Some small suggestions for mercy


Yup. Its another mercy suggestion thread. I have a suggestion to put mercys hidden GA tech (superjump, that one maneuver that can boost mercy into the air by crouching and using GA at the same time and hitting the jump key) on E and maybe give it a 4-5 second cooldown, and relegate res to her ult again, whether its tweaked or not to fit with valk, though a small cast speed increase would be nice. I feel res should never have become a regular ability. I’d rather have mercy be fun to play as well as balanced rather than overpowered.

Amount of threads about Mercy is getting out of hand

Please stop telling the people in your mercy cult to stop making these threads just learn a new hero. Moira is an easy pick.


Quoting to watch the storm thats coming


I’m sure you’re a smart cookie and know this is a really ridiculous statement. :slight_smile:


Its not cultlike to want a hero to be enjoyable to play.


Playing a new hero doesn’t automatically somehow make Mercy better/more fun to play.


I think a small leap for her would compliment Mercy very much.

Then either a single, instant rez as her ult, or multi rez with a cast time and los requirement.


Agreed, we already have it, its a bug like moiras fade boost and brigs shield jump are, but it works well in her kit and would give her more maneuverability, as well as making it more consistent to pull off. I would not be suprised if bliz decided to patch it out in the future, but before they do, I’d love if they considered making it an official part of her kit.


Ditch mercy till she is fun to play then go back and stop making tons of threads with all your other cult members.


Don’t really understand your wording especially in the second sentence.


Yeah but people need to learn how to deal with stuff


What?..There’s only one sentence.


Calling people ”Cult Members” is very insulting and violates the CoC.

Also, people shouldn’t give up on things they love.


Nah man just inorporate it into the bunnhop.

Press jump during GA to bunnyhop. Press crouch during GA to superjump.


Did you really need to make 3 consecutive replies? I really don’t want to ditch a hero I love, I’m sure no one does. If someone told you to ditch your favorite hero and stop making suggestions about how they could be improved after 14 nerfs, be honest, would you do that? I noticed most of the posts you’ve made are about the matchmaking system and the failure it is, you say people need to learn to deal with stuff, but it seems like you’re having some trouble taking your own advice.


Ya I thought there was a comma that’s my fault but not sure what you meant