1.67 Known Issues

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting this build of Overwatch, rather this is a targeted list of some known specific issues with this release.

Patch 1.67

Voice Chat Change – Volume Boost:

This feature has been temporarily disabled and delayed to a future patch

  • Our voice chat now runs through our audio system, resulting in higher volume
  • This comes along with new default values: “Voice Chat Volume” Voice Chat Mic Volume” both set to 80
  • You may need to adjust to your liking under “Sound Options”
  • We are also investigating an issue causing voice chat to not work for some players

Please revert the change thank you


Использую безпроводные наушники,звуки игры слышны в них,а голос игроков воспроизводится из динамиков ноутбука после обновления,как решить проблему???

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If you knew about the issue, then why the hell did you release the patch? My vc is now broken and there is nothing I can do to fix the problem.


All according to 2021 gaming standars.

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some voice chats sound very dank now, didn’t before. We have to use discord to talk, otherwise our ears start bleeding from the uncontrollable dankness and sometimes we are kicked out of the voice chat for no reason, meaning we need to restart Overwatch. Please fix


I have 0 voice chat now on Xbox. I can see the icons that others are talking but I cannot hear them nor can they hear me. Very annoying for playing comp games

Ever since this update i’ve been having (on this account only) ‘‘Voice Chat Error [3] - You have been removed from voice chat. If this problem persists, please check your audio devices and your networking setup.’’ Which resulted in game starting to stutter and being unplayable.

I’ve checked my other account and since there’s no error, there’s no stuttering so it appears this bug affects specific acounts.

Here’s the link to the thread about this Voice Chat Error [3]:


So what I have established is that the ’ Voice Chat Error [-1002] is a known issue that Blizzard are still yet to fix and i should not waste my time trying to solve this issue? Also it seems to be an issue that only affects some players, which i guess means its way less likely to be solved any time soon. Good thing OW isnt a team based game that relies on comms…


please fix the #$@ problem

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There’s a bug since the OWL skins comeback on september that affected D.Va’s matrix visuals when you block an ultimate. They are gone!! no sound and no animation. I have said it multiple times, hope this one reaches you guys :pray:t2:

please reverse patch i keep getting a voice chat error randomly when i login and now some games VOIP works others it doesn’t. This is game breaking for comp.

I was stuck at competitive welcome screen and unable to do anything unless it kicked me after the timeout. And I lost 50 SR and got 15 min suspension due to this dumb bug.
Lads do some works or players will quit playing this buggy plus aimboters game.

Can you fix this bug too? Game code: KJX3S3

Another one: JNP12E .

does this have something to do with 1/2 of the mics tonight (7 hours of solo queue comp) sounding like red-lining peaking mic-in-mouth craziness?

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can you pls finally fix the problem with the bad mic qualy since this patch? every time someone says or calls something a bit louder (what is common in a competitive game) the voice chat sound is distorted.


Same, Its so frustrating trying to call flankers as a healer and everyone leave voice because your mic just comes out as a high pitch crackle