“Mercy shouldn’t be looked at because she’s been meta for months”


… because of a rework that the devs were responsible for?

Because of a rework that was influenced by the numerous complaints about Mass Rez that could have been easily adjusted to the way it was in alpha?

You’re saying, Mercy players should be punished by not having their hero looked at, with the sole reasoning being: “she’s been meta for too long. she doesn’t need to be looked at for a while” for a rework that the developers caused?

If I can recall … Mercy players (and some) were the only ones offering constructive feedback on how to make her a better pick such as suggesting E abilities while everyone else was throwing up their torches and pitchforks about how Mercy’s Mass Rez needed to be removed.

Mercy hasn’t been in a normal state since season THREE. How are you going to tell Mercy players they can’t demand to have their hero be changed when they aren’t even responsible for the train wreck she has went through for the past EIGHT seasons?

Amount of threads about Mercy is getting out of hand

You’re missing half of the conversation. The team feel she is in a good spot, and has reasons to be picked, as well as looked over for other supports for the first time in a while. She isn’t a must pick, and for some reason you all think that means she’s completely unplayable. A hero not being meta doesn’t mean they’re useless.


I don’t think I’m the one missing the conversation. In fact, if you’ve been following the consensus on the forums (which it doesn’t seem like you are) you would conclude that Mercy is decent where she is now, but at the cost of 14 nerfs and a complete slaughtering of any fun factor she had before her rework.

“The team thinks she’s in a good spot.”

The team also thought the rework was a success when she was almost at 100% pick rate for several months. Surely you can’t be serious?


She’s underpowered. Essentially, these changes did nothing in terms of balance.


Try to actually understand what I’m saying. I didn’t put a single opinion in my response, I informed you that you’re intentionally leaving out half of the conversation you’re trying to use as your point, then pointed out objective facts based on the average response from the mercy community.


Also, just wanted to point out that this is a strawman argument.


And a hasty generalisation… Not all Mercy mains think that!


I am very tired of y’all pointing fingers about Mercy.

You’re dissatisfied, we know. But what do you want? A revert? We’ll literally be back at square one. You’re exhausting the rest of us.


It’s not at all. Even if the response has been mostly hyperbolic, statements like “unplayable” come up extremely often in these arguments.


They said the same thing in january.


I don’t think Mercy mains are hammering the forums demanding that Mercy return to #1 meta pick, rather, they want Mercy to fulfill her initial character design (single target healer with an impactful ultimate and some of the best mobility) whilst also still being fun to play.

She’s not useless at the moment, far from it, but the developers have lost sight of the initial design philosophy regarding Valkyrie and E Resurrect - and hence, she needs to be looked into to fix the glaring design flaws.


These are the facts.

Yes. What’s done is done. A revert is the most plausible solution but unfortunately the stubbornness and pride that surrounds the word “revert” in this environment is far too much.

It’s not square one. Invincibility on Rez is the only thing that caused it to get the traction that it did. All they had to do was add LoS and a cast time. That’s it.

Something needs to be done. Mercy players have every right to be vocal when the hero they play has undergone the treatment that it did for seasons on end - something they had no part in even contributing towards.

If you’re so exhausted, you’re more than welcome to leave if you have nothing else to add to the conversation.


You made up an assertion and then refuted it but in reality, that assertion never really was made.

Quote where the OP says this. Otherwise, what I said is correct as in the straw man fallacy, someone attacks a position the opponent doesn’t really hold.


Apparently wanting a hero to not be F tier is equivalent to wanting them to be a must pick.

(Yeah yeah, I know this is a strawman too. Just pointing out how ridiculous it is!)


People insistent about a revert are exhausting, I agree (as a lover of mass resurrect).

But I think it’s possible to cater to a large portion of the player-base by partially reverting some elements of Mercy’s kit.

For instance, replacing Resurrect as an ultimate would be a good start - such a powerful ability does not belong on a 30 second static timer. Another point may be moving a very mild version of Valkyrie to E; the people that like Valkyrie will still be able to use it, but rather than being a messily designed ultimate, it will be an impactful E ability.

The current stance regarding Mercy is understandable, “they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t” in respect to commenting about Mercy - some people will be unhappy and chaos will ensue, others will be ecstatic.

But the current silence is the root of the problems…


It’s funny because I don’t even play Mercy. I haven’t played her since Season … whenever Moira came out.

I had no problem playing her if she was really needed and if Moira wasn’t working out. She was actually enjoyable to play back then and I admired the fact that she had some sort of impact. But now, it’s an absolute drag to even last a minute as Mercy.

But I still stand by everything Mercy players feel and say. I agree with them all the way. What the character has went through is in no way acceptable and could have been avoided from the getgo.


Given that the mercy community behaves like an echo chamber hive mind, when you’re replying to one you’re replying to them all, therefore presenting the average argument is not misrepresenting. However I never came here to debate as evidenced by my OP having no opinions in it, so I’ll leave with this because I don’t care to personally engage multiple people with the exact same arguments.


And this is where I stop taking you seriously… Besides, this is a bad attempt at justifying a logical fallacy.

Another strawman. 0_0

Im actually relieved. Most of your arguments were logical fallacies anyway.


I was tired after the first reply and didn’t respond after that. Nothing valuable was added to the conversation. When “the developers think she’s in a good spot” was said I couldn’t take it seriously.


Stop ham fisting rez and “heros never die b/c iconic”

the rest of mercy’s kit was gutted in order to balance her for rez

people say that there are still reasons to pick her? why? why would you ever pick her over ana/moira for main healers now?

Get rid of rez, give her a cleanse on E and give her some new ult the current mercy is just too dam boring