that every once in a while Blizzard admits to being wrong. Probably more chance of finding aliens though.


Actually, now that I think about it, burst heals and regen would be better. So, 150 burst heals for Mercy if she pulls the res of successfully and she receives 30HP/s for 5 seconds.


Probs not, mercy has been the most worked on character in the game so


Also, the most ignored. I mean, if Blizz actually did consider some Mercy main’s suggestions, this game wouldn’t have had to suffer for so long since her rework.


basically giving Mercy the Torb treatment, im up to this, Valkyrie doesn’t worth be an ultimate, the only 2 points i dont agree its reducing the cast time, 1.75 is good enought, and the 3.5 secs invulnerability to everyone (Holy Molly… PLEASE NO).

and maybe one limit of max 3 teammates resurrected to discourage the “hidding mercy” and “Everyone please die in the same spot” tactics.


4m!! Now instead of “Die on Point”, it’s “Die in a very small pile”


I’d honestly rather just keep 15 meters, require LOS and, if that isn’t balanced, add a teeny lil’ cast time.
Because iirc, teammates got pretty cranky if you rezzed and they weren’t in your circle, because I guess it’s Mercy’s fault that they died away from the team. 15 meters was a mutually agreeable stopping point because, basically, as long as everyone died on point, they were rezzable.

Also uh. Certain objects that are right in the middle of the objective like the payload, the bell on Hanamura, the pillar on Nepal Shrine, etc, should be exempt from the LOS check. Otherwise I feel like that might punish players for fighting and dying on the point.


Regardless, pretty sure she still needs work because players are not happy. Just because the devs are happy, doesn’t mean its ok.

The players need to be the #1 priority and if they aren’t happy, there is a problem


Mercy will hide again, and the whole reason why it was changed was because they don’t want Mercy to walk away from her team to let them die.

Also mass rez is OP and she will become a must pick again. Even if she doesn’t always pull it off.


Mercy still has to hide though, so that whole argument really doesn’t fly. Mercy actually has to hide more now than before.