A voice line request "Retreat"

It opens up with a bunch of bland options, some simple “I need healing”, along side “go this way…”.

Clicking on “go this way…” will bring up an extra menu which is more precise on where to go, like “let’s go left”.

There’s other examples but that’s the one I remember most.

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This. For games where my mic won’t work or I have to remain quiet for other people in my house, or even the odd game where no one on my team is in voice, I’ve been wanting this voice line for so very long. It would legit save me so many games that I just barely lose as my team runs out of time 1 mm from the objective.

The forum won’t allow it.

people don’t listen to my grunts tho thats the problem. An actual voice line would help that

I cant talk due to injury and im not fast enough to type in the middle of battle, so i use ‘group up’ a lot. I would also love more specific options.

we’re working on a cool update that will address this feedback. more info in the next dev update (sorry no ETA because… world)


Glad to hear it! Could always use more stuff like this.


Oh, nice to hear that!

Thanks Jeff… hope you are doing well…


a ping system would be awesome too, so you can ping your team where you want to go or where a sniper is etc.

Will we be getting more than just “retreat”? It would be great for healers to have more ways to communicate with their team through the wheel.

Another victim of ZA WARUDO


I need healing

I disagree


I’m not comfortable with ‘retreat’. ‘Fall back’ I’m okay with, but never retreat.

Hi Jeff, i appreciate what you and the dev team do. Thank you!


Can we have a “spy” voice line like the one in TF2 to notify our team of a hidden enemy or flanker, pretty please with sugar on top papa Jeff :pensive: :pray:

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Oooh. A customizable communication wheel, perhaps? That would be pretty cool.

I can’t wait to see what this is. Should be interesting

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Thanks Jeff! Wanted to say thanks for the awesome update today. The fact that you guys removed map pools, are gonna fix Paris and Horizon, changed hero pools, added Echo and Middle Eastern servers, new streaming event, etc. all amidst the global pandemic is just…we really appreciate you guys!

Wow, this, totally this. As a shot-caller I really would like this.

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Is this perhaps going to be a VGS system or a Payday 2 style quickchat?
Or maybe that circular VGS Paladins used recently.

Communication Wheel Change Idea

Also for something like a Ping system, Combine the “Group Up Here” visual, with a carrot arrow triangle arrow that circles around the circle graphic.
You already have a similar graphic style for the overhead map for OWL to indicate what direction players are facing.
Just need to put that above teammates heads and swap the image for something meaningful.
Also if the visual goes behind a player, just make it similar to how
TorbTurret/ZenDiscord icon scoots along the bottom of the screen.

✅ [Concept] Radial Waypoint System

And the voice actors, who this relies on a lot :slight_smile: